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ta Taste (aka Taste)


ta Taste (aka Taste) - Wall to Wall - 2006 - Alikath Stephnick Music

Even in your wildest dreams, you’d never imagine it but it’s happened: Taste is back! In 2006, John Wilson, the legendary drummer from the original line-up decided to reform Taste together with Richard McCracken and a virtually unknown Irish guitar player, Sam Davidson. They played a few gigs and the pressure from the public was such that they decided to release “Wall To Wall”. The opening track, ‘Going Home’ is powerful (as intense as Alvin Lee’s and its Ten Years After) sending thousands of shivers down the spine. The drums are enormous, the bass (played by Albert Mills replacing Richard) is perforating and on guitar, Sam reignites the light we thought had gone out for ever. With tracks such as ‘Daytona Dreaming’ and ‘Devil’s Woman’, it’s as if a star is watching over them, a star called Rory Gallagher. And as if to be faithful to Rory and the original ‘60s trio, there is an unbelievably beautiful and moving track: ‘Wall To Wall’. It’s the story of an impossible love between two people separated by a wall (real or not). There is also a breathtaking instrumental version of that song at the end of the album with some guitar soli which will make you climb up the curtains. This track should have been this year’s song for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Just imagine, Taste performing ‘Wall To Wall’ at the Brandenburg Gate. Stupendous! One of the best albums of 2009 if not the decade. © Nathalie ‘Nat’ Harrap Blues Matters! © 2008 Accord All rights reserved http://www.paris-move.com/zik-cd-dedicated.php?id=451&lang=2

A few years ago Universal Records released a few remastered Taste albums. After a demand from fans and friends, John Wilson and Sam Davidson began playing again using the name "ta Taste". They used different bass players including Richie McCracken, the original Taste bassist. The band toured in numerous cities including Moscow and San Francisco, and played new reworkings of old Taste tunes. They introduced the late great Rory Gallagher's music to many people. The band released two CD's in 2006 including the one posted here. Up to 2007 ta Taste with the line-up of drummer, John Wilson, guitarist and vocalist Sam Davidson, and bassist Nicky Scott were still gigging and impressing audiences worldwide. N.B: ta Taste's "Wall to Wall" was reissued in 2009 on the Bad Reputation label using the original Taste band name. Many people will regard these albums as "cashing in" on the old Taste/Rory Gallagher reputation. However ta Taste has played many concerts to very appreciative audiences, and artists like Sam Davidson can really play and know what blues rock is all about. Check out Taste's "On The Boards" album and Rory Gallagher's brilliant "Calling Card" album


1. Going Home
2. Daytona Dreaming
3. The Drifter
4. The Wall
5. Devils Woman
6. Home Blues
7. Big Ship
8. Pretty Woman Of Mine
9. Lucy May
10. The Wall (Instrumental)

All songs composed by Sam Davidson & John Wilson

N.B: ta Taste's "Wall to Wall" was reissued in 2009 on the Bad Reputation label using the original Taste band name.

2006 BAND

John Wilson - Drums
Richie McCracken, Albert Mills - Bass
Sam Davidson - Guitar, Vocals


Before becoming a solo star, Rory Gallagher fronted the blues-rock trio Taste, which experienced reasonable success in the U.K. in the late '60s and early '70s. Taste was molded very much on the model of Cream, adding some folk, pop, and jazz elements to a blues-rock base, and featuring a virtuosic guitarist. They weren't in the same league as Cream, particularly in the songwriting department, and were (like Cream) prone to occasional blues-rock bombast. But they weren't a bad band in their own right, exhibiting a lighter touch than most British blues boom outfits. The focus of Taste was always upon Gallagher. In addition to playing accomplished and versatile lead guitar, he sang in a gentle but convincing fashion, and wrote the band's original material. Much of Taste's repertoire was more restrained and balanced than the territory Gallagher would explore on his '70s outings, which placed more emphasis upon him as guitar hero. Gallagher also played occasional saxophone and harmonica with the group. Gallagher formed the first version of Taste in his native Ireland in 1966, with bassist Eric Kittringham and drummer Norman Damery. In May of 1968, he relocated to London and, still months shy of his 20th birthday, formed a new version of Taste with bassist Charlie McCracken (who had played bass with Spencer Davis, though not at the peak of Davis' hit-making days) and drummer John Wilson (who had been a drummer with Them, likewise not during one of their well-known incarnations). Two studio albums followed in 1969 and 1970, the second of which made the British Top 20. Taste was still virtually unknown in the States when they broke up shortly afterwards, although a couple of live albums were released in the early '70s to keep some product on the shelves. © Richie Unterberger © 2010 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=11:3pfexq95ldte~T1


