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Andy Aledort & the Groove Kings

Andy Aledort & the Groove Kings - Put a Sock In It - 1999 - Worlds Finest Records

"Over an hour of burning blues and rock-a must-have for fans of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan." - Guitar World

"Great guitar playing. Andy definitely has his own sound." - Tommy Shannon (SRV/Double Trouble)

"Bite me! How dare he record something this beautiful?" - Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa)

"Andy Aledort can make his guitar scream and cry, and swing in a unique and stunning blues rock style. He's been my new favorite guitarist for a long time now." - Joe Satriani

"I love it--it's great!" - Johnny Winter

If you're a music listener, you may or may not have heard about Andy Aledort unless you're from the New York area where his kingdom reigns. If you're a guitar player who reads Guitar World Magazine then you've probably seen his many uncannily verbatim song transcriptions and highly informative articles and interviews with some of the world's greatest artists. He has also authored many guitar transcription books and incredible note-for-note CD & Video DVD lessons on artists like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Van Halen, Metallica, Joe Satriani, and Frank Zappa. To boot, he's jammed with Stevie Ray, Mitrch Mitchell & Billy Cox of Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsies, played Hendrix tributes with them, worked on tracks with the new "Power Of Soul" Hendrix tribute release, jammed with and/or coached many other world greats like Dickey Betts, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, B.B. King, Steve Vai, ...Is also Joe Satriani's guitar hero! On and on and on... Andy Aledort is without a doubt a living legend and an up-to-date role model of what every serious rock/blues guitar player should aspire to emulate. That is, until they develop their own style; just as Andy has accomplished with his culmination of well rounded, writing, singing and playing mastery into his own earth shaking brand of music that would have left even Jimi himself in a state of pure joy to hear. Here is my personal review of Andy Aledort's (soon to be legendary amongst rock/blues lover's) album "Put A Sock In It". There are 12 tracks, with not a single dud. You know how you go buy an album and later wish you could have just bought a couple singles and forget the rest? Well, that didn't happen for me on this record. I instantly fell in love with every song on the record which has never happened before to me at least. I've only had the CD for a few days and can't stop listening to it from start to finish. While not considering myself technically proficient to describe in words, each genre or flavor, I think you may get the idea and after your finished reading, go get the CD and decide for yourself directly on Andy's site at http://www.andyaledort.com - from Andy Aledort's - Put a Sock In It - A Fan's CD Review, by & © F. McLaughlin 6/4/2004 Read rest of this review at http://normannardini.com/music/andy_aledort__put_a_sock_in_it.htm

Andy Aledort has been a constant presence in the New York blues/rock scene for the past 25+ years, fronting numerous bands while playing supporting roles in others. He is the Senior Editor of "Guitar World", the largest selling guitar publication in the world. He has jammed with the greatest of the blues/rock artists, made two instructional videos with Double Trouble, written articles for other publications, and is currently working on a series of Jimi Hendrix instructional videos in conjunction with the Jimi Hendrix Estate. So what does he do during all of his idle hours? Somehow in the midst of all of the above, he has managed to find time to release a very fine CD with his band the Groove Kings. "Put a Sock In It" is a delightful mix of blues and rock blending together nicely both covers and originals. The band opens with a cover of the great Freddie King instrumental "The Stumble" and then moves into several originals, all of which I found enjoyable. My favorites on the CD include the hard blues/rock "Wish", the powerful slide-laced "Piston Drivin' Mama", the Freddie King classic "Someday After A While" (featuring some very hot guitar licks), and another slide monster "Goin' Down the Delta". Throughout the recording, the songs vary in style and tempo, but each is a credible offering. I never try to overwhelm the readers with technical descriptions of any artist's prowess or technique. I prefer, instead, to concentrate on quality of content, hopefully directing my readers toward the best blues/rock CDs available. There are a lot of recordings from which the consumer may choose and I attempt to separate "the men from the boys", as they say. This recording by Andy Aledort is a splendid effort and should go high up on you wish list of future purchases. You will find him to be an excellent and diverse guitarist, strong singer, good songwriter, and supported by a most capable band. The CD is available at Guitar 9 as well as through Andy's website. © Bluesrockers 2001 http://www.bluesrockers.ws/aledort.html

Andy Aledort has been an important and influential significant figure in the blues/rock music scene for over 20 years. He is an editor of several magazines, such as Guitar World, Guitar Extra, and Guitar Legends. He is a well-known music transcriber and also an instructional columnist and journalist. As a performer, Andy has appeared with artists like Buddy Guy, Dickey Betts, and the Allman Brothers Band. He is an immensely talented guitarist and has played in a series of Jimi Hendrix Tribute concerts. He is featured on the live Experience Hendrix DVD available from jimihendrix.com (http://www.experiencehendrixtour.com/dvd.php) appearing with Paul Rodgers, Buddy Guy, Hubert Sumlin, Mick Taylor, Mitch Mitchell, Billy Cox, Robert Randolph and others. Andy's "Put a Sock In It" with his band, the Groove Kings received some terrific reviews on its release and is HR by A.O.O.F.C. This guy's music needs to be heard by anybody interested in great blues rock guitar. Read an interview with Andy @ http://www.guitar9.com/interview51.html Listen to Andy Aledort and Lucky Peterson's "Tete a Tete" album and Andy Aledort & the Groove King's brilliant "Live At North Star 2009" album (on this blog) [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 120 Mb]


