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Reverend Raven & The Chain Smokin' Altar Boys Feat. Cadillac Pete Rahn

Reverend Raven & The Chain Smokin' Altar Boys Feat. Cadillac Pete Rahn - Slow Burn - 1998 - Coldwind Records

A great blues album with that feel-so-good Slow Burn, just as the title says. It has some mind-blowing harp and a drivin' rhythm. Real traditional Chicago Blues played with passion.


1. Caesar's Salad (Rahn, Cadillac Pete; Reverend
2. Brother's Advice (Rahn, Cadillac Pete;
Reverend Raven)
3. Slow Burn (Rahn, Cadillac Pete; Reverend
4. Creature of Habit (Rahn, Cadillac Pete;
Reverend Raven)
5. Louise (Rahn, Cadillac Pete; Reverend Raven)
6. Handyman (Rahn, Cadillac Pete; Reverend
7. Steppin' Out (Rahn, Cadillac Pete; Reverend
8. Bee Hive Baby (Rahn, Cadillac Pete; Reverend
9. A A Hard and Thankless Job (Rahn, Cadillac
Pete; Reverend Raven)
10. If I Was Only Half as Old (Rahn, Cadillac
Pete; Reverend Raven)
11. Prayin' for a Princess (Rahn, Cadillac Pete;
Reverend Raven)
12. They Call Me the Reverend (Rahn, Cadillac
Pete; Reverend Raven)


The Reverend Raven (lead guitar and vocals)
Chuck Might (barrel house piano and Hammond B-3 organ)
Cadillac Pete Rahn (harmonica)
Chico Johnson (bass)
Craig Panosh (drums)


A five piece blues band with a traditional setup of guitar, harp, keyboard, bass and drums, Reverend Raven and the Chain Smokin' Altar Boys play original, gut-bucket blues set against a traditional Chicago groove. The Reverend Raven (lead guitar and vocals), was born and raised on the south side of Chicago where he has been playing the blues since 1974 when he first saw Freddie King steel Jeff Beck's show at the Electric Ballroom in Chicago. Chuck Might has been playing barrel house piano and Hammond B-3 organ for over 20 years where he has been a member of the Sam Lay, James Peterson and Lou Pride bands. World class harmonica player, Cadillac Pete, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, brings over 20 years of experience as a band leader and sideman to the group and is guaranteed to "shake the shack" every time he performs. Chico Johnson's bass serves as the anchor of the band. Laying down thick grooves for over 20 years he has played with or opened for many of Chicago's stalwart blues players. For the past 15 years Craig Panosh has been one of the most sought after blues drummers in Wisconsin. He played with Bryan Lee, Bruce Koenig and Madison Slim before joining the group. In 1999 the band received the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) award for best blues band of the year. The band's classic Chicago sound is what the blue is all about! © 1999-2000 Ray M. Stiles, www.mnblues.com/profile/revraven2000.html


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