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Jonas Hellborg & Shawn Lane

Jonas Hellborg & Shawn Lane - Time Is The Enemy - 1997 - Bardo

Ex-John McLaughlin electric bass guitarist Jonas Hellborg gains considerable notoriety for his flashy style, huge sound, undeniable virtuosity, and monster chops. This recording showcases his trio on various concert dates worldwide, with electric guitarist Shawn Lane and drummer Jeff Sipe in tow. It is Lane who steals the show -- his fluid, exciting, stinging lines need nothing more than a little amplification to get the point across. The power trio acts as Beck, Bogert & Appice wannabes, except that Lane plays perfectly in tune. All the members claim co-writing credit on the six hard-nosed jams. "Heretics" is a heavy metal New Orleans shuffle, with boogie bass and a finger-popping solo from the leader. "Wherever You Walk" has a cool swing funk about it that is undeniably jazzy, featuring Lane's clean, musical, teeth-gritting guitar. Darker rhythms with echoey chords set to loping six/eight rhythm and rock bass signify the developed piece "Space Time Continuum," and the hard funk of "The King's Letter" has the most dizzying, steely guitar licks. A slower funk "Barua a Soldani" cuts Hellborg loose on an extended solo, while the closing title track is another hard rock-funk that stretches the confines of fusion into a vehicle for Lane to dig in a bit more. As much as fusion has grown stale over the years, this trio is pumping some stark vitality into it, keeping it alive. Shawn Lane is the man, and Hellborg has to sit back and marvel at what he's capable of. © Michael G. Nastos © 2012 Rovi Corp | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/album/time-is-the-enemy-mw0000599139 [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 123 Mb]


1 Heretics
2 Wherever You Walk
3 Space Time Continuum
4 The King's Letter
5 Barua A Soldani
6 Time Is The Enemy

All music composed by Shawn Lane, Jonas Hellborg, & Jeff Sipe


Shawn Lane - Guitar
Jonas Hellborg - Bass
Jeff Sipe - Drums


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A most excellent album by very talented musicians, so much so that it deserves some follow-up with rare live radio recordings to come from John McLaughlin and Hellborg in 1986; Hellborg, Lane and Sipe in 1996; Hellborg, Lane and the Vinayakram Brothers in 2001; Hellborg and his Art Metal Trio in 2006 and 2009; and the fully-mixed 1990-91 demo version of Shawn Lane's first album, Powers of Ten. Watch this blog! Cheers, Dave Sez.

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You're the man, Dave. Always a special spot for you on this blog. KORITFW....Paul