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The Joe Moss Band

The Joe Moss Band - The Joe Moss Band - 1997 - 212 Records

When Joe was a kid in Chicago, a friend played him a Led Zeppelin album, and when Joe heard Joe Robert Plant singing "I Can't Quit You Baby", he told his friend he'd heard the song before, and that it was an Otis Rush tune. When Joe learned guitar and started playing his own music, he naturally played blues R&B, soul, rock and funk in the style of artists he'd listened to as a kid, people like B.B. King, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and Albert King. Joe said. "I grew up with my mother listening to and all kinds of stuff. My dad was into Jimmy Reed and my uncle turned me on to rock 'n' roll". Joe Moss first made his name in the Chicago blues scene in the late 1980s with Buddy Scott, whose band was a regular on the city's west side. He then became a popular session guitarist. Ward Meeker, of Vintage Guitar magazine said, "He's a real good Chicago blues guy, true to the form. He's pretty well known in that realm." Joe formed his own band in the mid-1990s, and was a regular player at Buddy Guy's Legends, and the House of Blues venues. Joe said his band plays three or four straight-ahead blues songs per set, then does its own material. Joe says, "I play blues, but blues isn't necessarily a format like a lot of people think it is," he said. "The way I look at it is Hank Williams was playing blues, even though he was a country artist. You can listen to Mozart and hear blues, as far as I'm concerned. I don't really concern myself with what it is exactly. You can just hear where it's coming from." "Blues is all over the place," he said. "You have elements of it in just about everything. Every guitar player you've ever heard, you were hearing blues. You literally can't pick up the guitar and play a lick without quoting someone like B.B. King, Otis Rush, T-Bone Walker …" The band's style crosses the boundaries of traditional genres, but Joe reckons said that's unavoidable. To him, blues is rock is country is blues. Joe said that "There seems to be two different mindsets in blues. One is to present a case for music that was played in the past, and stay strict to those forms. The other, which I like to introduce to people, is trying to create something new out of the influences that are already existing, but add a little of yourself to those influences. That's the category I fall in. We're not trying to be a copy of the past, even though we show all those influences". The great s/t album posted here will demonstrate exactly what Joe is saying. Speaking about the future of the blues, Joe has said that "he hopes there's a place in there for guys like him". Try and listen to the band's "Drive Time - Live at Chans", and "Monster Love" albums.



All songs composed by Joe Moss except "Just Pickin'" by Freddie King


Joe Moss - Guitar, Vocals
Joe Campagna - Guitar
Jon Richter - Bass
Paul Rzewuski - Drums


Few up and coming young blues performers walk the walk to the degree of Chicago-based guitarist/bandleader JOE MOSS. One of the hardest-working performers on the Windy City circuit, Moss routinely works up to 28 gigs a month. His sound, a winning mix of blues and R&B flavors paired with original songwriting vision, can be heard blasting out of Chicago venues like Buddy Guy's Legends and House of Blues on a regular basis. His stinging guitar and accomplished vocal style have won him fans citywide. His debut CD "The Joe Moss Band" (212 Records) gives ample proof to the rest of the world of what Midwest blues fans have known for some time: JOE MOSS is for real. A guitarist since the age of 15, Moss was given his passport into the blues world by Buddy Scott, who noticed Moss at a jam session at Rosa's Blues Lounge on Chicago's west side. Soon, Moss was playing seven nights a week as a member of Buddy's Rib Tip band. In 1992, Joe toured Spain with Buddy and also recorded "Bad Ave." with him as well. The record was released on Polygram's Verve Gitane Blues label. Moss' guitar skills quickly became notorious on the local scene and made him an in-demand sideman. He played countless gigs with nearly every bluesman and -woman in the city. Some of his past employers include Zora Young, Charles Wilson, Lil' Smokey Smothers, Syl Johnson, Big Time Sarah, Barkin' Bill Smith, Lefty Dizz, Magic Slim, A.C. Reed, Billy Branch, and Little Mack Simmons. Not merely a local hotshot, Joe has backed these artists in places like Canada, Turkey, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, France, and Germany as well as in Chicago. Not content to remain on the side, Joe felt the pull to be his own man and lead his own band. This desire led to the birth of both The Joe Moss Band and the CD of the same name. Moss is finally able to do things his way and express the music he has been writing. Original tunes like "Coldhearted," "Good Lovin' Groove," and "Jealous" are sure to win over fans of blues, blues/rock, and R&B. Not one to be media-shy, either, Joe has been featured in Gig Magazine, Vintage Guitar, Living Blues, the Chicago Tribune, the Kenosha News, and In The Mix Magazine. He has also received airplay on WLUP 97.9 FM, WXRT 93.1 FM, and WCBR 92.7 FM. JOE MOSS is one representative of the future of the blues. Not just an imitator of the music's glorious past, he strives to find his own sound and material within the styles he chooses to play. His band features some of Chicago's finest blues musicians and Joe himself is a consistent and entertaining performer. Blues fans would be wise to check out JOE MOSS and his band as soon as they can. Any worries about this music surviving in the new millennium will surely be put to rest. © 2003-2011 Joe Moss http://www.joemossband.com/bio.html


Jon Cleary

Jon Cleary - Moonburn - 1999 - Point Blank

Jon Cleary is one of those rare artists who is capable of transcending his geographical background to seamlessly embody a completely foreign musical style. In Cleary's case, the roots are England and the style is New Orleans blues. On Moonburn, the pianist comes off as Dr. John's long lost musical soulmate, blending country-blues phrasing with the lazy piano rhythms of the bayou. "Unnecessarily Mercenary" and "Fool's Game," in particular, sparkle with a mischievous gleam that shows Cleary to be a musical peer of the New Orleans style rather than an imitator. Steve Kurutz © 2011 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/album/moonburn-r402143

Great urban jazz/soul/funk/R&B grooves with a New Orleans flavour from Jon Cleary, the English pianist, guitarist, and songwriter. The top notch back up musicians on the album include Jeffrey "Jellybean" Alexander on drums, and Cornell C. Williams on bass. "Moonburn" is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Jon Cleary has been a session musician for some of the best in the business. His own solo output is pretty sparse but his "Pin Your Spin" album is great. Check out "Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen" album @ JONCLRY&AMG


1 Fools Game 4:41
2 So Damn Good 4:28
3 Heavy Under Pressure 3:58
4 Unnecessarily Mercenary 3:46
5 Port Street Blues 3:07
6 Gettin' Crazy Up In Here 3:57
7 Help Me Somebody 5:16
8 Would I Lie To You? 3:52
9 Who's There With You 4:36
10 Stepping In On Your Thing 4:51
11 Salty Water 3:34
12 Moonburn 4:40

All tracks composed by Jon Cleary


Jon Cleary - Piano, Organ, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, Electric Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Cornell Williams - Bass, Vocals
Jeffery "Jellybean" Alexander - Drums
Tony Braunagel - Cymbals, Percussion
Bill Summers - Percussion
Joseph Saulsbury, Joe Sublette - Sax (Tenor)
Bernard Floyd, Brian Murphy - Trumpet
Darrell Leonard - Trumpet, Trombonium
Dwayne "Doc" Paulin, Jim McMillen - Trombone
The Arc Singers - (Kim A. Ross, Ramona Pierre, Mia Johnson, Donise Smith, Cindy Belizan, Adrian Smith, Peter Skinner, Inger Stevenson), Earl Smith, Ernie K-Doe, Nick Daniels
Derwin "Big D" Perkins [from the the Friendly Travelers gospel group] - Guitar riff on Track 7


A respected session and sideman, British blues pianist and composer Jon Cleary has worked with rock, blues, and soul artists like Bonnie Raitt, D'Angelo, Maria Muldaur, Taj Mahal, and Eric Clapton. Originally a guitarist, Cleary began playing at age five, and started his first band at 15. Raised on blues, jazz, and soul records, his love of New Orleans blues and jazz in particular took him across the ocean after he graduated from art school. Upon arriving in New Orleans, Cleary started hanging out at one of the city's most storied venues -- the Maple Leaf Club. The bar's owner offered him a job painting the Maple Leaf's exterior; free admission and beer were Cleary's wages. He soaked up the bar's atmosphere, realizing that blues piano was his calling; the house he lived in had a piano, on which he spent hours practicing each day. Returning to London culminated in forming a six-piece traditional New Orleans R&B band, with which he developed a reputation as a talented and gentlemanly musician. However, the Big Easy called to Cleary again. He moved back and got bookings in clubs as a featured and side performer, playing with bluesmen like Smokey Johnson, James Singleton, and George Porter. One of these gigs included Walter "Wolfman" Washington in the audience; taken with Cleary's playing, Washington offered Cleary a spot in his own band. Cleary played with Washington for two years, continuing his introduction to more sophisticated forms of R&B and blues, as well as incorporating Latin influences into his style. At this point, Cleary began writing his own material and formed his own band, the Absolute Monster Gentlemen, with bassist Cornell Williams and guitarist Derwin "Big D" Perkins from the gospel group the Friendly Travelers, and drummer Jeffrey "Jellybean" Alexander. Just as the Absolute Monster Gentlemen achieved a reputation as one of New Orleans' finest combos, Cleary encountered visa problems and had to return to the U.K. immediately. Back in England, Cleary continued refining and expanding his vision of the blues, when he received a call from producer John Porter, a fellow Englishman who had seen some of Cleary's performances at the Maple Leaf and wanted to introduce him to the blues scene at large. Recording with Taj Mahal and a gig at the Hollywood Athletic Club followed, as well as a collaboration between Cleary and Porter on his 1999 solo debut album, Moonburn. Three years would go by until a new album would be prepared, but by 2002 he had an eponymous album ready with the Absolute Monster Gentlemen. © Heather Phares © 2011 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/jon-cleary-p65001/biography


Jon Cleary (born August 11, 1962 is a funk and R&B musician based in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is from Cranbrook in Kent, England, and has studied for the past 20 years the "musical culture and life of New Orleans," according to his website. Cleary is an accomplished pianist, vocalist and song-writer. Jon Cleary performs with a number of music luminaries including Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal, B.B. King, Ryan Adams, and Eric Burdon. Compositions by Cleary have been recorded by notable musicians including Taj Mahal, Bonnie Raitt and most recently John Scofield on his album, Piety Street. Cleary's current band is Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen, who have two current albums. Cleary has three solo albums. Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen consist of Cleary on keyboard and vocals; Derwin"Big D" Perkins (born 1974) on guitar; Cornell C. Williams (born 1962) on bass and backup vocals; and Eddie Christmas on drums. All of the band members, except for Cleary, were born in New Orleans. The band is generally well received, drawing large crowds of locals at classic New Orleans venues like Tipitina's and the Maple Leaf Bar. They are also a mainstay at the annual Jazz and Heritage Festival and have played at Bonnaroo as well as other music festivals. Critics agree with the locals, and Cleary receives the lion's share of praise, but the critics don't fail to point out that the Absolute Monster Gentlemen complement and elevate Cleary's musicianship, as well as pointing out that they are technically skilled musicians. Rolling Stone's David Fricke wrote of the "Pin Your Spin album "Cleary can be an absolute monster on his own, but Cleary’s full combo R&B is as broad, deep and roiling as the Mississippi river, the combined swinging product of local keyboard tradition, Cleary’s vocal-songwriting flair for moody Seventies soul and the spunky-Meters roll of his Gentlemen."


