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Derrin Nauendorf

Derrin Nauendorf - The Rattling Wheel - 2006 - Collective

'The Rattling Wheel! - It's excellent" Bob Harris BBC Radio 2. "Derrin is one of the few acts, blues or otherwise, nowadays that can send shivers down my spine through the passion of his live performance, when he is going for it on stage you get sucked in to his world, and it's a journey well worth making." - Chris Cordingley

"The Rattling Wheel" is Derrin Nauendorf's fifth album, and the first to feature his full band. There are obvious influences here of Bob Dylan, John Martyn and traditional British folk, blended in with his own roots blues sound. The guy is a very good songwriter, plays excellent guitar, and has a raw and emotional voice which he uses to great effectin his songs.. A very good album from the underrated Derrin Nauendorf. Check out his 2005’s New History and 2003’s Wasteland albums.


1. Universe Demands
2. Shipwrecked
3. I Wont Turn My Back
4. Where Two Men Go Tonight
5. Queensland
6. Deliver Me An Angel
7. Reason You Came Here
8. My Hurricane
9. Shatter Like Stars
10. Long Road Home
11. All The Faces

All songs composed by Derrin Nauendorf


Derrin Nauendorf - vocals, 6 string guitar, 12 string guitar, reaonator guitar & all other lead guitars
Jamie O`Keeffe - drums
Arnie Cottrell - mandolin, electric guitar, slide guitar
Rick Foot - double bass
Ron Singh - harmonium
Buz Sing - extra vocal (track 4)
Additional vocals - Arnie Cottrell & Neil Segrott


I remember reading a review of one of my absolute favorite artists, Steve Earle, where the reviewer asked if Mr. Earle if he would be capable of making a bad album. The answer was "no". Listening to Australian Derrin Nauendorfs' new album "The Rattling Wheel" made me think the same thing about him. This album is not typical blues, but more in the roots/folk vain. Although it is hard to label his music, I would describe it as mostly low key acoustic based music. The album starts off with "Universe Demands", a song that will catch your attention and is indeed one of my favorites on this albums. It is one of the more "up tempo" tracks on this album. It is a great song with great acoustic guitar, something that is typical of all the songs. Apart from being a great singer, he is also a fantastic guitar player. "Queensland" is another track which shows off the same excellent guitar and vocals. "Deliver Me An Angel" is a slower song highlighting another of Nauendorfs great abilities, making excellent lyrics. "Shatter Like Stars" is another example of the same. But when it comes to this album, it is almost unfair to pick out favorites as the album is so constantly strong throughout. If, in this fast paced day and and age, you need some time to wind down, reflect, relax and simply enjoy wonderful music, then this is a must have album. Definitely my non typical blues album favorite of this year. © Kaj Sperrås 2006

If, like me, you are heartily sick of the current singer/songwriter boom in whiny, forlorn and pleading angst this album comes as a real breath of ozone charged air. From the opening vocals of 'Universe Demands’ his intensity and commitment hits you and doesn’t let up until the last moments of 'All the Faces’ but on the way you are treated to some superb music and songs. The songs really are the thing that draws you into this debut release. Nauendorf is a storyteller and while his lyrics are subtle and shaded the stories are powerful and visceral. 'Where two men go tonight’ brims with barely tamed aggression and has an almost folk sound to it as it describes love betrayed and revenge taken. The Americana style picking of 'My Hurricane’ carries the song along but 'Shipwrecked’ has a softer, almost wistful feel but still burns with intensity. There are times that he sounds a little (a lot even) like Steve Earl but his guitar sound is a lot more subtle, especially his twelve string where he picks and harmonises beautifully. At times he supplies his own rhythm section, using the body of his guitar like Richie Havens but always the strings are picked, caressed or wrenched like he really means the song to be heard. His voice is slightly raw and filled with emotion but never cloyingly so and while he hasn’t exactly got an operatic range he has more variation than most of his contemporaries.. The evidence of over 1000 live shows around the UK and Europe is that he can carry an audience with his words and playing and this album will only develop his reputation further. James Blunt he isn’t. © Andy Snipper, Entire contents © Music-News, www.music-news.com/ShowReview.asp?H=Derrin-Nauendorf-The-Rattling-Wheel-album-review&nReviewID=1751&nType=1

