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Chris Farlowe, Brian Auger, Pete York aka Auger,York & Farlowe


Chris Farlowe, Brian Auger, Pete York aka Auger,York & Farlowe - Olympic Rock & Blues Circus - 1988 - Bell Records

In the 80s the German drummer and record producer Charly Eichert spent a lot of time gathering many of his favourite '60's artists in order to tour and also record an album of blues and R&B tracks. He called this musical assembly the Olympic Rock & Blues Circus. The band was touring primarily in Germany in 1981/82 and 1989. Although the album is credited to drummer Pete York (Spencer Davis Group), keyboardist Brian Auger (Oblivion Express, Julie Driscoll), and vocalist Chris Farlowe (Colosseum, Atomic Rooster), the band featured a rotating line-up of artists including Jon Lord, Miller Anderson, Tony Ashton, Zoot Money, Colin Hodgkinson, Charly Eichert himself, and many others. Not all of these artists appeared on the studio album. "Olympic Rock & Blues Circus" is great British R&B with plenty of funky instrumental soul/jazz fusion, and is a wonderful album and HR by A.O.O.F.C. The tracks were recorded at Tonstudio Bauer Ludwigsburg, Germany in 1981 and 1983. It was originally released as a six track album on Bell Records, Germany in 1988. Later CD issues added three bonus tracks, included here. By all accounts, the original six track LP/CD was of superior sound quality than the edition posted here


1 New Orleans Street March - B.Auger 5:05
2 I Never Loved A Girl (The Way That I Love You) - Ronnie Shannon 3:48
3 Motorboat - James Campagnola 5:25
4 The Devil Rides The Speed Boat - Charly Eichert, G.Hahn 5:09
5 Crocodile Or: I Dont't Think I Can Keep My Mouth Open For That Long - Jeff Reynolds 5:17
6 Everything's Wrong - Chris Farlowe 4:29
7 Fast And Loose - Mel Thorpe, Roger Munns [Bonus]
8 Another Song - Mel Thorpe, Roger Munns [Bonus]
9 Wade In The Water - Jimmy Heath [Bonus]


John Marshall - Guitar [Tracks 1-6]
Steve Richardson - Bass [Tracks 1-6, & 7-9]
Bill Coleman - Bass, Vocals [Tracks 7-9]
Brian Auger - Piano, Organ [Tracks 1-6]
Roger Munns - Keyboards [Tracks 7-9]
Charly Eichert - Drums [Tracks 1-6]
Pete York - Drums [Tracks 1-6, & 7-9]
Masters Of Desaster - Brass Section [Tracks 1-6]
James Campagnola - Tenor Sax [Tracks 1-6]
Mel Thorpe - Sax, Flute, Vocals [Tracks 7-9]
Andrew Pet - Trombone [Tracks 1-6]
Jeff Reynolds - Trumpet [Tracks 1-6]
Rick Sanders - Violin [Tracks 7-9]
Chris Farlowe - Vocals [Tracks 1-6]


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Danneau said...

This is a really interesting project. I'll be curious to see what kind of sound these people generate. Thank you.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Danneau.Brian Auger's playing is excellent on this album, and the album is probably more jazz rock than R&B, but I like it. Let me know your opinion, and thanks

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....thanks for the birthday present, Paul. Will enjoy it....

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