Kevin Thorpe's Out Of The Blue

Kevin Thorpe's Out Of The Blue - Blues In A Bottle - 1995 - Armadillo

British singer, guitarist, and songwriter Kevin Thorpe and his backing unit Out of the Blue fuse modern electric blues with elements of jazz and rock. Thorpe assembled Out of the Blue in 1994 for what was to be a one-off performance at the Colne Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival; however, the project turned into an ongoing concern for Thorpe, keyboardist Jon Dyke, lead guitarist Eddie Tatton, bassist Lindsay Coulson, and drummer Nigel Lobley. In 1995, the group recorded its debut album, Blues in a Bottle, for the British Armadillo label. Thorpe and the band toured the U.K. and Europe extensively over the next few years; accompanied by Dyke, Thorpe also ventured to America's East Coast, playing a series of dates with Paul Rishell, Annie Raines, and guest guitarist Ronnie Earl. In 2001, the unit released its second album on Armadillo, under the title Shadowplay. © Steve Huey © 2011 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/kevin-thorpe-p477688

When asked in an interview how he would like to see music change over the next 10 years, Kevin said "More small venues, and an end to X Factor fame factories". In the same interview, Kevin was asked if he thought that Blues needed to evolve to stay relevant. He said that "It can’t help but evolve. The British invasion of the states was a leap in evolution that still has ripples. My main influences were the artists affected by those times and who reflected those times. Little Feat, the Stones, Paul Butterfield, the Doors. Great writers have always brought something new…Larry Garner, Lucky Peterson. In the UK Ian Siegal is amongst the best we’ve got". Speaking about the modern day blues scene, Kevin said that "It’s great to see young players like Virgil, Oli Brown and Scott McKeon embracing the blues….the audience for them has a young element as well as the old brigade. I’m singing about the road well trodden and from the perspective of an old blues lag….some of the younger ones can dig it… but it’d be nice to have more young acts singin’ about their own journey". Kevin Thorpe passed away suddenly on 11th September 2010. He was 57, and had so much more to give.
"Blues In A Bottle" is a wonderful album of cool jazz rock and blues by the late Kevin Thorpe and his great band, and VHR by A.O.O.F.C. Buy Kevin Thorpe's Out Of The Blue's "Shadowplay" album, and keep this great musician's ideals alive


1 The Thrill Has Gone - D. Hawkins 4:56
2 I Just Thought I Had the Blues - Larry Garner 4:47
3 Blues in a Bottle - Thorpe 6:02
4 Two Headed Man - Lonnie Brooks 4:46
5 Ain't Holding My Breath - Tatton, Thorpe 6:14
6 I Don't Believe - Don Robey 5:09
7 Long Way Home - Tatton, Thorpe 3:34
8 Ain't No Body's Business - P. Grainger / E. Robbins 5:41
9 The Strut - Taj Mahal 3:23
10 Holy Water - Thorpe 2:51


Kevin Thorpe - Guitar, Vocals
Eddie Tatton - Lead Guitar
Jeremy Meek - Bass
Johnny Dyke - Organ (Hammond), Piano
Nigel Lobley - Drums


Out Of The Blue was put together in 1994, by singer, guitarist and award winning songwriter Kevin Thorpe, to fulfil a one-off gig at the Colne Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival. They received such a rapturous audience reception that they decided to stick around. Out Of The Blue respect the blues tradition but they like to stretch the outside of the envelope. They look beyond the tried and tested 12 bar formula to create a modern, thoroughly original sound that fuses jazz, rock and of course blues. Whichever way you chew it, their music, with Kevin Thorpe's gravel and grit vocals, definitely comes from the heart to stir the soul. Lead guitarist Eddie Tatton (Nightmares on Wax, Zero 7) is one of the hippest guitar players on the scene today, his inventiveness never ceases to amaze. Eddie's solos push back the boundaries of electric blues guitar, his unique style melding the poise of Robben Ford, with the grace of Larry Carlton to bring an unparalleled sophistication to Out Of The Blues' overall ensemble sound. In addition Out Of The Blue have the very gifted keyboards player Jon Dyke (Elkie Brooks Band, Patricia Kas, Larry Garner Band) and a dynamic rhythm section with Nigel Lobley on drums and Simon Sparks on bass, making them, for the discerning blues punter, the most rewarding live aesthetic experience available. - Scott Duncan, Blues in Britain Magazine. Out Of The Blue have played major club and theatre dates all over the UK and Europe. Kevin has played in the USA with Paul Rishell and Annie Raines at various Eastern Seaboard venues including the prestigious House of Blues in Boston; for these dates the band was augmented by guitar legend Ronnie Earl. In February 2001 Kevin and Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges gave four performances at The Budweiser Low Country Blues Festival in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Out Of The Blue have toured the UK and European festival circuit with appearances at Burnley, Colne, Oxford, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Chalons-en-Champagne, Cognac and Coutances. Out Of The Blue have also supported the late Junior Wells, Robert Cray, Larry Garner, Robben Ford, Sherman Robertson, Peter Green and Tracy Nelson. Out of the Blue was the choice of backing band for the legendary Memphis Horns at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival, and subsequent tour of Europe and Ireland. Sadly Kevin Thorpe died suddenly after a performance in Newark on September 11th, 2010. A huge loss to music and all who knew him. © Armadillo Music Ltd 2007


From the age of 7 I sang in choirs: Sheffield Cathedral and then Lincoln Cathedral. Although still heavily grounded choral and classical music by my mid teens I had discovered and was hooked on jazz, rock, pop, folk and soul music. During early 70’s I gigged extensively in Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and East Midlands areas in all types of venues from pubs to clubs, mainly appearing as singer/guitar player in bands. I had some short spells playing Belgium and France. At this time I started writing my own material. In 1977 I was with Nottingham band ‘Zoot Alors!’. I met manager and publisher Ray Williams who liked my songs. I moved to London. Ray Williams, whose claim to fame was pairing Elton John with Bernie Taupin, also managed Gerry Rafferty and a few another names at the time, and his publishing company, Gas Songs was a subsidiary of Heath-Levy. He signed me to a publishing deal and put me with producer Tom McGuinness (Manfred Mann, The Blues Band), and we eventually signed to Decca Records for two singles. During this time I was recording regularly in some top studios including Abbey Road, Air and Pye at Marble Arch and BBC TV and radio. I also realised at this point that the Music Industry is not only about music, and took a keen interest in all things contractual and financial. I moved back to Nottingham in 1983 where I continued to write. I invested in some recording equipment (which has continued to be a passion), and played with various musicians and bands throughout the 80’s.When not playing I was recording other people in my project studio. In 1991, encouraged by Dave Kelly of The Blues Band, I started to search for musicians who could play across the jazz/blues axis and eventually came up with the band Out of the Blue. In ’93 and ’94 I won ‘Best British Blues Song’ award with songs ‘Holy Water’ and ‘Blues in a Bottle’. This achievement led me to be invited to the USA to meet Richard Rosenblatt, head of East Coast label Tone-Cool Records. I struck-up a friendship with Tone-Cool recording artist Paul Rishell with whom I subsequently toured Massachusetts and New York State, and (with Out of the Blue), the UK, Ireland and Europe. During the mid 90’s Out of the Blue toured extensively in Europe, appearing at all the biggest Blues and Jazz festivals. In 1996 we were chosen to back Stax recording artists, the Memphis Horns on their European tour. During our time together we played with most of the biggest names on the worldwide blues circuit and I was a regular player with the band and without on the Paul Jones Blues Show on BBC Radio 2. ‘Sorry to cut Kevin Thorpe short….Michael Aspel just walked in’. Paul Jones remarked on air on discovering being set up for “This is Your Life.”. We also had TV appearances, notably on VH 1 which ran footage of our festival performances for several years. Out of the Blue signed to independent blues label Armadillo for whom we have recorded two albums, ‘Blues in a Bottle’ and ‘Shadowplay’. I have produced several albums for the label and have worked in America with label-mate Eugene in South Carolina at the Charleston Blues Festival. I have had over 100 songs published and I am a full writer member of the Performing Rights Society. In 1998 I wrote the theme tune for ‘Babewatch’, a six part series for Yorkshire TV. I have continued to produce albums for the Armadillo record label, both in the UK and the USA, most recently (2005) working in Austin, Texas on Eugene Bridges album, “Coming Home”. In the past few years I’ve had collaberations with George Marinelli, Mark Flanagan and currently have a song with John Mayall guitarist Rocky Athas. Working remotely from my studio is now very feasible so I’m looking forward to more collaberations. - by Kevin Thorpe RIP © 2009 Liz Aiken. lizaiken.com http://lizaiken.com/music-promotion/liz-aiken-promotion-acts/tipping-point/kevin-thorpe/


Upp - This Way - 1976 - Epic

Upp was a British keyboard based soul funk/jazz rock band, active in the 1970s and based in South London. The group consisted of Stephen Amazing aka Steve Fields (bass guitar), David Bunce (guitar), the group's founder Andy Clark (keyboards), and Jim Copley (drums). Stephen Amazing played bass at different times in bands called 'The Kinetics' and 'The Abstracts'. Andy Clark had recorded several albums with south coast blues-boomers Clark Hutchinson. The group's debut album, "Upp", was released in 1975, and produced by Jeff Beck who also played guitars on the album. Jeff also produced "This Way" (posted here), and played guitar solos on "Dance Your Troubles Away" and "Don't Want Nothing to Change." This album has been classified as jazz fusion, but fundamentally the music is a mellow blend of funky white soul. The musicianship is good, and the band's sound is reminiscent of a lightweight AWB. Listen to Be Bop Deluxe's great "Sunburst Finish" album with Andy Clark on keyboards


A1 Never Turn My Back On You 8:25
A2 Say Goodbye 5:00
A3 Nitto 3:50

B1 Dance Your Troubles Away 3:40
B2 I Don't Want Nothing (To Change) 3:25
B3 Groovin' Mood 3:34
B4 There's Still Hope 4:00
B5 Get To The Bottom 3:25

All tracks composed by Andy Clark, James Copley, Steve Fields


David Bunce - Guitar
Jeff Beck - Guitar solos on "Dance Your Troubles Away", & "I Don't Want Nothing (To Change)"
Stephen Amazing aka Steve Fields - Bass, Mutron Bass
Andy Clark - Fender Rhodes, Mini Moog Synthesizer, Clavinet, Lead Vocals
James Copley - Drums
Gary Coleman - Vibraphone, Percussion
Tom Scott - Sax solos
Jeanie Arnold, Christie Thompson - Background Vocals
Jimmy Getzoff - Strings, Concert Master


The Force

The Force - The Force - 2005 - Earforce

With a british singer/guitarist, swiss bassist and a german drummer this hardrock-trio presents a top class CD. This compact hammer-sound with fat guitar-riffs, pregnant “straight into the face!” solos and a precisely working rhythm-section reminds in a discreet and competent way of bands like Thin Lizzy (track 4 & 6 - with monster grooves and wild guitar leads), Molly Hatchet (1), Krokus ( 3 & 10), Victory (12) or Great White (5) at their best times - but without copying these acts. A superb production, a sound like a wall and an outstanding musical performance will highly please all fans of the above mentioned bands. - www.southern-rock.de

The Force is hard bluesful rock music with solid guitar and rhythm --section work. The production is straight and direct and it sounds raw on a high energy level. Elliotts rough blues-voice fits perfectly to the sound. Although the sound is not very innovative but highly effective. A beautiful example is “Wild Horses” with it’s smooth guitar melody. The Force guitar-riffs remind of bands like AC/DC, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Krokus. The chorus of “Bad Luck” sounds like Jimi Hendrix’ “Voodoo Chile”, the “Boogie On Down” riff was stolen from Vaughan and “Road To Nowhere” is known as Lukather’s “Never Walk Alone”. But for all that the album is convincing because it is simply superb. - Rolf Zellweger - music.ch

A genuine handmade rocksound is the result when three musicians with a love for blues rooted bands like Led Zeppelin, Free, Thin Lizzy or Lynyrd Skynyrd get together. The Force delivers exactly this sound (…) and presents - against the common trend - 12 hard and bluesbased rock songs. - H.Elias Fröhlich - BLICK

