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Affirmation - Lost Angeles - 1980 - Inner City Records

Soul stirring early eighties jazz-rock. A great mix of funk and spacey jazz. There is a sameness about a few of the tracks, but the great playing makes up for the lack of originality, and it is a very enjoyable album, and never dull. Much of the flexibility and fullness of their sound is due to the leader of the group,Thom Teresi, who plays five keyboards with each being a moodsetter. He moves from the mellow, flowing sounds of the Fender Rhodes to the funky staccato of his Clavinet with ease.. He also provides the group's great spacebound electric sound with some great synth playing. This was a talented band that deserved more exposure. They jam, they smoke, they get crazy. If you are into Chick Corea or Herbie Hancock, you should enjoy this album. The album is ripped from vinyl, so please excuse some crackle and static. In general sound quality is good, and it should not impede your enjoyment. Try and listen to their "Identity Crisis" album.


1.Lost Angeles
2.Dance of Bahia
4.Inside Out
5.No Doubt
7.I Wish I'd Said That
8.Catch as Catch Can

All tracks composed by either Thom Teresi or Joe Gaeta.

Recorded at at City Recorders, Hollywood, California in January & February 1980


Thom Teresi (keyboards,synthesizers)
Jimbo Ross (viola, electric viola) [Formerly with Don Ellis Orchestra, The Band]
Joe Gaeta (guitar) [Formerly with Shawn Phillips,Sally Kellerman]
Tom Fowler (bass) [Formerly with Frank Zappa,George Duke,Jean Luc-Ponty]
David Crigger (drums) [Formerly with Don Ellis,Brian Auger,Passport]
Mike Fisher (percussion) [Formerly with Gino Vannelli]


Originally released by the Inner City label 20 years ago, this digitally remastered album fuses not only elements of rock and jazz, but the diverse backgrounds of the members of the group. Prior associations include stints with the Shirelles, Earth, Wind & Fire, Frank Zappa, and Burt Bacharach. One might say this group -- knowingly or not -- helped set the stage for the smooth jazz movement 20 years ago. With the use of keyboards, synthesizer, and other electrically driven wizardry, they create that seamless, undynamic, rarely pausing smooth jazz feel, but still allow some room for improvisation. The major credit for that goes to the jazz viola of Jimbo Ross. He swings with emotion on "Essence," driven by Mike Fisher's percussive implements. Ross' tone and agility help put to rest that snide remark about the "oversized violin" (viz., "if you don't want your violin stolen, put in it a viola case"). As for the play list, virtually all the tunes are written by either keyboardist Thom Teresi or guitarist {Joe Gaeta}. "Catch as Catch Can" has Ross and Teresi dancing around the melody line. The title tune also provides an opportunity for some clever improvising. But for the most part, while pretty, the pieces rarely rise above the level of the ordinary and sound alike. It's too bad, because one senses the musicians wish they had something more substantial to put their teeth into. © Dave Nathan, All Music Guide


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