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Ligro - Dictionary 1 - 2008 - Inline

We play the music as what the heart says. Music is fun and the creation is limitless. Ligro defines ourselves perfectly, we are ORGIL (= crazy people in Bahasa) because we just listen to our hearts in turning the noise into music where the exploration is endless and the transformation is rich. Ligro is Adi Darmawan (bassist), Agam Hamzah (electric guitar) and Gusti Hendy (drum). Established in 2004 and this trio had celebrated their journey by releasing their first album ‘Dictionary 1’. Ligro has already participated in various music events not only country wide but also worldwide. The different cultural background of each member gives more colors to their music. Adi is originally from Madura, Hendy is from South Kalimantan and Agam is a mix of Aceh and West Java. A perfect example to illustrate this cultural influence to their music is the use of Gondang, or traditional drum from Batak ethnic tribe, which is glued perfectly with the western percussion set that is played by Hendy and he plays this instrument with Kalimantan beat. We hope that we can continue the insatiable energy and always celebrate the journey. Our wish is that our friends love our music and endure our legacy. Enjoy our second album “Dictionary 2’ © 2011 Ligro http://ligrotrio.com/profile

Dave Wayne when writing about Ligro’s “Dictionary 2” album in AAJ said that, “Ligro are yet another virtuosic and musically substantial young jazz- rock band from the circum-Pacific region. It seems almost criminal that none of these wonderful musicians were brought to Western ears before now. Kudos to MoonJune Records for making this one happen!” Ligro is one of Indonesia’s most acclaimed jazz-rock fusion trios: Drummer/percussionist Gusti Hendy, bassist Adi Darmawan and guitarist Agam Hanzah. "Dictionary 1" is the band's first album of original and brilliantly played fusion and jazz-rock. Four of the album's six tracks are over eight minutes in length and contain strong solo improvisations. You will not read many reviews about this first release, but it is exceptional jazz fusion and this band has all the tools. Ligro are equally talented at playing subtle fusion as they are in killer shredding, and their compositions are outstanding. You may never have associated countries like Indonesia with this kind of music, but the world is truly a global village now, and there is some great talent out there waiting to be heard. You won’t hear this kind of music on mainstream media, but it would be a shame if bands like Ligro were not heard worldwide. Buy Ligro’s “Dictionary 2” album [All tracks @ 160 Mbps: File size = 56.3 Mb] N.B: If anybody has info on this CD in flac or @ 320 Kbps, please contact me


1. Bliker 1 - Adi Darmawan 4:24
2. Green Powder - Agam Hamzah 4:48
3. Radio Aktif - Adi Darmawan, Yose & Agam Hamzah 10:48
4. Orgil - Yose 8:54
5. Garba Biru - Agam Hamzah 9:55
6. Saman Spot - Idang Rasidhi 9:34


Agam Hamzah - Guitar
Adi Darmawan - Bass
Gusti Hendy - Drums


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