We don't really know this band that just issued a cd in Switzerland on Disctrade records, and where plays an Englishman Mark Eliott (that had previously worked with Gallagher, Clapton, Dire Straits… before), a German Hanns Haurein on drums (who previously played with the Edgar Broughton Band, Company of Wolves, Not' n' nasty, etc…), and a Swiss boy Beat Schaub on bass guitar. So we don't really know a lot about them, but we just can say that The Force, in a Boogie-Hard-Bluesy style, should be enjoyed by a lot of big sound and hard guitar choruses -on a heavy rhythm network- fans. So I know that the music they give us is not really new or innovative, but when I listen to a song such as 'Road to Nowhere', I only can say they are good and they made a good job. Nice women, Bikers and Rock n' Roll, that a famous compilation and this record has to be listened as soon as possible ! - John Molet - Road To Jacksonville (French Online-Music-Magagzine)

Nothing spectacular or original here, but if you've ever longed for good old fashioned hard rock in the style of bands like Golden Earring or hard drivin' Southern style blues rock like Lynyrd Skynyrd, you can't help enjoying this rockin' album, and the experienced Mark Elliott is one great guitarist. Check out The Force's "Voodoo Cock's Revenge" album


1. Feel Alright (On A Saturday Night) 3:27
2. Bad Luck 5:50
3. Stray Dogs 4:52
4. Ain't Talking About Love 4:01
5. Wild Horses 6:33
6. When The Night Comes Down 3:41
7. Ain't Enough Love 4:09
8. Boogie On Down 3:08
9. Double Trouble 3:16
10. Road To Nowhere 4:46
11. Keep On Running 3:24
12. Woman On My Mind 3:47

All songs composed by Mark Elliott, Beat Schaub, Hanns Haurein


Mark Elliott - Guitars, Lead Vocals
Beat Schaub - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Hanns Haurein - Drums, Vocals


The year 2002 british guitarist/singer MARK ELLIOTT first met german drummer HANNS HAUREIN in Switzerland, where they both have their domicile. Together with swiss Bassist BEAT SCHAUB they started as backing band on a German Rock production.It was clear right from the begining, the three musicians had found what they had been searching for, and developed a good friendship. Already after a few sessions together, the trio had found their roots and perfect musical harmonies. It was easy because they all felt a deep love for 70's Blues based rock bands as Led Zeppelin, Free, Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd etc.- hand made Rock! Against all the newest musical trends The FORCE are keeping the tradition. For a start the trio selected a series of cover versions from Popa Chubby, ZZ Top, Robin Trower, Free to Joe Bonamassa, but after a heavy song writing period the band added their own material to their new live set list. In 2003 at a live comeback concert from 70s Supergroup HUMBLE PIE, HANNS HAUREIN met Guitarist/Singer BOB TENCH who was replacing the great STEVE MARRIOTT after his death. HAUREIN had great respect for Bob Tench, one of the most respected musicians that never made his fame but still remains a legend as side man (singer/guitarist) from JEFF BECK, VAN MORRISON, ROGER CHAPMAN, STREETWALKERS, GARY MOORE, PETER GREEN, just a few names to a never ending list. HAUREIN and TENCH were on the same level of thinking, Tench was impressed from an idea from Haurein of using The FORCE as backing band for a small European tour. Although both parties still had unfinished business, a future tour is planed. The Force worked on their own songs and in the beginning of 2006 the self-titled album "The Force" was released with 12 hard rocking, blues rooted original songs. © http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/force


Back in 2002 the British Guitarist Mark Elliot and the German Drummer Hans Haurein who both live in Switzerland, meet up with the Swiss Bassist Beat Schaub to record the backings for a German Rock production. It was clear right from the start that these three had found each other and they quickly formed a tight friendship. After a few sessions they realized that they had very similar musical interests as well, which goes back to their love of ground breaking rootsy blues bands of the 70s such as Led Zeppelin, Free, Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc. home grown, honest Guitar Rock of course. Going against all musical trends, at the time, The Force came up with their own repertoire in the tradition of their musical role models. All though in the beginning their Live shows included mostly covers of artists such as Popa Chubby, ZZ Top, Robin Trower and Free all the way to Joe Bonamassa they were soon replaced by The Force’s own songs. The first The Force CD “ First Takes” was recorded live in the studio in 2004. A Mini CD with 6 tracks by Bob Tench (ex Jeff Beck, Van Morrison, Streetwalkers, Humble Pie etc) and The Force was released almost simultaneously. The Force supported the exceptional British musician as his backing band on tour, the tracks were recorded live at the Swiss Rock temple Z7. Both CD’s are not available in stores, since they were originally thought of as demos for Promoters and Events. In the Spring of 2005 The Force started recording their first CD in the Little Creek Studios run by V. O. Pulver who is also well known as the front man of the Swiss Metal Band Gurd. The result were 12 hard, blues soaked Rock songs with outstanding guitar and vocal work by Mark Elliot and recorded with a skin and bones attitude. The CD which was simply titled “The Force” was released in November of 2005. The CD received great Europe as well as US wide critiques and established The Force as one of the leading new bands in the hard, southern, blues genre. The 2nd official “The Force” CD called “ Voodoo Cock’s Revenge” was released in August of 2007. It was yet again recorded at the Little Creek Studios and convinces with a fully fat production and a total length of 70 minutes. The first media reactions surpass the outstanding reviews of the previous CD by far. The largest German speaking Genre Online Magazine souther-rock.de for example raves about “ Voodoo Cock’s Revenge” and nominates it not only for Album of the month but also Hard rock release of the year. © http://www.theforcewebsite.com/english/bio.htm


Mark started his career in 1977 with rock band ( CAIRO ) and was known as one of Hull's fastest guitar slingers at the time, Mark moved on to join A.O.R band ( MOSELLE ) probably one of the best Hull based rock bands of all time, unfortunately they never crossed the line. Been hungry for fame, Mark realised that Hull was the end of the road, and in 1980 moved to London as professional searching for the real deal. After a few months Mark found his ground and had his first offer to join a Luton based pro rock band fronted by Nikki Moore on vocals from rock band ( SAMSON ) we went straight in the studio to cut an album that was to be produced by Benny Gallagher of successfull scotch duo (GALLAGHER and LYLE ) due to management and money problems the project came to an end .Mark moved back to London and made connections with a local recording studio and started doing a lot of session work which opend up a whole new world, meeting so many famous artist and playing on tons of demo's and records etc,after the studio thing Mark needed to get back on the road and play live gigs again, Mark got heavily involved in the blues scene and joined a great local blues band with bassist Algy Ward from ( TANK ) and brother Ian Ward on harmonica, we played the London circuit night after night, Mark met great irish blues guitarist Rory Gallagher on his travels and we jammed out a few times together, Mark knew blues was the road for him, Mark travelled the whole of europe with the blues band that led him to his final destination, in 1991 Mark moved to Switzerland with his new Swiss/French wife Monique to start his new music career , after a short time Mark met up with top rock singer from Malta Marc Storace frontman from the biggest selling swiss band of all time ( KROKUS ) Mark recorded some songs together in a studio in Germany and had some radio air play in Sweden, Norway etc, after a while Marc S rejoined ( KROKUS ), we still meet up from time to time as he's a local lad lives just down the road. Switzerland has a very small music scene and is easy to make connections, so Mark immediatly put his own blues band together and started touring around, been on the borders of France, Germany, Italy, makes it quite easy to gig around,so for the blues project Mark changed his name around, so he's known in the blues scene as, ( aka ) Elliott Marks, ( EMG ). Mark was also founder member of Irish pop rock band ( RELIC ), Mark did many sessions including ( FIERIN, DANKNER, PIERO ESTERIORE ) etc....Mark met up with Phil Palmer from (ex DIRE STRAITS and the ERIC CLAPTON BAND) to do a blues gig for a swiss magazine Life Style live at the Bar Rouge Basel, with other star guests. In 2005 Mark met well known German drummer Hanns Haurein who was working at the time together with famous singer guitarist from London Bob Tench (ex JEFF BECK, STREET WALKERS, HUMBLE PIE) etc, we put a band together and toured switzerland and germany and cut a live album live at z7, after a while Bob returned to London as producer and toured with Alan Price. after the tour Mark and Hanns decided to keep the band together, and with bass player Beat Schaub we formed the power rock trio ( THE FORCE ), the band went straight in the studio to record there first album called First Takes the band made the headlines and joined the label (EARFORCE), we then cut the second album (The Force) and played the french rock TV show 100% scene live in concert, the ball kept on rolling and in 2007 the band recorded there third album titled Voodoo Cocks Revenge voted rock album of the year in Germany, Mark decided to step down as singer front man and concentrate more on guitar playing, we joined forces with top rock singer Oni Logan ( LYNCH MOB ) and did many shows with ( FOREIGNER, WISHBONE ASH, TEN YEARS AFTER, M3, GOLDEN EARRING, GREAT WHITE, MOLLY HATCHET ) etc. Oni left the Force to rejoin ( LYNCH MOB ) to do an American tour, we still have close contact and work in the studio together from time to time, so now Mark's back as frontman singer and mad axeman burning the fretboard, thats what the fans wanted!!! During Mark's career as Guitarist he was influanced by (Jimi Hendrix, Richie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Paul Kossoff, Gary Moore, Micheal Schenker, Neal Schon, Steve Lukather, Stevie Ray Vaughan). Mark's also currently working as guitar technician and guitar teacher, stay tuned.......................© http://markelliottsite.com/mebio.html


Beat started his career as guitarist, playing in local hardrock and metal bands, then changed over to bass guitar. He developed a solid drive and punching technique that led him to success as one of Switzerlands hardest working and most respected blues and rock players around. Worked with such names like MANY MAURER/Krokus, Aint Dead Yet, Grandmother’s Painkiller © http://www.theforcewebsite.com/english/bio.htm


In Switzerland the man that counts from north germany is one of the most successful drummers, songwriters and producers of all time. Well known for his work with VERA KAA BAND, PHIL CARMEN, EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND, COMPANY OF WOLVES, HOT’N’NASTY, FOOLHOUSE, THE RAMBLERS etc. Together with the two Krokus stars FERNANDO VON ARB and TONY CASTELL, Haurein formed the power rock trio BUTTHUNTER, touring Switzerland and Europe for some years until Krokus reformed in 2002 © http://www.theforcewebsite.com/english/bio.htm


The Skyla Burrell Blues Band

The Skyla Burrell Blues Band - Working Girl Blues - 2004 - The Skyla Burrell Blues Band

"Wake up people! The cool blues just walked in! And it’s coming from a hot band from Pennsylvania, USA that has a tight sound and a lot of soul. Hailing from the land of the brave and the home of the blues, they have an authenticity to their sound that doesn’t sway to a pop side that can usually ruin any attempt at being a good blues band. And with a female vocalist whose voice jumps out and grabs you by the blues, The Skyla Burrell blues band is the real deal in a solid package that stays true to the real meaning of their genre." - St. Croix Music Magazine

"Burrell and her three cohorts find virtue in professionalism. They deliver unpretentious, self described "Hard Drivin' Blues" in which strength and understatement unite in an easy, fluid balance without sucking up to rock." - Downbeat Magazine

"Skyla Burrell has a great vocal style and guitar chops to match. Catch the band’s CD and catch them live." - Alan Kurzer - Natchel Blues Network (Working Girl Blues)

"Working Girl Blues" is a good album of all-original, high-energy electric blues. Many good bands like Skyla's are in circulation around the USA. Skyla's band averages around 200 gigs a year, and Skyla (and Mark Tomlinson) deserve great credit for producing unpretentious original non-commercial songs. These are the bands keeping the blues (and real music) alive, seldom getting the recognition they deserve. Buy the band's "Livin' Day to Day" album and promote real music


