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Tony McPhee

Tony McPhee - The Blues & the Beast - 1992 - Nibelung (Germany)

"The Blues & the Beast", recorded in 1991 is a superb collection of acoustic blues standards from the brilliant Tony McPhee Tony delves deep into traditional blues on this album. This CD has only been released in Germany, and is a very elusive recording. Get it while you can! Search this blog for other Tony McPhee /Groundhogs related recordings


"Smoke Stack Lightnin'" - Howlin' Wolf
Someday Baby - Sleepy John Estes
Can't Be Satisfied - Muddy Waters
Love In Vain - Robert Johnson
Oh Death - Trad
Down In The Bottom - Howlin' Wolf
Crawling King Snake - John Lee Hooker, Bernard Besman
32-20 - Robert Johnson
Diving Duck - Sleepy John Estes
Catfish - Muddy Waters
Dimples - James C. Bracken/John Lee Hooker
Death Letter - Son House
Come On In My Kitchen - Robert Johnson
No Place To Go - Howlin' Wolf
Who Knows? [ This track sounds like Howlin' Wolf's "Smoke Stack Lightnin'" ] *
Write Me A Few Short Lines - Fred McDowell
* N.B: Info appreciated om this track. It seems like a mislabelled somg


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Anonymous said...

Downloaded this yesterday, but forgot to leave a comment. The link is still alive! I couldn't find any further information about the album than what you already have. The next-to-the-last song is "Smoke Stack Lightnin'"; the only "Who Knows?" song I could find was by Jimi Hendrix. The record company, Nibelung, does have a Facebook page which includes the cover of the album, but no details other than "Out of Stock".

Thanks for all your hard work. I'm going back through the archives and finding some real gems.

- Alex

A.O.O.F.C said...

Cheers, Alex! Every bit of info helps. Hope you're finding some worthwhile stuff. There's a lot of dead links need cleaning up. I'll get round to it eventually! Thanks, & TTU later...P