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The Eric Steckel Band

The Eric Steckel Band - Havana - 2006 - ESB145

11 tracks recorded live at the Havana, New Hope, Pennsylvania on 17th, December 2005. This brilliant young guitarist is re-igniting the great 60s and 70s blues rock sound. This young guy's talent is simply astonishing and this album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Buy Eric's "Early Pickin'" album and promote authentic blues rock of the highest calibre [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 151 Mb]


1. San-Ho-Zay - Freddie King, Sonny Thompson 5:02
2. Radio Blues - Eric Steckel 10:58
3. Espirita Eric Steckel, Wayne Smith 4:55
4. Me and My Guitar - Leon Russell, Chuck Blackwell 4:52
5. Philips Highway - Eric Steckel 5:33
6. The Thrill is Gone - Rick Darnell, Roy Hawkins7:56
7. Deep Fried - Eric Steckel 4:31
8. Jaywalkin' - Eric Steckel, David Frey 4:31
9. Hey Sister - Eric Steckel 4:49
10. Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix 9:50
11. All Your Love - Otis Rush 5:43

N.B: Some releases of The Eric Steckel Band's "Live At Havana" or "Havana" does not include "The Thrill is Gone"


Eric Steckel - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Franklic - Bass Guitar
Robert Sands - Organ on Tracks 1,4,5,6,10,11: Piano on Tracks 2,8,9
Wayne Smith - Organ on Tracks 2,3,7,8: Drums on Tracks 1,9,10,11
Duane Trucks - Drums on Tracks 2,3,4,5,6,7,8


Eric Steckel played the Blues with a feeling and natural ability that could not be explained for someone so young. By the time he was 10, Eric delivered a Freddie-BB-Albert King influenced performance with an intensity and skill that belied his youth. His passion for music and natural command of the scene enabled him to share the stage with some of the finest touring artists. Eric quickly became a local favorite as music fans around his then Pennsylvania hometown packed the clubs and festivals to see and hear this new young gun of the Blues. The Eric Steckel Band's debut CD, "A Few Degrees Warmer", was recorded live in April 2002 when Eric was just 11 years old. A Few Degrees quickly became a top selling Blues album as the record delighted Blues Guitar fans across the globe. In 2003 the "ESB" appeared at the Sarasota Blues Festival where Eric's powerful set became the talk of the day. Before the night was over Eric was introduced by John Mayall as the youngest guitarist ever on stage with the Bluesbreakers. Eric left a lasting impression on Mayall and in 2004 Eric appeared in Sweden, Norway and Denmark with Mayall and The Bluesbreakers during their Scandinavian Tour. In early 2005 Eric traveled to Los Angeles where he joined Mayall for session work on the "Road Dogs" record. The ESB developed a faithful fan base through years of club gigs and festival appearances including opening sets in support of Tommy Castro, Shemekia Copeland and B.B. King. The band released a studio record titled "High Action" in 2004 and traveled to Holland and Belgium in 2005 for a 10 concert tour. After relocating to Jacksonville, Florida, Eric was introduced to Duane Trucks who joined the band in late 2005 on drums. In celebration of Duane's arrival, the ESB released their third record, "Havana". Deeply rooted in the Blues, this live recording recalled the sound of the 60s and 70s Blues Rock era. With the European release of "Live at Havana", the ESB returned to Holland in 2006 where they opened for Johnny Winter at The Paradiso in Amsterdam and appeared at the Tegelen Blues Rock Festival. The Summer of 2007 marked another milestone as the ESB played several American music festivals and earned rave reviews and new fans during tours in Holland, Germany, Belgium and Italy. The Italy tour was highlighted by a main stage performance at the legendary Pistoia Blues Festival where Eric shared the prime time bill with John Mayall and Gregg Allman. With the release of “Feels Like Home” in 2008, Eric began his transition from teen Blues phenom to a matured guitarist with an equally impressive talent on the Hammond B3 organ. The international release of “Feels Like Home” was well received with several tracks receiving regular airplay on XM Radio Bluesville. Eric toured "Feels Like Home" in Italy, Holland, Belgium and Germany and cut a few demo tracks now known as "The Soundmine Sessions". In 2009 Eric was back on the Continent for a Blues Guitar Heroes Tribute Tour. The Heroes Tour was a significant success and by popular demand an extended 2010 Tour was booked. Highlights of the 2010 tour included appearances at the Grolsch Blues Festival in Germany, the Highlands Festival in Holland and a headline performance at the Zoetermeer (NL) Blues Festival. Eric returned to the States on a mission to put the feel and soul of the Blues into a modern day rock record. His quest took him back to the Pocono Mountains and led to the "Milestone" release. On Milestone, Eric produced a powerful new sound that incorporated a wide variety of musical influences and styles while reminding us that you can still rock out without losing your soul. Ten Years After.....Eric is back. The youngest Blues veteran is coming home. And the journey continues...... Eric has been featured in The Allentown (PA) Morning Call, The Doylestown (PA) Intelligencer, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The (NY) Times-Herald Record, Music Head Magazine, The Warren (NJ) Reporter Forum, Guitar World Magazine, The Easton (PA) Express, The Bridgewater (NJ) Courier Times, The Sarasota (FL) Herald-Tribune, the Lancaster (PA) Sunday News and The Florida Times Union. International press includes features in the Haagshe Courant, De Telegraaph, BluesMagazine (NL) and a MusikMaker (NL) feature. Eric was also featured in a Comcast CN8 TV News Extra and he has appeared on NBC 10 in Philadelphia, Comcast CN8, Fox Philadelphia, SNN6 in Sarasota and Reuters TV. © Eric Steckel Music http://www.ericsteckel.com/fr_home.cfm

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