1. Back To My Baby - Mark Tomlinson 2:53
2. Are You Kidding Me - Skyla Burrell 3:23
3. Bad Dream - Mark Tomlinson 3:47
4. Lover Man - Skyla Burrell 3:51
5. Working Girl Blues - Skyla Burrell 5:25
6. Before You Go - Skyla Burrell 6:18
7. Mean Woman - Mark Tomlinson 3:28
8. Gonna Be Mine Tonight - Mark Tomlinson 3:02
9. Love So Strong - Mark Tomlinson 4:14
10. Bad Luck Boogie - Mark Tomlinson 2:41
11. Looking Out For My Future - Mark Tomlinson 5:07
12. Satisfaction Guaranteed - Skyla Burrell, Mark Tomlinson 4:10


Skyla Burrell - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Mark Tomlinson - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Randy Lippencott - Electric Bass
Jaime Hopkins - Electric Upright Bass
Butch "Funky Foot" Walker - Drums


Skyla Burrell was born in Los Angeles and raised in Orange County, California. Skyla formed her first band at the age of 13 and has been a working musician ever since. Skyla played with several bands as a teenager, working her way up and down Southern California. At 18 she recorded her first original demo with some help from Mike Campbell (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - she also later recorded backing vocals for Mike Campbell's first solo album) and Jerry Swallow (Tanya Tucker). Later that demo was re-mixed by legendary producer Dennis Sands (Whitney Houston). Skyla also had a brief stint on NBC's hit sitcom Wings and appeared in a Movie of the Week with Charles Bronson before relocating to the East Coast where she continued learning and growing from her musical experiences and eventually co-forming the Skyla Burrell Band. In addition to her singing, writing and guitar duties, Skyla also plays piano and bass. © 2004-2010 Skyla Burrell Band All Rights Reserved http://www.skylaburrell.com/default.htm


Mark Tomlinson grew up in Brooklyn and Syracuse NY. Mark's father played a huge part in shaping his passion for music as he was jazz drummer in NYC (working most notably with Stan Getz, JP Morgan and Kai Winding) and Mark was exposed to a myriad of the hottest musicians coming thru to jam at the house almost daily. Mark's own music career also began as a drummer, touring with John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley, Big Time Sara, Katherine Davis, Bobby Radcliff, Mike Dugan, The King Snakes and Rick Derringer. After decades as a side man for some of the legends of the blues MT has now stepped out front, playing guitar and writing and arranging songs for the Skyla Burrell Band. © 2004-2010 Skyla Burrell Band All Rights Reserved http://www.skylaburrell.com/default.htm


"Skyla Burrell's set for Lil' Ed was the most incendiary and pulse pounding opening sets I've ever heard." - Tom Cullen, President Bucks County Blues Society: The Skyla Burrell Blues Band is a full time, hard working traveling blues band. With co-founder Mark Tomlinson on lead guitar and Skyla Burrell on vocals and lead guitar, the band's live show consists of all original high energy electric blues. "Burrell and her three cohorts find virtue in professionalism. They deliver unpretentious, self described "Hard Drivin' Blues" in which strength & understatement unite in an easy, fluid balance without sucking up to rock." - Downbeat Magazine: In July of 2004 the band released their debut studio CD, "Working Girl Blues", containing 12 original songs - several of the cuts topping the charts on independent music websites and internet radio stations. "Working Girl Blues" received local, national and international airplay on blues and mainstream radio. The SBBB was a top 25 finalist in the 2004 Blues Idol competition and "Working Girl Blues" was selected by WTMD 93.7 as one of the top 5 blues releases in 2004. "With a female vocalist whose voice jumps out and grabs you by the blues, The Skyla Burrell blues band is the real deal in a solid package that stays true to the real meaning of their genre." - St. Croix Music Magazine: In 2005 the SBBB was invited to play the King Biscuit Blues Festival under the Emerging Artist Stage and was a semi-finalist in the 22nd Annual International Blues Challenge. Also in 2005 Mark Tomlinson received an Honorable Mention for his track from the Working Girl Blues CD, "Bad Dream" in the 14th Annual Billboard Songwriting Contest. "On stage, she's equal parts siren, blues goddess and ringmistress." - The Daily Times - Maryville, TN: In 2006 the band recorded and toured in Europe, and released their sophomore effort, "Livin' Day to Day" which received local, national and international air play on mainstream and blues radio and was featured on cable television's Rockin' Cookin' Kitchen show as well as being named one of the top 50 blues CD's released worldwide by Delta Art and one of top 10 Blues CD's by WTMD FM. "I am a huge fan of the blues, and the chance to view a musician of Skyla's talents that up close is a very special thing indeed. While the crowd was more of a younger crowd, there was also a sprinkling of the older folk (ME for one), but the one thing that everyone seemed to share that evening was a love for good rockin' blues."- National Blues Magazine: The band played 240 shows in 2006 including The Netherlands, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Florida, New York, Delaware, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina and Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia and secured the #1 Top Booked Band slot on Sonicbids. "Burrell has a great growly voice sure to get under your skin." - Blues Review Magazine: 2007 saw the band keeping up their busy schedule (between 2006 and 2007 playing a total of 465 shows!) and expanding their tour radius to include the Mid West and New England. The band opened up for Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials as well as Tab Benoit in 2007 and in the late summer shot a live DVD with the Digital Cafe Tour in NYC at the Baggott Inn with Sean Carney. In the fall the band went back into the studio to begin work on another all original effort producing 15 tracks. "Women blues-guitar players such as Bonnie Raitt, and more recently Susan Tedeschi, have paved the way for artists like Skyla. Many women in the blues have great voices and have made their careers singing the blues, but not too many can double it up, slice it, dice it and sacrifice it on the best Fender has to offer like Skyla can."- Music Monthly Magazine: In 2008 the Skyla Burrell Band signed with Blues Boys & Divas Talent and toured extensively in the South and South-East as well as up and down the East Coast. In July the band released their third CD of all original blues "Tough Luck" This time around the band worked with Todd Glazer promotions and cuts off of "Tough Luck" received airplay on over 150 blues stations in the US and abroad. "The Skyla Burrell band plays electric boogie blues that'll make your spirits soar." - Scan & Plan Extra NY: The Skyla Burrell Band also had the opportunity to play several Blues Festivals in 2008 including The State Street Blues Stroll, The Riverfront Blues Festival, The Frederick Blues Fest, The Winchester Blues House Festival, The Northern Neck Rocktoberfest and the Killer Guitar Thriller '08. "Burrell's voice is as deep and wide in range as the mighty Mississippi itself. Her voice has the same timbre as Bonnie Raitt with the soul of Billie Holiday and a little of Janis Joplin's strength for good measure." - Fly Magazine: In 2009 the band kept up their busy touring schedule covering the Mid-West, South-East and North-East regions of the US all the while writing tunes for a new studio CD set for an early 2010 release. The band also sold a track from "Tough Luck" to the producers of the new CBS drama "The Bridge, set to air in the fall line-up and in September Skyla traveled to Toronto to record vocals for 4 cover tunes to also be included in the show. The band also filmed a commercial for the Lazy Dog Cafe and a segment for the "The Straight Ahead Guitar Show." Opening for Marcia Ball was one of the high points for the band in 2009. "This band is on a path to greatness and fame!"- Bucks County Blues Society: In 2010 "The Bridge" aired over the spring in Canada and was the #1 rated drama, and made it's US debut in the summer. The band has kept up their hard working schedule of touring and has started work on their 4th studio release set for Jan. 1, 2011. As always, this new release will feature all original blues! Festivals for the band included The Riverfront Blues Festival, The Low Country Blues Bash, Blues by the Sea, The Gettysburg Wine & Music Festival, The Bayside Wine & Blues Festival as well as an appearance at the Rushville Concert Series in Indiana. "One of the most smokin' blues bands in the US" - Digital Cafe Tour © 2004-2010 Skyla Burrell Band All Rights Reserved http://www.skylaburrell.com/default.htm

Eddie Taylor Jr.

Eddie Taylor Jr. - Mind Game - 2006 - Wolf

This is a terrific effort from Eddie Taylor Jr., who contributes the original Chicago soul blues title track, "Trying to Play a Mind Game" ....Taylor brothers Larry and Tim are outstanding in their drum support. - Living Blues

Eddie Taylor Jr. has inherited his extraordinary talent from his father, blues god Eddie Taylor. Taylor's sophisticated playing allows him to bring back old favorites and add his own new tunes, which are too tricky for average blues bands. Other so-called "blues-artists" often mix their music with R&B, funk, jazz, or swing, but Eddie Taylor Jr. stands for pure blues! - [from Product Description © 1996-2011, Amazon.com]

A second-generation blues maven (he's the son of blues greats Eddie and Vera Taylor), Eddie churns out the good stuff, raw and uncut. His vocals are full of conviction, his guitar work is sharp, and on "Mind Game" he's gathered a worthy backing band to support him in his purist vision. Eddie is a competent vocalist and guitarist, but don't expect any mind blowing guitar solos. This is a solid album of mostly good old fashioned blues and soul blues covers. Check out Eddie's "Worried About My Baby" album


1 I've Made Nights by Myself - Albert King 4:03
2 Use What You Got - Sugar Pie Desanto 3:33
3 Pink Champagne - Joe Liggins 3:00
4 That's All I Need - Samuel Maghett 4:52
5 I'm So Blue - Brenda Taylor 4:43
6 Look on Yonder's Wall - William McKinley "Jazz" Gillum 4:05
7 You've Got Me Licked - Freddie King, Jimmy McCracklin 4:26
8 Let Me Love You Baby - Willie Dixon 4:01
9 Trying to Play a Mind Game - Eddie Taylor 4:14
10 Forty-Four - Chester Burnett, Roosevelt Sykes 6:49
11 Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home - Al Jackson Jr., Timothy Matthews 3:22
12 Eddie's Groove - Eddie Taylor 3:35


Eddie Taylor Jr. - guitar, vocals
Manua - rhythm guitar on Tracks 1,2,4,9,10,12: Illinois Slim - rhythm guitar on Tracks 3,5, 6-8
Pete Rubber - bass
Detroit Jr. - piano on Tracks 3,5, 6-8
Tim Taylor - drums on Tracks 1,4,5-11: Larry Taylor - drums on Tracks 2,3,12
Brenda Taylor - vocals on Track 5: Demetria Taylor - vocals on Track 8: Edna Taylor - vocals on Track 11


When Eddie Taylor Sr., a founder of postwar Chicago blues and the genius behind the famous Jimmy Reed, passed away in 1985, his red guitar, a Gibson 355 stereo, was left sitting in the corner. Eddie Jr., the third son in the family, had grown up hearing blues, but his main interest at the time was the current hip-hop music. One day he started listening to his father's records, picked up the guitar, hooked it up to the old Fender tube amp, and started teaching himself to play and sing. Today, at only 32 years old, Eddie Taylor Jr. is a leader in traditional Chicago blues. "Most people who play the blues today don't have the old original feel. I respect all the musicians, but there are certain musicians who give me that true feeling that I really want", he says. Eddie's sophisticated playing allows him to bring back some old favorites and add his own new tunes. that are a bit too tricky for the average blues bar band to copy. Fans are sure to tap their toes when he belts out "Cut You Loose," a Ricky Allen tune which was a favorite of his late mother Vera. "I can play along with a lot of different kinds of music," says Eddie, "but when it's my turn to stand up, I play what I play. I don't know whether the person in front of me in the audience knows anything about Eddie Taylor Sr. or Jimmy Reed, or if they are a jazz fan or a classical fan looking to hear something different. But the music I play, I play like me. That's the way I do it." Eddie's rising star was temporarily knocked aside in 2002, when he suffered a severe kidney ailment. His youngest brother Milton came to his rescue and donated a kidney. With the support of family and fans, Eddie has regained his strength-and it shows on the bandstand. Like his father, he lays down a great rhythm line for harmonica players, appearing on new CDs by traditional harpists Little Arthur Duncan and Easy Baby and backing up Easy Baby in the Chicago 2003 Blues Festival. Eddie's Wolf Records tribute to his father, "Lookin' for Trouble" features outstanding musicians such as Eddie Shaw on sax, Johnny B. Moore on guitar, and Martin Lane on harmonica. His own new Wolf release "Worried About My Baby" has five of his own compositions. Both Wolf records feature his brothers Larry and Tim on drums. A Taylor family band is one of Eddie's dreams: " We're proud of our heritage. We want to let the world know what we're about. That's all we're trying to do-get a fair chance out of life, like everybody else." [from Biography Nov. 4th, 2003 © Wolf Records http://www.wolfrec.com/feature.php?id=ed


The Bihlman Bros.

