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Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor - Hurtin' Game - 1997 - WithTheseHands

Jeff Taylor - b.1954 Blues singer-songwriter Jeff Taylor took his first step on the road to national recognition when producer Byl Carruthers inticed him back to L.A. to work on a project of blues classics. With the success of that first CD, simply titled "Jeff Taylor", Jeff brought in drummer Don Swanson, bassist Lou Castro and keyboardist Jeffrey Barr for work on "Hurtin'Game", his first CD of all original material. Released in July of 1997 on With These Hands Music, "Hurtin' Game" spent many weeks on blues charts in the United States, Canada and as far away as Australia. Since then, Jeff and his new band have played The House Of Blues, B.B.Kings, The Mint, The Troubadour, Fais Do Do and Smokin'Johnnie's. During these shows Jeff has enjoyed performing with many top names, such as Etta James, Eric Sardinas, Cafe R&B and John Juke Logan. © 1996-2012, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates http://www.amazon.com/hurtin-game-Jeff-Taylor/dp/product-description/B00000IQ3E

Taylor plays a deft enough guitar to come up with a pleasant album of original songs in a wide variety of blues styles. Bands solid, too. - Blues Review, Winter 1999 Issue #36

The overall feeling on Jeff Taylors first CD, "Hurtn' Game", is outstanding. The whole band shows strong talent and Jeff Taylor is a diverse and truly gifted performer in song, vocals, and guitar work. Nothing holds this artist back. What he has to show and give his audience is a man with genuine talent. - Peggy Conley, Delta Snake Daily Blues September 1998

Sometimes you stumble across music in the weirdest ways. I'm not talking about finding an artist in your local neighborhood dive who just knocks your socks off, hell, that can happen any night of the week. No, I'm talking quirky. Jeff Taylor found his way to my ears through his mailman, Joe. Joe is a friend who knows I write about music, and Taylor is one of his customers. Anyway, to make a long story short, Joe became the messenger with more than just mail - he caused this disc to find it's way into my headphones, and now I'm relaying the results. Taylor is a young blues guitarist who has been gigging around the southland at places like Smokin' Johnies, B.B. Kings and the House Of Blues. I haven't caught him live yet, but if this independently produced disc is any indication, I will soon make the trek. Hurtin' Game is unusual in that it is filled with originals, something that you don't find on many blues discs, much less a self-released debut. They are a solid batch of songs, with enough variety of keep things interesting: a little jump, an acoustic piece, a kickin' horn section here and there. But it is Taylor's guitar and vocals that drive it home. His singing is unaffectedly straightforward, without trying to be raspy or whiskey-soaked. It's a natural voice, and it brings the songs home in a way that will keep you humming. His guitar slinging is similar, staying away from flashy, but impressive nonetheless, with some nice slide work thrown in. The keyboards of Jeffrey Barr also stand out, mostly on Hammond B-3. It's a subtly smokin' little disc that creeps up on you rather than blowing you away. But it is definitely a keeper. I think I just might lay off the postal jokes for a while. Thanks, Joe. - Paul Andersen, Entertainment Daily August 1998

This is smooth, well-crafted blues as concocted by a bunch of pros from L.A. who play up here occasionally. The licks are all in the right places and the production is first-rate. Taylor's solos are economical and on target, and his vocals are convincing on the usual topics of whiskey and women, leavin' and lovin'. Solid on all counts. - Bill Locey, L.A. Times Calander August 13, 1998

Not a very well known name in the music world, but he should be. Jeff and his band have played venues that include The House Of Blues, B.B.Kings, Blind Melon's, The Mint, The Troubadour, Fais Do Do and Smokin’Johnnie’s. Jeff has enjoyed performing with greats like Etta James, Eric Sardinas, Cafe R&B and John 'Juke' Logan. "Hurtin' Game" spent several weeks on the blues charts in Canada and Australia. The guy is a great guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. This album contains eleven Jeff Taylor originals and there's not a dud track here. A great album with great musicianship without being too flashy. This album has been categorised my many music critics as "Country" music, but it is definitely more in the blues rock vein and HR by A.O.O.F.C. Buy Jeff's "Back Home Someday" album and keep the blues alive [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 95.3 Mb]


1. Cast your spell 2:48
2. Things could get worse 3:53
3. You've got it all 2:47
4. Worst of it yet 5:13
5. Got to have somebody 3:25
6. Hurtin' game 5:23
7. Long, long time ago 3:33
8. Hard luck and whiskey 4:12
9. Killing streak 2:25
10. This shot's no good 3:59
11. I'm gone 2:59

All tracks composed by Jeff Taylor


Jeff Taylor - Guitars, Vocals
Lou Castro - Bass
Jeffrey Barr - Keyboards
Don Swanson - Drums
Jim Thompson, Bob Sheppard - Saxophone
Claude Williams, Rick Baptist - Trumpet
John "Juke" Logan - Harp

"This is my first release for With These Hands and it has been a real pleasure working with the many talented people within this company. I've been playin' the blues for over 25 years and that's a lot of music with a lot of great players, but the line-up on this CD is my all-star team. Starting with a rhythm section of Don Swanson and Lou Castro, the word solid has a new definition. Jeffrey Barr's piano and B-3 work surpasses his brilliance with Mick Taylor and Jerry Groom, something I would never have believed possible. The guest appearance of John "Juke" Logan on "This Shot's No Good" makes it obvious why he's the most sought after harp man in the business. Paul Heftis' horn arrangements prove that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. With all these great musicians, I knew I had to bring my guitar and vocal work up a notch to be worthy of leading this band. Byl Carruthers has been with me for most of my career. After writting all this material and assembling my basic unit, I knew he was the only one to produce "hurtin' game". Byl's mastery of sound and style opens up my songs, giving them the life I was looking for. I hope you enjoy "hurtin' game" as much as I enjoyed making it. Every member of the team gave it all he had, so listen up and listen loud". - Jeff Taylor

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