1 The Stumble - F. King, S. Thompson (03:55)
2 I've Got A Thing About You - Andy Aledort (05:38)
3 Wish - Andy Aledort (05:26)
4 Cry - Andy Aledort (04:57)
5 Piston Drivin' Mama - Andy Aledort (05:10)
6 Standin' At The Riverside - Andy Aledort (03:19)
7 King's Groove - Andy Aledort (04:11)
8 Someday After A While - F. King, S. Thompson (03:30)
9 Goin' Down The Delta - Andy Aledort (06:28)
10 Wrapped Up In Love Again - Albert King (05:46)
11 Buried Summerville - Andy Aledort (04:55)
12 For My Father + Hidden short unnamed instrumental track beginning @ 8:20 into track - Andy Aledort (09:30)


Andy Aledort - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Apostolides - Bass, Vocals on "Someday After A While"
Richard Rosch - Drums, Vocals


Andy Aledort has been a significant figure in the international music scene over the last 20 years. As a senior editor for the top guitar-oriented music magazines GUITAR WORLD, GUITAR FOR THE PRACTICING MUSICIAN, GUITAR EXTRA, GUITAR LEGENDS, and GUITAR WORLD ACOUSTIC, among others, his work is unsurpassed as a music transcriber, instructional columnist and journalist. He has authored over 200 books of guitar transcriptions as well as a series of guitar-related instructional books and videos/DVDs, all of which are distributed worldwide, for the leading music publishers Hal Leonard Corp., Warner Brothers Publishing and Cherry Lane Music. Aledort is a performing musician as well: along with leading his own ensembles in the New York/tri-state area, he is often tapped for high-profile appearances with artists such as Buddy Guy, Dickey Betts, and the Allman Brothers band. Over the last three years, he has also participated in a series of Jimi Hendrix Tribute concerts, most recently entailing a three-city tour of the west coast. In his April 1, 2004 review for ROLLING STONE, write Charles Cross wrote, “The real show-stopper came when veteran bluesman Buddy Guy, backed by guitarist Andy Aledort and the powerful rhythm section of Tommy Shannon and Chris Layton—a.k.a. Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Double Trouble—played a version of Muddy waters’ ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’ that smoldered. It was the perfect homage to Hendrix.” Among the other artists that appeared on the bill with Aledort for the three shows were Carlos Santana, Paul Rodgers of Bad Company, Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains, and Hubert Sumlin, plus Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys rhythm section, bassist Billy Cox and drummer Mitch Mitchell. As a session player, Andy Aledort was called upon to recreate the Band Of Gypsys -era playing of Hendrix for recording sessions with the original Gypsys themselves, Billy Cox and drummer Buddy Miles, where Aledort was required to recreate note-for-note renditions of Hendrix’s incendiary live performances of “Machine Gun” and “Power of Soul” from the classic Band of Gypsys album. He performed with the Band of Gypsys at both the 2001 and 2002 Street Scene concerts in San Diego, CA, as part of two ambitious Tribute to Hendrix concerts featuring such guest guitarists as Andy Summers of the Police, Slash, Stephen Stills, Mick Taylor of Rolling Stones fame, Vernon Reid (Living Color) and others, as well as the big Jimi Hendrix 60th birthday bash at the EMP Museum, created by Microsoft’s Paul Allen, in November of 2002. In the summer of 2001, Aledort was tapped for session work with Double Trouble (Tommy Shannon, bass, and Chris Layton, drums), bandmates of Stevie Ray Vaughan, in order to recreate the guitar work of Stevie Ray, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Freddie King, and Johnny Winter. He also appears with Double Trouble on two Hot Licks instructional videos. Aledort has begun work on a series of Jimi Hendrix instructional videos (produced by the Jimi Hendrix Estate), starting with the release of the two-hour How to Play the Songs from Are You Experienced? video/DVD in 2000. He also has the Beginning Electric Blues Guitar video on the shelves, and has just released the B.B. King: Signature Licks instructional DVD; soon to follow are similar instructional videos/DVDs covering the playing styles of Albert King and jazz pioneer Charlie Christian. Aledort’s many instructional books include Jimi Hendrix: Signature Licks, Eric Clapton: Bluesman: Signature Licks and Blues/Rock Guitar Masters: Signatures Licks books, all published by the Hal Leonard Corporation. With his group the Groove Kings, Aledort released the self-produced Put A Sock In It CD in 1999 to rave reviews, such as: “I love it—it’s great!”—Johnny Winter; “Great guitar playing. Andy has his own distinct sound.”—Tommy Shannon; “Andy plays with great technique and soul.”—Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine); “Andy has the ability to combine diverse stylistic elements to emerge with a unique musical voice.” –Mike Stern (Miles Davis). The band is currently recording their second studio album. © AndyAledort.com 2004 - 2009. All Rights Reserved http://www.andyaledort.com/andy-aledort-bio.html


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Anonymous said...

thank You for this great album!

There is only one little drop of bitterness: Track No. 5 is damaged!

Could You fix it???

If not.. it's OK anyway:-)

Greetings from Germany

A.O.O.F.C said...

If Track 5 is damaged, here's a new Track 5

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Hello again and thank You for the "new" track 5 (the "old" one stopped at 2:34 in the middle of a beautiful slide-guitar-break);
this one is perfect and complete!

Thanks again


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Hi,Geoff! Good news! TVM, & TTU soon...P

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Jeeziz Neopixeos (or may i call you Neo!) you've done it again. you put me onto another great axeman I ain't never heard of. Firstly Greg Kock now Andy Adelort. Awesome stuff. Thank you so very much. I'm tgonna check the other one out now. Keep up the great stuff and keep on rockin in the free world!

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Hey,diamonddave. Call me irresponsible. Call me unreliable.Call me unpredictable. Call me Your divine Cocoship! That's my favourite one! lol Thanks a mill...TTU soon...P***