The Bihlman Bros. - Sweet Tooth - 2000 - Steelhead Records

"The Bihlman Bros. are simply unbelievable. With the right exposure, there'll be no stoppin' em." - Jim Gaines (Grammy Award winning Memphis producer)

Brothers, guitarist Jabo Bihlman and drummer Scot "Little" Bihlman were born and raised in the shadow of Chicago's Sears Tower, Hammond, Indiana. They have appeared with many great artists including BB King, Ray Charles, Buddy Guy, Chris Duarte, Jonny Lang, Jeff Healey, and Robert Cray. An article in Detroit Blues Magazine stated that "Junior Wells was so impressed with the brothers that he invited them to appear with him at the House of Blues in Chicago!" Amazon.com in a product description says that "With 12 tracks of unadulterated blues-rock, this hot new release contains the #1 most requested song on Northern Michigan's WKLT. Sweet Tooth is the sophomore release from these blues rockers with proof that Northern Michigan does rock!" Buy the band's great "Day by Day" album and support real music


1 Memphis Thang 3:13
2 The Hand That Loves 4:25
3 Hell's Kitchen 3:12
4 Lift Me Up 5:41
5 Bump N' Grind 3:02
6 1:30 5:10
7 Burning' in My Soul 4:01
8 Three Times 4:46
9 Moonshine 4:57
10 Walkin' Shoes 3:12
11 Sweet Tooth 4:11
12 One Big Boom 7:18

All songs composed by Jabo Bihlman & Scot "Little" Bihlman


Jabo Bihlman - Guitars, Vocals
Don Routzahn, Chris Harris, Chris Rumel, John Hefty - Bass
Tim Wire - Keyboards
Leo Dombecki - Keyboards, Saxophone
Scot "Little" Bihlman - Drums, Percussion
Dave Warne - Percussion
Phil "Harmonicas" Coryell - Harp
Sweet Soul Sistas (Michelle Chenard, Erin Brennan) - Backing Vocals


THE BIHLMAN BROS. ARE 4 X EMMY AWARD WINNERS, and graduates of Musicians Institute of Technology. They have backed, recorded, or appeared with Trey Anastasio (phish), Ted Nugent, BB king, Pink, Ray Charles, Dido, Hank Williams jr.,ZZ Top, Buddy Guy, Kenny Olsen (Kid Rock), John Echols (Love), Jack Tempchin (Eagles), Robert Bradley, Tim Pierce (everybody!), and legendary Chicago Blues man Son Seals. They have played on WC Handy award winning records, and are endorsed by Reverend Guitars, DC California drums, Regal Tip Drum Sticks, Istumbal cymbals, Remo, Rythum Tech, Gibson/Epiphone guitars, Greg Bennett guitars, and ghs strings. Working with Grammy Award winning Memphis producer Jim Gaines The Bihlman Bros. learned priceless recording techniques that has made them professional session players. Other noteworthy producers include Ken Allardyce, and Bruce Robb of the legendary Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles California. veterans of countless US, and European tours. The Bros. understand how to be professional on, and off the stage. Live performing credits include world famous venues like The Tweeter Center- Chicago, Van Andel Arena, Interlochen Center for the Arts, CCB- Lisbon, Portugal, The Blues Hall- Athens Greece, and The White House. The Bros. have been featured in: Rolling Stone Magazine (son Seals white house gig), EXTRA, E Entertainment, Red Carpet Roxy, Gig magazine, Radio & Records, FM quarterback, Music connection (LA), and Traverse Magazine. As songwriters they have written, and performed music for Emmy Award winning Film and Television. Together they have sold songs to various publishing houses world wide as well as J2R Music in New York, USA. The Bros. have written music programs for the National Guitar Workshop, and Workshop Live. They are published Authors (Alfred publishing), and teach privately. The Bihlman Brothers are signed to Warner/Chappell Music out of Los Angeles California, and have 7 songs in a major motion picture starring Amy Smart, Billy Zane, Betty White. The Bihlman Bros. are versatile, professional musicians with a ton of big time experience. There ability to play, and create all styles of music makes them an asset to any musical project. ACTING- THE BIHLMAN BROS. are members of the Screen Actor Guild, and Represented by The Debra Manners Agency (Film) and The Daniel Hoff Agency (commercial) in Hollywood California. © http://www.myspace.com/bihlmanbros © 2003-2011 Myspace Inc. All Rights Reserved


Dan Baird

Dan Baird - Dan Baird and Homemade Sin - 2008 - Jerkin' Crocus

Dan Baird has made a habit of working with cool and talented rock & roll folks, and the first proper album from Dan Baird & Homemade Sin offers a lineup that should impress anyone with a taste for good and greasy hard rock boogie -- Jason & the Scorchers guitarist Warner Hodges takes on lead six-string, drummer Mauro Magellan was (like Baird) a member of the Georgia Satellites, and Keith Christopher played bass with Shaver and the Yayhoos. With a lineup like that and the perennially underappreciated Tommy Womack contributing to the songwriting, this would seem to be the sort of album that can't miss, and it doesn't -- Dan Baird & Homemade Sin is swaggering, beer-drinking, hell-raising, paycheck-spending rock & roll of the first order, and while conventional wisdom has it they don't make records like this anymore, thankfully Baird and his buddies aren't bothered by such trivialities. If you want to get your next party started, the Stones-influenced push and pull of "Just Can't Wait" will do the trick. If you're needing an appropriate soundtrack for your next week of living dangerously, "Two for Tuesday"'s tale of a vacation from responsibility should fill the bill. If you want a little country sway along with your rock, cue up "Hellzapoppin" and you'll be glad you did. Like something a little slow and moody? The swampy groove of "Crooked Smile" is just what you need. If you really want to hear Hodges bash the hell out of that guitar, "I Know What It's Like" delivers the goods and then some. And elsewhere, Baird & Homemade Sin hardly make a wrong move, as evidenced in the 100-proof playing, the fortified songwriting, and the thick and meaty production. It's been a long time since people made hard rock albums as fun, as strong, and as satisfying on a regular basis as this one, but if anyone can bring this stuff back and give it new life, it's Dan Baird & Homemade Sin. © Mark Deming © 2011 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/album/dan-baird-homemade-sin-r1390167/review

Recorded in Nashville, ‘Dan Baird & Homemade Sin’ was the first new Dan Baird studio album since ‘Buffalo Nickel’. The album received many rave reviews on it's 2008 European release. BBC Radio 2's "Whistling" Bob Harris playlisted the album. In 2008 Homemade Sin, and the Quireboys toured the U.K. and Scandinavia to appreciative audiences. One Scandinavian music journalist gave the band a SIX out of FIVE star review and stated that one of the band's concerts was the best gig he’d seen in over twenty years! "Dan Baird and Homemade Sin" is HR by A.O.O.F.C, and proof that good Rock'N'Roll will never die. Listen to the Georgia Satellites s/t album, and also Dan Baird's "Love Songs for the Hearing Impaired" album


1 Damn Thing to Be Done - Baird 4:16
2 Crooked Smile - Baird, Hodges, Womack 5:21
3 Two for Tuesday - Baird, Hodges, Womack 5:53
4 Runnin' Outta Time - Baird, Christopher, Magellan, McMahan 5:14
5 Just Can't Wait - Baird, Christopher, Hodges, Magellan 2:57
6 Lazy Monday - Anderson, Baird, Hodges 4:46
7 Cryin' to Me - Baird, Hodges 3:18
8 I Know What It's Like - Baird, Hodges, Womack 5:21
9 She Dug Me Up - Baird, Christopher, Hodges 5:51
10 Well Enough Alone - Baird, Knight 3:43
11 Champagne Sparkle - Anderson, Baird 3:51
12 I Can Do Without You - Baird, Hodges, Womack 2:36
13 Oh No, There She Goes - Baird, Christopher, Magellan, McMahan 4:18
14 Hellzapoppin' - Anderson, Baird, Hodges 4:36


Dan Baird - Guitar (Acoustic), Lap Steel Guitar, Soloist, Tambourine, Lead Vocals
Warner E. Hodges - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Keith Christopher - Bass, Vocals
Michael "Spider" Webb - Organ, Piano
Mauro Magellan - Drums


Dan Baird was the frontman for late-'80s roots rock/one-hit wonders the Georgia Satellites, before launching his own solo career. Born on December 12, 1953, in San Diego, CA, but raised in Atlanta, GA, Baird picked up the guitar early on and began playing with local bands during his teenage years. By December of 1980, Baird had formed the Georgia Satellites (who would eventually consist of both Baird and Rick Richards on vocals/guitar, Rick Price on bass, and Mauro Magellan on drums). The quartet quickly found their musical niche -- a bar band version of such classic three-chord rockers as AC/DC and the Rolling Stones -- and in 1985 issued their debut recording, an independently issued six-song EP titled Keeping the Faith. The mini-album helped land the Satellites a recording contract with Elektra, which led to the release of their full-length, self-titled major-label debut a year later. It took a while for the album to pick up steam, but it eventually became a surprise platinum certified hit by the summer of 1987, due to the number five hit single "Keep Your Hands to Yourself," and another popular single/video, "Battleship Chains." Baird and the Satellites issued two more releases during the late '80s, 1988's Open all Night and 1989's In the Land of Salvation and Sin, but neither matched the success of their self-titled debut, and led to the group's split by the dawn of the '90s. It didn't take long for Baird to regain his footing and begin a solo career, as evidenced by 1991's Love Songs for the Hearing Impaired (issued on Rick Rubin's Def American label). The album appeared to put Baird back on the right track commercially, as it spawned a popular single/video with "I Love You Period." But a long break ensued before the appearance of his sophomore solo effort, 1996's Buffalo Nickel, which sunk from sight shortly after release (the same year, the Georgia Satellites re-formed, but without Baird). He set his sights on producing and/or guesting on other artist's recordings, including Fred Haring's This Grand Parade, Will Hoge's Carousel, and Chris Knight's Pretty Good Guy. Baird, along with his group the Yayhoos (which formed in the midst of the unsuccessful Buffalo Nickel tour), released two albums: 2001's Fear Not the Obvious and 2006's Put the Hammer Down. Out of Mothballs, a collection of outtakes and rarities, appeared early in 2008, followed later in the year by Dan Baird & the Homemade Sin. © Greg Prato © 2011 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/dan-baird-p22809/biography

