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Paul Carrack

Paul Carrack - Live Tros Muziek Cafe, Amsterdam (11.7.09) - 2009 - nolabel

A great Dutch FM radio broadcast, presented by Bert Haandrikman on 11/7/09 from Tros Muziek Cafe, Amsterdam, and featuring the great British soul singer, Paul Carrack, singing nine of his best known songs. More band info would be greatly appreciated. Search this blog for more Paul Carrack and Ace releases.


1 How Long
2 Tempted
3 It ain't easy to love Somebody
4 Eyes of Blue
5 Satisfy My Soul
6 Just for Tonight
7 Love thicker than Water
8 No doubt about It
9 Over my Shoulder
10 Interview 1
11 Interview 2

A little album info -

Chris Garfield - Guitar
Paul Copley - Lead Vocals on "Love thicker than Water"