Taste was formed in Cork, Ireland in August 1966 as a trio consisting of Rory Gallagher on guitars & vocals, Eric Kitteringham on bass, and Norman Damery on drums. In their early years Taste played around the UK before becoming regulars at Maritime Hotel, an R&B club in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In 1968 the original lineup split. The new lineup formed with Richard McCracken on bass and John Wilson on drums. The new Taste moved permanently to London where they signed with the record label Polydor. In 1969 Taste released their first two studio recordings, the self-titled Taste" first and "On The Boards" soon following, the latter showing Rory and the band's jazz influences with Gallagher playing saxophone on numerous tracks. In November 1968 the band opened for Cream at Cream's farewell concerts in London. Taste then began touring the United States and Canada opening for Eric Clapton and Ginger Bakers new band Blind Faith. Perhaps their most notable performance came in 1970 as part of the Isle of Wight Festival, joining such notable musicians as Jimi Hendrix and The Who. They were well-received by those in attendance, ultimately being called back for five encores. Later the same year Taste would once more tour Europe before performing their last show on New Year's Eve in Belfast. In 1970 Taste split leaving front man Rory Gallagher to pursue his solo career. In the August 2006 issue of Blues in Britain it was revealed that John Wilson had made Taste active once again. John has been at the fore front of the Irish Blues and R&B scene ever since his days in THEM with Van Morrison,and of course in TASTE with Rory Gallagher. Along with with Richard McCracken on bass and Belfast guitarist and singer Sam Davidson,who worked with John in the BELFAST BLUES BAND. Taste have performed at Blues and R&B festivals around the world with Richard McCracken playing bass when his other commitments allow, and Nicky Scott (Van Morrison Band) on bass when Richard is not.The band perform a lot of their own music,keeping alive the best traditions of the old band,and along with many other bands and musicians around the world keeping the music and memory of Rory alive. 2009 marks the 40th anniversary of the bands debut on Polydor records and this year we will be playing shows featuring the music Rory wrote and the band recorded during our time with the label.Along with many other bands and musicians around the world we are working to keep the music and memory of Rory alive.We look forward to playing for you in 2009-2010. © 2003-2005 by Just For Kicks Music, OxygenMedia. All rights reserved. http://www.justforkicks.de/detail.asp?sid=897902m213n216n199n30&uid=0&id=10227&lid=2


Anonymous said...

What a great album shimmering guitar and good solid vocals

Rory would be pleased



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not the old taste at all but still extremely pleasant & uplifting.
Thanks! you made my day

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi, flyra. I agree. There's no resemblance to the old Rory Gallagher/Taste raw pure blues rock, but the album is good. It's refreshing, and the guitar work is GRADE A. Thanks for comment, & keep in touch

A.O.O.F.C said...

Howzitgoin' Rhod? Good album ok. Can you imagine Rory playing on some of these tunes? We can dream! Thanks, Rhod. TTU soon

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Hi Paul,
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Hi,OGS. Thanks for comment/req. and I WILL check out your blog. I have been ill for the last few days but I WILL repost that album for you before August 12th. TVM & TTU soon...Paul

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Thank you again, my friend.
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Hi,OGS. Thanks for your patience. The album WILL be posted soon. TVM...Paul

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Hi,OGS. Glad to help you anytime. Keep in touch. TVM & TTU soon...Paul