The Bears

The Bears - Car Caught Fire - 2001 - Self Released

Beneath all the quirkiness, Adrian Belew is quite a pop tunesmith, especially evident by his work with the Bears. While fans figured they'd heard the last of them in the late '80s, the band unexpectedly got back together shortly after the dawn of the 21st century -- issuing their first studio release in 13 years, "Car Caught Fire." And the group picks up exactly where they left off -- putting their modern spin on a post-Beatles power pop style. Don't get me wrong, Belew's eccentricity still shines through on the material (as well as his guitar expertise), especially "Caveman," but if it's expertly crafted, melodic pop songs you're after, Car Caught Fire has its fair share, especially "Life in a Nutshell" and "What's the Good of Knowing." It may have taken an extraordinarily long time for the Bears to issue their third proper release, but Car Caught Fire was well-worth the wait. © Greg Prato © 2011 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/album/car-caught-fire-r574434

Most reviewers call The Bears music, "Power Pop". However, Adrian Belew's guitar work is brilliant and on the progressive rock side. Don't get this band confused with ordinary commercial pop music. cdbaby.com makes a great comment about the band's sound, calling the band's "Live" album, "Retro power pop; ridiculously catchy, pathetically groovy and irreverantly eclectic from blues, pop and rock genres. see if you can take it". That's a great description of the band's sound. Wikipedia notes that "Although Adrian Belew has played with some of rock's biggest names over the years (Frank Zappa, David Bowie, the Talking Heads, King Crimson, etc.), he remains one of the most underrated and woefully overlooked guitarists of recent times. Like all great guitarists, Belew has his own recognizable style/sound (one that admittedly tends to be quirky and off-the-wall at times), and is an incredibly versatile player, as he's always found a way to make his signature style fit into a wide variety of musical genres: hard rock, funk, new wave, experimental, Beatlesque pop, and more". All those styles are incorporated in this album which is VHR by A.O.O.F.C. Sound lacks clarity at times, and volume needs to be "upped", but nevertheless a great, original sounding album from this hugely talented band. Check out "The Bears Live" album @ BEARS/LIVE and try and listen to the band's "Eureka!" album


1 Life, in a Nutshell - Belew 3:42
2 Under the Volcano - Fetters 4:11
3 When She Moves - Nyswonger 3:48
4 Mr. Bonaparte - Belew 3:54
5 What's the Good of Knowing? - Arduser 2:53
6 Dave - Fetters 4:51
7 Caveman - Nyswonger 3:35
8 Waiting Room - Arduser, Belew, Fetters, Nyswonger 4:20
9 117 Valley Drive - Belew 3:47
10 Safe in Hell - Arduser 3:51
11 Success - Fetters 3:42
12 Sooner or Later - Nyswonger 2:59
13 As You Are - Fetters 4:53


Adrian Belew, Rob Fetters - Guitar, Vocals
Robert Fripp - Guitar [Guest]
Chris Arduser - Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin, Drums, Vocals
Bob Nyswonger - Bass, Guitar (Acoustic), Keyboards


The Bears is an American band formed in 1985 in Cincinnati, Ohio that continues to create new music today. Its sound could be categorized as power pop, but draws from a diverse palette of influences, and features the distinctive avant-garde guitar playing of Adrian Belew, the band's most prominent member. In addition to guitarist, vocalist and producer Belew, the Bears consists of guitarist/vocalist Rob Fetters, drummer/vocalist Chris Arduser, and bassist Bob Nyswonger. Fetters, Nyswonger and Arduser are all former members of the Raisins, a Cincinnati-based band that was a local success in the early 1980s. In 1983, the Raisins, who then consisted of Fetters, Nyswonger, Rick Neiheisel (keyboards, vocals) and Rick "Bam" Powell (drums, vocals), recorded an eponymous album, produced by Adrian Belew. Adrian's friendship with the Raisins dated back to the mid-'70s, when he crossed paths with them as a member of a band named Sweetheart before being discovered by Frank Zappa. The Raisins album, which was released on the small Cincinnati-based label Strugglebaby, produced a local #1 hit, "Fear is Never Boring" (later re-recorded for the Bears' first album), on popular Cincinnati radio stations. Clive Davis, then head of Arista Records, considered signing the band, but the Raisins didn't break through nationally. In 1985, the Raisins broke up. Rob and Bob joined forces with Adrian (who had recently completed a stint with King Crimson) to form a new band, the Bears. Chris Arduser, who had left the Raisins years before, was recruited to play drums after Larrie Londin became unavailable for touring. The Bears had some initial trouble getting signed to a major record label, but eventually hooked up with Primitive Man Recording Company (P.M.R.C.), a short-lived subsidiary of I.R.S. Records. The band released two albums, The Bears and Rise And Shine, and embarked on a nearly continuous 3-year period of touring, playing smaller venues across the U.S., with some overseas expeditions. After weathering disappointing album sales, despite warm audience and critical response and a bit of MTV exposure, the Bears broke up after P.M.R.C. closed and Adrian's 1989 solo album Mr. Music Head spawned an MTV hit with "Oh Daddy." Fetters, Nyswonger and Arduser continued playing together after the Bears disbanded, first re-appropriating the moniker the Raisins, then changing their name to psychodots upon the 1991 release of an eponymous album, released on Strugglebaby. Two more album releases followed in the next few years, but the band was unable to secure a national recording contract, and went on hiatus in 1996. During this time, Belew released solo albums and rejoined King Crimson. Belew's Inner Revolution album from 1992 featured Arduser on drums, and Fetters played in Belew's backing band for the tour supporting its release. On the tour for Belew's 1994 album Here, psychodots served dual roles as the opening band as well as the Belew's backing band, and they played a few Bears songs despite it not being billed as a reunion of the group. Fetters released a solo CD in 1998 on which Belew cowrote two songs, and he, Nyswonger and Arduser all performed on various cuts. Arduser's band the Graveblankets, which also featured Nyswonger, released a series of albums through the late '90s. Arduser and Nyswonger also played live with other local Cincinnati bands. In 1997, the Bears began recording together again in occasional weekend sessions at Belew's home studio. These sessions finally resulted in a new album, Car Caught Fire, in 2001. The CD was released independently by the band, and also by the Pony Canyon label in Japan. The band toured small clubs in early and late 2002, mainly in the Midwest and South. The Bears Live CD was released in between the two tours. In 2004, a concert DVD featuring a show recorded in 2002 at the Club Cafe in Pittsburgh was released. A documentary filmed during several shows of the early 2002 tour, titled The Bears: Out Of Hibernation and directed by D.P. Carlson, was given limited screenings in Chicago and Cincinnati in 2005, but has not been widely released. Following the 2002 Bears tours, Adrian Belew re-focused on his solo career, releasing the albums Side One, Side Two and Side Three in 2005 and 2006 and touring as a "power trio." The other three members regrouped as psychodots in 2005 to record and release the first psychodots studio album in a decade, Terminal Blvd.. Arduser, Fetters and Nyswonger all released solo albums around this time as well. Starting in 2003, the Bears regrouped for more weekend sessions to record a new album, which was released independently on April 3, 2007 and titled Eureka!, followed by a quick eight-date tour. The band's first two albums remained out of print until becoming available as digital downloads in February 2009. There was also a UK based band called The Bears who released one single on Waldos Records in 1978. The two bands are not related


The '80s saw the emergence of several bands that gave a modern spin to the Beatles' more melodic moments -- namely Utopia, XTC, and the Bears. The latter group is best known for its inclusion of journeyman guitarist Adrian Belew, and despite issuing several fine albums over the years (on a very sporadic basis), the band remains relatively unknown outside of a small but devoted following. The roots of the Bears can be traced back to a Cincinnati-based band called the Raisins, which included guitarist/vocalist Rob Fetters, bassist Bob Nyswonger, and drummer Chris Arduser. At a show in Nashville in 1976, the group met Belew (who was playing in another band that same evening, Sweetheart), hit it off, and soon after, decided to someday make music together. Both parties remained in contact, but the proposed band had to take a backseat to Belew's burgeoning career, which at the time included stays with Frank Zappa, David Bowie, the Talking Heads, the Tom Tom Club, and King Crimson (in addition to launching his own solo career). Belew did find the time, however, to produce a Raisins demo in 1978, and even recorded a cover of "Oh Pretty Woman" with them. By 1983, Belew and the Raisins finally found the time to work together, as the guitarist produced a self-titled album for them. Although pleased with the results, it was agreed among all that Belew needed to be more involved with the band -- resulting in Belew signing on with the group full-time, and the band being renamed the Bears. Playing their first live shows together in 1985, the Bears issued a debut album, 1987's The Bears, as well as a sophomore outing, 1988's Rise and Shine; the latter became the quartet's highest charting album (peaking at number 159 on the Billboard charts). However, with their record label folding and Belew about to rekindle his solo career, the Bears called it quits soon after. Fetters, Nyswonger, and Arduser opted to remain together, forming a new band called the Psychodots and issuing a self-titled debut album in 1991. A year after issuing their sophomore outing, 1993's On the Grid, the Psychodots joined Belew on tour (who was supporting his then-current solo release, Here). While it was a double bill, the Psychodots backed Belew during his set, and would even jam on a few Bears oldies. Fans figured a Bears reunion would be up next, but this proved not to be the case, as the Psychodots continued to release further albums, while Belew continued on as solo artist and as a member of King Crimson. A Bears reunion did eventually occur, and the quartet issued their first new studio album in 13 years, 2001's Car Caught Fire, and launched a supporting tour, which led to the group's very first live album, The Bears Live, a year later. © Greg Prato © 2011 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/the-bears-p3641/biography


Although Adrian Belew has played with some of rock's biggest names over the years (Frank Zappa, David Bowie, the Talking Heads, King Crimson, etc.), he remains one of the most underrated and woefully overlooked guitarists of recent times. Like all great guitarists, Belew has his own recognizable style/sound (one that admittedly tends to be quirky and off-the-wall at times), and is an incredibly versatile player, as he's always found a way to make his signature style fit into a wide variety of musical genres: hard rock, funk, new wave, experimental, Beatlesque pop, and more. Born Robert Steven Belew on December 23, 1949, in Covington, KY, Belew's first instrument of interest was the drums, as he soon kept the backbeat in his high school's marching band. But not long after his discovery of the Beatles, Belew picked up the guitar, teaching himself how to play and to write original songs. Spending the remainder of the '60s and early '70s honing his skills, Belew opted to change his first name to Adrian in 1975 (for the simple reason that it was a name he'd always admired), as he joined a Nashville, TN-based cover band, Sweetheart, the same year. The group performed in '40s-era suits and became a popular local attraction -- resulting in Frank Zappa checking out a show in 1977. With an opening for a guitarist in his touring band, Zappa invited Belew on the spot to come and audition for his band, which Belew eventually landed. It was during Zappa's lengthy 1978 U.S. tour (documented in the concert movie Baby Snakes) that David Bowie came to see a performance, which resulted in Belew being invited to join Bowie's touring band when the Zappa tour wrapped up. Once more, Belew accepted, touring the world alongside Bowie and appearing on his 1978 live recording, Stage, and 1979 studio effort, Lodger. Once more, just as Belew's latest gig was about to wind down, he received an offer he couldn't refuse from another artist. Through guitarist Robert Fripp, Belew met renowned producer Brian Eno, who in turn introduced the guitarist to the Talking Heads, who were in the middle of recording their classic 1980 release Remain in Light. Belew was invited to lay down guitar for the songs, which led to his participation on the album's supporting tour (which a portion of the live compilation The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads showcased). Belew also contributed to the Talking Heads' offshoot project, the Tom Tom Club, appearing on their self-titled 1981 debut album, as well as their hit single "Genius of Love" (although he wasn't given a songwriting credit originally, it became known years later that Belew helped co-pen the tune with the others). It was during The Tom Tom Club recording sessions (in the Bahamas) that Belew also began work on his first solo album, issued in 1982 as Lone Rhino. Predictably, it wasn't long before Belew was offered his next gig, this time with a newly reconstructed King Crimson. Belew, who handled lead vocal duties in addition to guitar, was joined by Crimson vets Robert Fripp (guitar) and Bill Bruford (drums), in addition to session ace Tony Levin (bass). With the group eschewing their previous prog rock leanings in favor of a more "modern" sound (akin to the Talking Heads), the '80s version of Crimson issued three outstanding albums: 1981's Discipline, 1982's Beat, and 1984's Three of a Perfect Pair (during which time Belew found the time to issue a second solo release, 1983's Twang Bar King). With Crimson on hiatus once more by the mid-'80s, Belew focused on further solo work (1986's Desire Caught by the Tail, 1989's Mr. Music Head), session work (most notably, Paul Simon's mega-hit Graceland), and also served as a member/producer of a new group, the Bears (1987's The Bears and 1988's Rise and Shine). The '90s continued to see Belew keep a busy schedule, as he hooked up once more with his old pal David Bowie, who named the guitarist musical director for his massive 1990 Sound and Vision tour. Also during the decade, Belew issued several more solo releases (including 1990's Young Lions, 1992's Inner Revolution, 1994's Here, and 1996's Op Zop Too Wah, the latter two of which Belew played all the instruments), in addition to guesting on other artist's recordings (Nine Inch Nails' The Downward Spiral and The Fragile), and producing others (Jars of Clay). After a near-ten-year hiatus, King Crimson reunited, resulting in the 1995 album THRAK and supporting tour. Belew has shown little signs of slowing down in the 21st century, as he continued to tour and record with Crimson (2000's ConstruKction of Light, 2003's The Power to Believe), issued a third recording with the Bears (2001's Car Caught Fire), and is hard at work on compiling an extensive box set of rarities from throughout his career, to be titled Dust. 2004 saw rehearsals with the newest King Crimson lineup, additional recordings by the Bears and the completion of 3 (!) solo albums to be released in 2005. The first and third of these (Side One and Side Three) have Primus bassist Les Claypool and Tool drummer Danny Carey lending a hand while Side Two is more of a completely solo affair, with just a couple guest spots. © Greg Prato © 2011 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved. http://www.allmusic.com/artist/adrian-belew-p3654/biography

