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Whoopgnash - Whoopgnash - 1999 - Whoopgnash

"I don't think John Erickson, guitarist would mind me calling his playing Holdsworthian, with the legato and fast runs, but he steers well clear of the Holdsworth-clone pigeonhole. Then there are a number of professional jazz guitarists who are happy to be known to playing in the style of WesMontgomery without being slavish, so let's avoid any hassle when somebody adopts and adapts a Holdsworthian approach? The Whoopgnash album is a much more exuberant, extrovert album than recent albums by Holdsworth - IMHO has been more cerebral/intellectual of late, nevertheless "SMOT" is as enjoyable for a set of different reasons. The Whoopgnash album as a listening experience, has to be taken as a work by all three members of the band, not simply that of an excellent guitarist. The drums and bass are a real treat, adding synergistically to the whole, sounding unlike any Holdsworth rhythm section I remember, while giving an energy similar to that heard with Wayne Krantz's rhythm section on "Greenwich Means". One nice bonus, is in that I've found myself whistling several of the main themes of tunes on this album - and I can't remember doing that for a long time!!! A most strongly recommended album." - Dick Heath: "The Alternative Alternative Show" , Loughborough Campus Radio 1350 AM

"Whoopgnash is a new fusion trio from Minnesota in the tradition of Allan Holdsworth and IOU. Guitarist John Erikson, drummer Bill Paul and bassist Keith Norton have crafted a disc of hard-hitting modern fusion which will appeal to fans of fusion, progressive rock, legato guitar and fine trio music. A group to watch in the future." - David Dorkin: Fusemag.com

"Well, the endless axe adventures of Allan Holdsworth, down through his helter-skelter career has left dents in the brains of many a guitarist, (mine included). Whoopgnash's John Erickson is severely dented by the Holdsworthian monolithic guitar benchmark. Erickson is no copycat but has caught the drift of what happens in a Holdsworth tune perfectly. His band; Bill Paul on drums, Drum KAT/synth and Keith Norton on bass follow along easily at breakneck speeds, stop-n-go time sigs, and accentuate unison jams, rim-shot tight. Erickson's attacks on solos are clean, expressively driven and fly along at legato phrasings that will make most fusion fans drool. If you have dug Holdsworth for years, then enjoy this Erickson cat skittering all over that I.O.U./ Metal Fatigue era sound. Bass work and drum lines are fine too with Erickson interweaving intricate finger rolls and subdued backing soundscapes in Texan, Eric Johnson's style. We tone down the fusion-fueled, frenzy on "Reunions" and my mind is cast into dreamworlds of chordal ascenscion to the stairway lit by heaven's portals. Erickson's emotive lead is precisely voiced like a soul crying out for answers to life's myriad of set backs. Wonderful cut! A wealthy amount of exactly the type fusion that typifies the best to be heard is right here folks. And executed with pizazz. Get this CD and help one more unknown fusion group make it big time. Don't believe me? Just sample "Sissy-Boy Slap Party"! You'll see the light too. Highest of recommendations." - John W. Patterson: Eclectic Earwig Reviews, Jazz Prog.Webring

"Heads up fusers who yearn for IOU-era Holdsworth -- the self-titled CD by the Minneapolis fusion band Whoopgnash is sure to please. It's all-instrumental g/b/d trio fusion much like the kind of thing Scott McGill is doing these days. This band needs to be more acclaimed, they deserve it." - Randy Booth: Highly regarded music advisor [Posted on Fusenet]

Imagine a band able to capture Allan Holdsworth's most captivating moments, in most every aspect, the etherial chord progressions, the spacey jazz drumming, bass that plays in disharmonic unison to the musics structure, and of course, screaming legato fretwork that sounds inhuman. Well surpringly this band from Minnesota has done just that. Many would be easily fooled into believing this to be another Holdsdworth cd after careful listens, it is that convincing. Granted the musicians in Whoopgnash have their own stylistic nuances, apart from the musicians that Holdsworth has worked with, but the music that is contained from the very start to the end have signature AH fingerprints all over it. Obviously this trio is an exceptionally talented one to even attempt music of such magnitude, yet for fans of Holdsworth, this cd will not disappoint, in fact, many have agreed that Holdsworth's writing in recent years has gotten a bit ambiguous, perhaps lacking the focus and fire of his early works with I.O.U. and other projects. Whoopgnash has studied well, and cleverly found the more listenable side of AH's music, yet created ther own reditions of his unique craft. Guitarist John Erickson, leads the band into the realm of legato laced fusion, readily prepared for any naysayers attacks on his attempt to recreate the stuff legends are made of. His technique is flawless, and given the fact that Holdsworth has established himself a reputation as one of the true visionaries of the fusion guitar, Erickson shows at the very least that that unique style can be replicated, and built upon. While Whoopgnash doesn't offer an original fusion product here, it certainly merits the attention of AH fans, their take on what has been a proven product is done in a tasteful and masterful fashion. A must for fans of: Allan Holdsworth, Bill Connors, Scott McGill & HandFarm, McHacek, Chad Wackerman, Jac LaGreca. Review by & © MJBrady © 2000 - 2012 where appropriate - All rights reserved http://www.proggnosis.com/Release_Detail.aspx?RID=5159

First album by the Minneapolis based indie hardcore fusion trio. Guitarist John Erickson's explosive rapid and "clean" runs are perfectly complemented by great "over the top" performances by Keith Norton on bass and Bill Paul on drums. There is some great slick improvisation over some of the most innovative chord progressions you will ever hear. If you like legato style guitar like Allan Holdsworth and Wayne Krantz or bands like Gongzilla, you may like this fusion album which is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Buy Whoopgnash's "Full Scrape" album and support good original progressive modern fusion [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 92.9 Mb]


1 Short Term Memory - John Erickson
2 Desmo - Bill Paul
3 Too Hammered to be Legit - John Erickson
4 Moderately Priced - John Erickson
5 Reunions - John Erickson
6 Tony - Bill Paul
7 Sissy-Boy Slap Party - John Erickson


John Erickson - Guitar
Keith Norton - Bass
Bill Paul - Drums, Drum KAT/synth


Whoopgnash was formed by John Erickson and Bill Paul over 10 years ago, give or take a decade. Jeff Jarrard became a member upon birth, but went through a rigorous 30 year audition before he was allowed in the bands beer fridge. We currently reside in Minneapolis, but seeing as you’re more than likely reading this from somewhere else I guess that that doesn’t really matter. We all grew up on a steady diet of meat and corn, with plenty of music for dessert. We play instrumental fusion with a blend of comedy. I’ve also been told we do "crowd control", as putting on our music is sure to clear any party of unwanted guests. We have 3 cd’s and a live in-studio dvd currently out and available for purchase on our website, www.whoopgnash.com THIS IS NOT A TOY. DO NOT HOLD IN HAND. DO NOT PUT IN MOUTH. LIGHT FUSE AND IMMEDIATELY GET AWAY. © 2003-2012 Myspace LLC. All Rights Reserved

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