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Scott McKeon

Scott McKeon - Can't Take No More - 2006 - Wasted Lion

‘Scott plays heavy, muddy blues which doesn’t just rely on standard rhythms and traditional chord patterns… He plays it like a scarred bluesman with a sound that makes me jealous, at the same time his quite young but well developed voice completes it all in a perfectly suitable manner. His guitar sound oozes of the seventies with all the appropriate attributes such as rotovibe, octaver, fuzz and of course all of it coming from a dynamically loaded Strat.' - FUZZ Magazine (Oct 2006)

Outstanding debut studio disc from this excellent obscure blues/rock axeslinger from England. Top-shelf soul-powered bluesy heavy guitar grooves from this amazing new player on the scene. Excellently produced by Jesse Davey (The Hoax) and is highly recommended to fans of INDIGENOUS, THE HOAX, DOYLE BRAMHALL, BUDDAHEADS, CRAIG ERICKSON, IAN MOORE, CHRIS AARON, WARREN HAYNES, ROBIN TROWER, SRV, JOHNNY WINTER & RORY GALLAGHER, among others. If you heavily dig awesome, deep, organic bluesy heavy guitar riffage with kool soulful vox, the "Can't Take No More" disc by Scott McKeon is just what you're looking for. - Editorial Review © 1996-2012, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates http://www.amazon.com/Cant-Take-More-Scott-Mckeon/dp/B000MTOR44

Bournemouth based Scott McKeon first picked up a guitar at age 4 and since then has devoted himself to honing his craft. Although well established as one of the U.K.’s most talented and promising emerging guitarists, he also shows a great deal of promise as a singer and, more importantly, as a songwriter. McKeon has written, or co-written, all ten of the songs on his debut effort, Can’t Take No More, providing himself with a platform to show off his impressive chops as a guitar player. The 20 year old guitarist shows a technical proficiency the envy of players twice his age, but it’s the feel and the soul that he wrings from the notes of his battered ’62 Strat that bring to mind the Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert King, and Jimi Hendrix comparisons. There are elements of McKeon’s playing that sound like all these players. His tone is very much like Stevie Ray Vaughn’s, and his phrasing and attack are reminiscent of Albert and BB King. However, the way it all comes together is in McKeon’s songs is what really matters. From the slow-burning Texas shuffle of "All The Same" to the blazing, gutsy blues "I Can See Through You" the underlying sound is McKeon’s. His songs vary from the riff-based, "Can’t Take No More" and "Shot Down" - heavy and high octane; to the slow, classic blues romp "Last Thing I Do" with a tender and strangely world weary vocal performance. His guitar playing is impeccable throughout. With a killer tone, provided by a homemade pedal, and fearsome attack, McKeon switches from subtle licks to full throttle searing blues guitar with the flick of a switch, always with taste and fantastically soulful, natural sounding phrasing. With the new wave of British blues/rock in full swing, and artists such as Ian Parker and Aynsley Lister rising to prominence, Scott McKeon has arrived at precisely the right moment to make an impact, and at such a young age, I’m sure the best is still yet to come. - Author: Rhys Williams — Published: Apr 08, 2009 at 8:41 am © Rhys Williams © Technorati, Inc / Technorati Media / Technorati.com / Blogcritics http://blogcritics.org/music/article/music-review-scott-mckeon-cant-take/

Initially influenced by his dad's love of '50's Rock 'n' Roll and blues, Scott started playing guitar aged four. At fourteen, he was already leading his own band. He was named Guitarist magazine's Young Guitarist of the Year in 1998. When he was eighteen, Mark Knopfler's manager, Paul Crockford heard a demo of Scott's playing which eventually resulted in the release of "Can't Take No More". This is a good album of dynamic and raw modern electric blues played with a flair and precision that is lacking in too many blues guitarists today. Scott has already toured extensively throughout the UK, Europe and the US, and has shared the bill with greats that include Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, and Joe Bonamassa. Scott has also played the Montreal Jazz festival and has appeared on US TV. Buy Scott's "Trouble" album and support good modern blues rock. Read an interview with Scott @ http://www.guitarplayer.com/article/scott-mckeon/1072 and go and see this guy if he's playing in your area. [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 113 Mb]


1 Can't Take No More - Scott McKeon
2 Shot Down - Scott McKeon, Ben Jones
3 Honey Baby - Scott McKeon
4 I Used To Have Something - Scott McKeon, Ben Jones
5 All The Same - Scott McKeon, Ben Jones, Geoff Lai
6 I Can See Through You - Scott McKeon, Ben Jones
7 Last Thing I Do - Scott McKeon, Ben Jones, Jesse Davey
8 Cool Lookin' Woman - Scott McKeon
9 Maybe - Scott McKeon, Ben Jones
10 Fuzz Six Six Six - Scott McKeon, Ben Jones


Scott McKeon - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Jesse Davey - Guitars, Hammond Organ, Percussion, Solo on Track 7
Geoff Lai - Bass on Tracks 1,5,6
Ben Jones - Bass on Tracks 2,3,7: Drums on Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9
Wanbdi - Backing Vocals on Track 1
Holly McKean - Claps on Track 2

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