Mike Milligan and Steam Shovel

Mike Milligan and Steam Shovel - If You Don't Change - 2004 - Mojo Hut

“Mike plays with that indefinable, yet very real, thing called soul, that thing about being real that one always knows when it’s there. Mike has that, in his vocals, in his original songs, and, most evidently, in his guitar!” - Review of live show with Buddy Guy. 9-5-05. INDY. By G. Fish” — George Fish, Bloomington, IN

Mike Milligan and Steam Shovel is one of Indiana's top blues acts. "If You Don't Change" is a basic, down- to- earth, predominantly soul blues album and worthy of attention. "If you Don't Change" is not a groundbreaking album, but artists like Mike Milligan are to be congratulated for preserving good, straightforward, blues and soul music, and deserve more promotion. Try and listen to Mike Milligan and Steam Shovel's "Timing is Everything" album


01 No Pressure - Preston Brust
02 Shiny And Black - Mike Milligan
03 Life By The Drop - Big Doyle Bramhall, Barbara Logan
04 Waited All Day - Mike Milligan
05 If You Don't Change - Mike Milligan
06 Big Wide Grin - Mike Milligan
07 Closest Friends - Mike Milligan
08 Rattling Chains - Mike Milligan
09 Raspberry King - Mike Milligan


Mike Milligan - Guitar, Vocals, Hammond Organ
Shaun Milligan - Bass Guitar
Matt Ryan - Acoustic Guitar
Noan Ryan - Mandolin
Big Mike Milligan - Banjo
Derek Felix - Drums
Logan Ryan - Bass Drum


From Kokomo, Indiana, Mike began playing guitar in 1977 at age 6. Mike grew up hearing his father's soul-rock bands. As a boy, he traveled with them and the Drifters in the mid 1970's throughout the southern United States. He recieved his first guitar at age 5. He purchased his first electric guitar at age 10 with paper route money. His vocals and guitar have been called "gritty and soulful" and have been compared to many. He formed Steam Shovel in the Summer of 1993 and named the band after his favorite childrens book by Viginia Lee Burton, "Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel". "My mom bought the book for me from a garage sale when I was a boy. Recently, I've contacted the author's children, who are in their 70's, and they were delighted to see what the band's been doing. They also put a copy of "All My Life" in the National Library of Congress along side their mother's books", Mike said. Its seems that Mike writes music that is appreciated and enjoyed by all ages. You may catch him performing with the band or solo electric, acoustic 12 string, or National steel, at a Blues Sunday School, an elementary or high school, and then at a venue that night, always sharing the music... Mike cites his father, "Big" Mike, Robert Cray, Tad Robinson, Howling Wolf, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Doyle Bramhall (1 and 2), Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Donny Hathaway Jimi Hendrix, Albert King and Collins.(get the picture?) as his mentors. Mike formed Steam Shovel in the summer of 1993, and has performed with/opened for: The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Buddy Guy, Sam Lay, W.C. Clark, Lonnie Brooks, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Tad Robinson, Joe Bonamassa, Chris Duarte, BB King, and was named "Best Blues Band in Indiana" in 2002 @ The Slippery Noodle Inn by the Crossroads Blues Society of indiana! Shaun Milligan: Born January 15,1975, in Kokomo, Indiana, Shaun has been playing bass since 1990 and is one of the best players around. Shaun has been "filling" in and "sitting" in with Steam Shovel since its formation in 1993. He loves jamming with his little boy, Raven Patrick, who is one heck of a drummer for just over 3 feet tall and 3 years old (he's a James Brown fan too!) Shaun's playing style is solid, funky, and soulful. Shaun really admires Bela Fleck, Victor Wooten, and Jaco Pastorius... (what bassist doesn't?!) Whether he's playing 4 string electric or acoustic bass, Shaun can really hold down the "groove" and make you move, and if you're not careful, "rattle the breading off of your corndog!".-says a vendor at the Indiana State Fair-2003! Shaun Milligan Shaun plays Fender Jazz basses, Warwicks, and most often, his Fodera Vic Wooten model (pictured above). He uses David Eden amps (most of the time).and SIT Strings.
Robert "Tiny" Cook(AKA: "Mr December"): Robert “Tiny” Cook, from Connersville, Indiana, born March 6, 1967, has been involved in music all of his life. In High School he was in Media communications for two years & in Band & Jazz Band for four years as a drummer with experience in both state & national competitions, including runner up for best drummer in the state of Indiana at the Ball state Jazz Festival in 1983. He also has over ten years in the electronic engineering industry and spent four years in the army as a communications specialist & two years in electronics school at ITT Tech for which he received an AASEET (Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Engineering Technology). In the military, he spent one year in 7th Special Forces Group (a Green Beret unit) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina followed by two and a half years in Germany in the third infantry division from 1990 thru spring 1992. While in Germany, he attended the Roger Waters "The Wall Live in Berlin" concert at which 350,000 people were in attendance! He spent July through December, 2003, as drummer for Mike Milligan & Steam Shovel, filling in for their regular drummer. “The first thing I had to do with them is go on a ten day tour starting in Nashville Tennessee at the Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar which was voted Best Blues Club in 2000 & ending up in Austin Texas where we played at The Pier & The Saxon Pub, which are nationally recognized clubs as well, and where we met Stephen Doster, popular Austin songwriter (Double Trouble’s: Cry Sky, Skyscraper, Baby, There’s No One Like you...). We had stops in Memphis & Dallas along the way. In Dallas, we visited the grave of Stevie Ray Vaughan, one of our heroes and biggest influences, & played at Cutter Brandenburg’s club, who was the best friend of Stevie's from the age of fourteen. He loved us so much that he cut off a piece of Stevie's old power cord that he used to plug his amps into during the Texas Flood recording and tour & told me, "This is where Stevie got his power, now you have some of Stevie's power”. I was the first non-guitar player along with our bass player to receive such an honor. We also played some of the most prestigious blues clubs and festivals in the.Mid West. Our home turf though is the Slippery Noodle Inn in down town Indianapolis, IN. I do not take steps backwards & Mike Milligan is a tough act to follow! “ Robert rejoined Steam Shovel (again, and for good!) March 4th, 2005. Full Steam Ahead! [from http://www.fatfishblue.com/artists/mikemilligan.htm]


Atomic Rooster

Atomic Rooster - The First 10 Explosive Years - 1999 - Angel Air

...My late teens were soothed by bands like Atomic Rooster, a band... that sat between progressive rock and heavy metal... Very much compared with Deep Purple, this band achieved what few other rock bands achieved, that being several successes in the Top Ten singles chart. Those successes are heard here in live form, 'Devil's Answer' and 'Tomorrow Night'... This album is 16 tracks long and is a rocking testament to that of the early 70's and early '80s. Those too young to remember could learn an awful lot by purchasing this, especially if your musical diet includes Deep Purple... - Martin Hudson, "Wondrous Stories"

Put together by guitarist and Rooster original John Du Cann, this oddly-titled 16-song 'definitive' covers the gamut of prog/hard rock that he espoused with ex-Arthur Brown organ whizz Vince Crane and buddies between '70 and '72, and then 1979-82...Squawkin'! - Tim Jones, "Record Collector" (March 1999)

One of the most enjoyable discs that has dropped through the mail slot this year...one of the best examples of the progressive rock/ heavy metal hybrid...be assured that the listener is taken on 75+ minute joy ride...which could just as easily have been titled "The Best Of Atomic Rooster"...As with all Angel Air releases this too comes with extensive liner notes and rare photos of the band - "On The Record" Music America magazine

...the songs stand up well, bringing into sharp focus the Rooster's unique ability to marry metal toughness with prog pretensions in an eccentric style that's so British. For long standing fans, '...10 Explosive Years' is a chance to rediscover old gems and hear a couple of unreleased tracks. If you're not familiar with their work, check this out. You might be surprised. - Malcolm Dome, Classic Rock Jan-Feb 1999

... all who remember putting on their circa-1970 headphones and having their skull pecked open by a nuclear-powered chicken is not going to hold that against them. Atomic Rooster deserves far more respect than recent years (and reissues) have given the group. The First Ten Explosive Years goes some way to delivering that. - Jo-Ann Greene, Goldmine March 1999

The album...contains some great stuff, and whilst a lot of it is definitely 'of that period' it still raises those neck hairs... - The Modern Dance #13

...strong and dynamic songs with lots of great solos on organ and guitar...and hot and furious interplay between these instruments...This 'heavy progressive' music often evokes a sound between Deep Purple and Argent but more aggressive and harder-edged... - Background (May 2000)

The Power Trio present their best work - well, not quite but this is still a delight. With a new lineup and a new tour a compilation was inevitable. Du Cann was an apt replacement and features on some of the tracks. The First 10 Explosive Years attempts to capture the heavy prog brilliance of Atomic Rooster to wrap up their long career for newbies to the band, and almost succeeds apart from the omission of some tracks that should always grace an AR compilation but this is a great CD if you have none of the AR albums. Of course this compilation covers every album and my favourite was always "Death Walks Behind You" and from that we have on this comp Sleeping for Years, Seven Streets, I Can't Take No More, Death Walks Behind You and a great live version of Tomorrow Night. There's tracks from the mediocre "Atomic Rooster '80" such as Lost in Space, and there are tracks from their classics such as Head in the Sky and Break the Ice. The great live track Devil's Answer is a delight and there are some tracks you rarely see on a compilation such as Rebel With a Clause, Night Living, It's So Unkind, and When You Go to Bed, some of the more recent material when it comes to their repertoire. There are far worse comps about and this certainly has a typically eye catching cover you may want to hide from the parents. I recommend this comp but it's not as good as the 2 CD package "Heavy Soul: Anthology". © & by AtomicCrimsonRush | 3/5 | 2010-6-7 © Prog Archives, All rights reserved http://www.progarchives.com/Review.asp?id=285429

Atomic Rooster was an English hard rock/progressive rock band, composed of former members of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown. The band may be remembered for their two great 1971 hits, "Tomorrow Night" (UK no. 11) and "The Devil's Answer" (UK no. 4). The tracks on this 1999 compilation are taken from original tapes owned and remastered by John Du Cann. The tracks were originally recorded between 1970 and 1982. The album was later reissued and repackaged at least twice: In 2004, it was released as The First Ten Explosive Years Volumes 1&2, and released on the Recall Records label as a double CD titled "Tomorrow Night". In 2005, it was reissued on the German Ambitions/Membran International label as disc one of a two disc set entitled "Rebel with a Clause". The second disc was the 11 track reissue of "Headline News". Atomic Rooster's "The Collection" album is @ ATOMICR/COLL The band's "Space Cowboy" album is @ ATOMICR/SPCBY and the "Atomic Rooster (AKA Atomic Rooster 2)" album is @ ATOMICR/2/ "The First 10 Explosive Years" is a great album from an underrated band and HR by A.O.O.F.C.


