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Jessie Grace


Jessie Grace - Asleep On The Good Foot - 2009 - Follow The Mole

Jessie Grace's EP, 'Asleep On The Good Foot' came to me as the finished article as far as the studio was concerned but it's that new that I don't have any details at all about this amazing new talent - no artwork, no biog, no nothin'! So, maybe not a bad thing, I'll just let the music tell the story! And, what a story! 'Asleep On The Good Foot' really is the musical equivalent of a 'page turner' - unputdownable, all chills and thrills, eight small chapters in a real thriller that excites and entices as it soothes and caresses. Great work, great musician, great EP! Jessie Grace writes a bit like KT Tunstall but her music sits somewhere between the nu-folk of the aforementioned and some of the more angularly jazzy Joni Mitchell works. Add to that a very commercial sounding vocal delivery; something again between Tunstall, Judie Tzuke and Dido and you've got yourselves a very viable, workmanlike chunk of work! Jessie Grace keeps this work very fluid, it's continually changing, evolving; just when you think you've got her sorted and labelled she hits you with something that refuses to be pigeonholed and you have to start re-thinking your initial assessment. Eclectic I suppose, is how best to describe this, eclectic/alt/other or something like that! Grace takes the listener on a mystical journey by way of bright and sensitive acoustic and fx laced electric guitar, dark haunting keys, strings and 'things' - it's organic, it's truly alive! It's all beautiful crafted and lovingly assembled - and as tantalising as fuck!!Vocally Grace shows massive maturity; this young lady is sensitive and sensual but at the same time she's gritty, punchy and evocative. As an EP this is pretty much an album! Eight bloody great tracks that clearly demonstrate Grace's massive potential. Several of the songs here would work brilliantly as stand-alone singles to compete on a major scale with the established female 'stars' of the contemporary scene. This lady is special and could easily find herself becoming a household name. Ok, to get to that stage there has to be some pretty hefty and effective promo work to get her name and her music out to the masses. But, there will be plenty of radio 'jocks' who would die to get these songs onto their playlists - no probs! 'Asleep On The Good Foot' by Jessie Grace meets all the required criteria, as far as I can see, to become a major release. Jessie Grace is clearly a fantastic musical poet and her songs are convincing and compelling - Grace delivers her impressive songs with total belief and 'Asleep On The Good Foot' is an awesome introduction to someone who surely has a massive future in the business. Pretty much as good as it gets, 'Asleep On The Good Foot' by Jessie Grace deserves to reap rich rewards; Grace's ability to move the listener is impressive and her overall musical skills are clearly right up there with the best of 'em. Definitely one to look out for - if Jessie Grace can get the promotional support she deserves this lady is gonna be a 'name' and a 'force' to contend with. Brilliant!! Peter J Brown aka toxic pete ( toxicpete.co.uk)

Jessie studied commercial music at the University Of Westminster and also played bass in a London band. Originally a classical pianist, some of Jessie's songs are keyboard based, but she mainly plays guitar. Some of her influences include Nirvana, Bjork and PJ Harvey. She has a unique sound and is noted for her fabulous live performances. "Asleep On The Good Foot" is a great debut album in the folk/blues style from a lady who is destined for greater things. You may have heard her great song, "Science Tree" which has been used for a TV ad. Well, there are other songs on AOTGF equally good. If you like artists in the vein of Sia or Morcheeba, you may like this one. The album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. A new album is in the pipeline, and if it's as good as this one, buy it and support this beautiful and talented lady


1. Beautiful
2. Science Tree
3. L.O.V.E.
4. Gingerbread House
5. Firmly Down
6. Fool
7. King Of Villains
8. Spring Time

All songs composed by Jessie Grace, except “Beautiful” by Jessie Grace & James Barnett


All songs performed by Jessie Grace and Dave Draper in various forms apart from guitar on “Beautiful” performed by Jimmy Flanders. LIVE: JESSIE GRACE ON GUITAR/KEYS/VOCALS, FROG ON BASS, SHANKS/TWITCHER ON DRUMS


Jessie Grace is a singer/songwriter who plays both the piano and guitar and who has become prolific in both the London and Oxford music scenes. The mother-of-one got involved in writing and playing music from a young age before going on to study the subject at school and university. She is currently a solo artist having cut her teeth in a few bands. Her musical influences include Radiohead, Raconteurs, Nirvana, Bjork and PJ Harvey and her music has been described as a cross between KT Tunstall and Joni Mitchell. Her first solo album, Asleep on the Good Foot, was produced in her front room at home in Wooburn Green and she hopes its imminent release will represent a strong beginning to a long career producing world-class music. A Nashville-based record company Per Capita Records are currently negotiating a deal to sign her but for now her album can be downloaded at iTunes. Tracks from the album have also featured on several BBC 'Introducing' shows and the opening track from her album - Beautiful - featured on Tom Robinson's BBC6 show. © http://www.maidenhead-advertiser.co.uk/leisure/article-12229-jessie-grace/