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Lawton Dunning Project

Lawton Dunning Project - One More Night - 2002 - Classic Rock Legends Ltd. (UK)

Former vocalist John Lawton, the great vocalist from Uriah Heep and Lucifer's Friend teamed up with bassist Steve Dunning to form The Lawton Dunning Project, and this CD features the band in full flight during a performance at the Mean Fiddler, London in May 2002. The Lawton Dunning Project: One More Night is also available on DVD, with bonus footage, tracks, etc. Nothing "earth shattering" here, but if you need a dose of good 'ol Rock 'n' Roll, with a few ballads thrown in, this is for you.


1. Still Payin' My Dues to the Blues Lawton/Pabst
2. Feelings Hensley
3. Burning Ships Lawton/Hesslein/Hor
4. Firefly/Come Back to Me Kerslake/Hensley
5. Wise Man Hensley
6. I'm Alive Lawton
7. Rain Hensley
8. Don't Kill the Fire Lawton
9. Tonight Lawton
10. I've Been Hurt Hensley
11. Shoulder to Cry On Dunning
12. One More Night Hensley


John Lawton - vocals, harmonica, ac.guitar
Steve Dunning - bass, guitars
Erol Sora - guitars
Graham Hulme - ac.guitar, bass
Chris Jones - drums
+ Rob Mack - sax
+ Ian Jennings - keyboards (Mostly Autumn)