1 "Sleeping for Years" 5:26 originally on the 1970 "Death Walks Behind You" album
2 "Seven Streets" 6:41 originally on the 1970 "Atomic Rooster" album
3 "I Can't Take No More" 3:31 originally on the 1970 "Death Walks Behind You" album
4 "Taken You Over" aka "They Took Control of You" 4:48 originally on the 1980 "Atomic Rooster aka Atomic Rooster 2" album
5 "Lost in Space" - Vincent Crane, John DuCann, Neil Young 5:51 originally on the 1980 "Atomic Rooster aka Atomic Rooster 2" album
6 "Play it Again" - Vincent Crane, John DuCann 3:10 originally on the 1989 "The Devil Hits Back" album
7 "Devil’s Answer" (live in Milan 1981) 4:09 originally on the 1970 "Atomic Rooster" album
8 "Rebel with a Clause" aka "Start to Live" 2:56 originally on the 1999 "The First 10 Explosive Years" album
9 "Night Living" aka "Living Underground" 3:36 originally on the 1989 "The Devil Hits Back" album
10 "Death Walks Behind You" - John DuCann, Vincent Crane 7:18 originally on the 1970 "Death Walks Behind You" album
11 "It's So Unkind" 4:05 originally on the 1999 "The First 10 Explosive Years" album
12 "When You Go to Bed" 3:42
13 "Head in the Sky" 5:38 originally on the 1971 "In Hearing of Atomic Rooster" album
14 "Break the Ice" 4:57 originally on the 1971 "In Hearing of Atomic Rooster" album
15 "Play the Game" 4:45 originally on the 1970 "Atomic Rooster" album
16 "Tomorrow Night" (live studio version 1981) 4:50 - Sam Coslow, Vincent Crane, Will Grosz, Hank Thompson originally on the 1970 "Death Walks Behind You" album

All songs composed by John DuCann (John Cann) except where stated


John DuCann - Guitar, Vocals
John Goodsall aka Johnny Mandala, Steve Bolton - Guitar
Nick Graham - Bass,Vocals
John McCoy - Bass
Vincent Crane RIP - Keyboards, Vocals
Carl Palmer, Ric Parnell, Preston Heyman, Paul Hammond RIP - Drums
Pete French, Chris Farlowe - Vocals


Line-Up: John Du Cann (vocals / guitar), Vincent Crane (keyboards), Carl Palmer (drums)
Led by the extraordinary keyboard talents of Vincent Crane (né Cheeseman) ATOMIC ROOSTER purveyed a unique sound based on a hard driving Hammond organ rather than the guitar. Crane suffered from manic depression and as such the career of the band and Crane is an erratic one of unfulfilled promise. ATOMIC ROOSTER are now being increasingly recognized by the Doom / Stoner generation as having been of great influence. Crane first came to prominence as a founder member and main lyric writer for THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN, which initially comprised Brown, Crane and drummer Drachen Theaker. Crane had played keyboards on the number one hit 'Fire' by CRAZY WORLD quitting the band in the middle of an American tour. He formed ATOMIC ROOSTER with former CRAZY WORLD, drummer Carl Palmer and bassist Nick Graham in the early '70s. the debut album made the British charts at number 49 before dropping straight out again. 1970 saw the addition of former ANDROMEDA guitarist John Cann (he was later to change his name to John Du Cann). YES guitarist STEVE HOWE had auditioned too but Cann got the job. Cann overdubbed guitar on the first album for its American release but before touring commenced the band lost their bass player, Graham leaving to form SKIN ALLEY and later ALIBI. Somewhat inexplicably Crane refused a replacement and so ATOMIC ROOSTER's unique sound manifested itself with Crane performing bass parts on the lower end of his organ as the band soldiered on as a trio. Cann meanwhile had to radically change his playing style to cover for the missing bass and perform lead vocals. Second album 'Death Walks Behind You' fared better hitting the top 20 and yielded two hit singles in 'Tomorrow Night' and 'The Devil's Answer'. After nine months of solid touring Palmer also upped and left to join form the massively successful Progressive Rock trio EMERSON LAKE AND PALMER and drum duties were entrusted to ex-HORSE man Rick Parnell. However, the new drummer's tenure was brief and before long FARM member Paul Hammond was poached into the line-up. Parnell was to surface as part of Italian Jazz Rock outfit NOVA and much later relocated in America with ex-MC5 guitarist WAYNE KRAMER, a 1997 act BROWN RING and even as one of spoof Rockers SPINAL TAP's unfortunate drummers! Meantime back with ATOMIC ROOSTER the early '70s also found Crane guesting for Irish Blues Rock guitarist RORY GALLAGHER. Although successful on the surface internally ATOMIC ROOSTER were engaged in bitter in-fighting. Cann and Crane had got into a dispute regarding royalties for the second album. Although the line-up managed a third album, the top 5 'In Hearing Of...' Crane, on the eve of an American tour and toying with the idea of turning the band into a funk project, sacked Du Cann from the band. The hapless frontman found out via a job advert in the Melody Maker advertising his position! Hammond left in protest. Crane enrolled ex-CACTUS vocalist Pete French as replacement and also pulled in guitarist Steve Bolton and a redrafted Parnell. The departing duo of Du Cann and Hammond meanwhile founded BULLET signing to DEEP PURPLE's Purple Records, a band that released one single prior to being sued by an American band of the same name and retitling themselves HARD STUFF. With this act Cann issued two albums. Du Cann later undertook a German tour in 1973 with THIN LIZZY as guitarist but his stay in the band was purely a temporary one, filling in contracted gigs after Gary Moore had quit unexpectedly. Du Cann was later to reinvent himself as Johnny Du Cann and assembled an ad hoc band featuring STATUS QUO members Francis Rossi, Pete Kershaw and Andy Bown plus GILLAN's John McCoy on a proposed "Powerpop" project! The album, cut for Arista and to be titled 'The World's Not Big Enough' was never issued. The guitarist reverted back to his former name and gained himself a solo hit single with 'Don't Be A Dummy'. Cann's role in ATOMIC ROOSTER was to be filled by Bill Smith. French left in 1972, later recording a solo album 'Ducks In Flight' featuring THIN LIZZY guitarist Brian Robertson, and was replaced by ex-COLOSSEUM singer CHRIS FARLOWE, a man lauded by none other than MICK JAGGER as "having the best rock voice in Britain". Farlowe was to record the 'Made in England' and 'Nice n' Greasy' albums. Bolton was supplanted by former BRAND X man Johnny Mandala (real name John Goodsall) in 1973. Bolton formed HEADSTONE with ex-ARRIVAL bassist Phil Chen, former TRANQUILITY keyboard player Tony Lukyn and a pre-RARE BIRD Mark Ashton. Bolton was to turn up again over a decade later with the 1986 project MAX & THE BROADWAY METAL CHOIR. The '90s found Bolton as guitarist for PAUL YOUNG and then in 1990 for THE WHO. Bill Smith joined JADE WARRIOR for their 1978 Egyptian concept album 'Way Of The Sun'. Despite releasing some excellent albums ATOMIC ROOSTER were continually dogged by line-up changes. Crane re-joined ARTHUR BROWN to record the 1978 album 'Chisholm In My Bosom' on Gull records' reuniting again in 1980 to release 'Faster Than The Speed Of Sound' on I.C. Records. Resurrecting ATOMIC ROOSTER once more in 1980 Crane settled his differences with John Cann once more. Session man Preston Hayman was pulled in on drums for live work (he much later appeared on ASIA's 'Archiva 2' album of 1996) before none other than ex-CREAM drummer GINGER BAKER took his place. However, Baker's tenure was short and Hammond was re-enlisted to release an eponymous album on EMI Records. The band were blighted by an horrendous piece of bad luck as the pressing plant used to manufacture their 1981 single 'Play It Again' went on strike. Calculations made afterwards revealed this had cost the band a number 15 chart placing. Another stab at rekindling the flame arose in 1983 as Crane reassembled the band with drummer Paul Hammond once more and ex-GILLAN guitarist BERNIE TORME. This line-up toured Europe before with the release of the worthy 'Headline News' album featuring Hammond, Torme and guest musicians ex-ENERGY / OZO guitarist John Mizaroli and PINK FLOYD's guitarist DAVE GILMOUR. Torme joined OZZY OSBOURNE's band replacing Randy Rhoads on the road in America. Crane spent his post ROOSTER time playing keyboards for DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS live band. Another attempt to re-ignite the ATOMIC ROOSTER flame with ex-CHEVY guitarist Barry Eardley never got off the ground. Crane was also assembling some unreleased ATOMIC ROOSTER material for a projected album on the Demi Monde label titled 'Something Old, Something New - The Rooster Tapes'. Sadly Crane committed suicide in February 1989 after suffering years of depression. The 1999 album 'The First Ten Explosive Years' adds bonus tracks re-recorded with bass from GILLAN's John McCoy. Cann and McCoy are working on a new ATOMIC ROOSTER album. Drums are being handled by no less than original IRON MAIDEN drummer Ron Rebel. © Garry Sharpe-Young http://www.cherryred.co.uk/books/book_rd_doom.php © Cherry Red Records - All Rights Reserved 2009 http://www.cherryred.co.uk/books/book_rd_doom.php


Atomic Rooster was a British progressive-rock group formed in 1969 with an original lineup of Vincent Crane (organ), Nick Graham (bass), and Carl Palmer (drums). Their debut album, Atomic Rooster, hit number 49 in the U.K. in June 1970, after which Graham and Palmer left the group. Crane maintained the name and recruited guitarist/singer John Cann and drummer Paul Hammond for the second album, Death Walks Behind You, which hit number 12 in the U.K., where it featured the number 11 single "Tomorrow Night," and number 90 in the U.S. Pete French of Cactus assisted on the third album, In Hearing Of, which featured the number-four U.K. single "The Devil's Answer" and reached number 18 in England and number 167 in America. Then the group split up again, and again Crane assembled a new Atomic Rooster, this time featuring singer Chris Farlowe, guitarist Steve Bolton, bassist Bill Smith, and drummer Rick Parnell. Made in England reached number 149 in the U.S. in 1972, but the group had split again by 1974. Crane fronted lineups of Atomic Rooster into the '80s, before taking up with Dexys Midnight Runners in 1983. In 1989, he committed suicide. © William Ruhlmann © 2011 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/atomic-rooster-p15527/biography