My Album of the Year!! This might not be the album you expected from the great Aussie Acoustic entertainer, but that depends on how long you have been following this shining star. For 5 years Derrin Nauendorf (no-en-dorf) has been endlessly touring as a solo or duo (drums) artist, he has been enchanting crowds with his stunning guitar skills, fascinating lyrics and explosive vocals. Underpinning all of these gigs is a nice guy full of energy and a passion to entertain. This album is Derrin with a difference, that difference being a band. Derrin has put together a group that compliments his music perfectly. With the addition of drums, stand up bass and occasional mandolin, harmonium and backing vocals Derrin has created a sound that fits in perfectly with his flamboyant style. The songs are taken from Derrins previous albums (1 from Natural, 2 from Boardwalk, 3 from Wasteland and 3 from New History) and also two new tracks. The re-recorded tracks have all been re-invented for this release so in no way is this a “best of” album. They are less acoustica and more Americana (or should that be Aussi-karma!), the first two tracks have obvious single potential. The acoustic purists may not like this CD as much as New History and some of Derrins avant-garde playing skills (neck bending, body tapping and the awesome resonating didgeridoo sound) are missing but this does not detract from a collection of great tracks. The songs range from rocky to melancholy and all have the trade mark lyrics Derrin produces. The highlights of the CD for me are the two new tracks, Universe Demands and My Hurricane, and old tracks Where Two Men Go Tonight (great input from the Singh brothers) and Deliver Me An Angel which you just have to sing along with the chorus (well I do!). The CD is well packaged with full lyrics in a glossy booklet. A brilliant album from one of Australia’s greatest exports. © colandjen, Anderson Council, © 1995-2008 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved, http://catalog.ebay.co.uk/The-Rattling-Wheel_EAN_5055043177726_W0QQ_fclsZ1QQ_pidZ59451625QQ_tabZ3


Derrin Nauendorf, 28, (pronounced No-en-dorf) invested his life in music after picking up a guitar in high school. His competence and enthusiasm for the instrument quickly led to him playing in many rock and blues bands in his native Australia, and eventually a tour of North America by the age of 21. Derrin’s maturing taste for melody and lyric drew him to explore roots and acoustica in a more sophisticated way – culminating in the release of 1999’s `Natural`. Buoyed by the acclaim and respect that this CD earned him, Derrin focused on what has become his life – real music with a never say die determination. David Downing, 34, has always been hitting things. From his earliest memories, getting a groove out of anything was always a priority. Technically trained but wary of convention, David played in many different acts to develop into an accompanist beyond the role of conventional drummers. A chance meeting with Derrin at a bush pub in Australia spawned a plan – to work hard to do the best they could. Derrin and David decided on England. With one support gig, a tonne of enthusiasm and plenty of desperation, they landed at Heathrow with a guitar, a ramshackle home made percussion rig and plenty of warm clothes. Steadily many people understood their music and ethos and during three years have played 500 shows in England, Scotland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France and Australia. Little by little, they have earned the respect and friendship of musicians, promoters, agents and venue proprietors. And, most importantly, a dedicated fanbase. Their success is based on honesty and fairness and fuelled by the response audiences have to their work. They are self-managed with a view to maintaining and developing long term relationships with organisations and people who operate with the same principles. Derrin and David embody the principles on which real music is built – uncompromising to their musical beliefs and ready for the long fight to achieve global success. © 2007 YAMAHA CORPORATION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, http://www.yamaha-europe.com/yamaha_europe/uk/service/010_artist/artists_guitars/derrin_nauendorf/index.html


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