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Paul Rose

Paul Rose - The Learning Curve - 2005 - Paul Rose

"Paul Rose is without doubt one of the most unique and talented guitarists in the world today and to his fans, 'The Best Guitarist in The World!'Never a performance goes by where audience members don't comment that Paul is the best guitarist they have ever seen". © 2009 Webjam http://www.webjam.com/atomraymusic/artists

"A craftsman, producing masterpieces of guitarmanship...CLASS personified!" “To try and describe the level of skill he possesses, would be as easy as spotting a dropped stitch in the Bayeaux tapestry. In sets which bridge the acoustic guitar, with the Classical John Williams, the Blues of Tommy Emmanuel and the Rock of Jimi Hendrix, he creates a guitar master class which transfixed the audiences with performances not just to be remembered, but to be savoured.” Leeds Music Review

Who is Paul Rose? Paul Rose is a unique and hugely talented guitarist born in Newcastle, England in July 1966. He is fundamentally an electric rock guitarist, but he also plays wonderful acoustic blues, country, jazz and folk. Paul has over ten albums and an instructional DVD to his credit. He has appeared with many great artists including Brian May, Yngwie Malmstein, Hank Marvin and the legendary Peter Green. In 1991, the late, great Rory Gallagher awarded Paul a Fender ’62 Reissue Strat in a competition sponsored by Fender. Guitarists from all over the UK were videotaped using the guitar and the tapes were shown to Rory at a later date. Out of 1000 entrants, Rory picked Paul as the winner and called him as “a hot player with a hot future.” In 1995, Paul won Guitarist Magazine's “Guitarist of the Year” award. Paul has toured and appeared at festivals all over Europe, including the famous German Rockpalast TV show. The programme broadcast on Sky TV to millions of viewers was a special tribute to Rory Gallagher and featured Gerry McAvoy, Brendan O'Neil, Brian Robertson, Robby McIntosh, Lou Martin, and Mark Feltham. "The Learning Curve" is a beautifully played, mainly acoustic guitar album with an innovative rock/blues country style and some great jazz licks. There are nine Rose originals and a cover of Kosma & Mercer's classic Autumn Leaves. Listen to Paul's "Late Show" album and buy his "Ten" album. Promote this guy! You can download free "The Paul Rose Band Live at the Broken Doll" album @ http://www.paulrose.co.uk/shop_brokendoll.html For more great acoustic guitar, check out Stephen Bennett and Laurence Juber on this blog. [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 102 Mb]


1 The Learning Curve 2:57
2 Autumn Leaves - Kosma, Mercer 4:32
3 Call Me the Breeze 7:23
4 Test of Time 1:24
5 More or Less 5:43
6 State of the Nation 3:19
7 Easy Blues 2:42
8 Lies 6:30
9 Close 6:03
10 Same Old Reality 6:27

All tracks composed by Paul Rose except Autumn Leaves by Johnny Mercer, Jacques Prévert & Joseph Kosma, and "Call Me the Breeze" by J.J. Cale


Paul Rose is without doubt one of the most unique and talented guitarists in the world today. Fundamentally a rock guitarist, his extraordinary playing style touches on blues, country, jazz and folk, blended together into a style that is entirely his own. Never a gig goes by where audience members don't comment that Paul is the best guitarist they've seen and heard. Born in Newcastle, north east England in July 1966, Paul's natural gift shone through at an early age. He was already being hailed as one of the best guitarists in the region by the age of 16, playing regularly on the Newcastle live scene with the most popular local bands of the day. Rory Gallagher awarded Paul a Fender '62 Reissue Strat, with a Vox AC30, in a Fender- sponsored competition that invited guitarists from all over the UK to appear in local music shops. Entrants were required to play in front of a video camera using the guitar and amp in question, without any pedals, to be edited and shown to Rory at a later date. Out of 1000 guitarists, Rory selected Paul as the winner and described him as "a hot player with a hot future." Having also won "Guitarist of the Year" in Guitarist Magazine a couple of years later, it is plainly obvious that Paul is a force to be reckoned with. Since then Paul has continued to go from strength to strength, having released a total of ten solo albums to date, selling worldwide to an ever increasing circle of fans. Coupled with his stunning live shows built on 25 years of tough performing experience, Paul is now gaining the worldwide recognition he deserves. Recognised as an electric guitarist, Paul has recently been playing many solo gigs with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a sample pedal to promote his first ever acoustic CD "The Learning Curve." These gigs have been very well received indeed, with one reviewer writing "this is a truly world class guitarist at the very top of his game." This is not to say Paul has totally turned his back on the Fender guitars he loves so well, in fact quite the contrary. Having just released "The Best of Paul Rose" this remarkable album features sixteen tracks that reflect on an extraordinary and unique 20 year period. With this, Paul is now breaking into the German market, having played several highly successful tours there, with upcoming interviews and features with several important music magazines and websites. He is fully endorsed by Steinberg, IKmultimedia, GHS strings and the legendary pickup makers Seymour Duncan. With an eleventh album in production, 12 including the "Best Of," Paul is facing a future just as spectacular as his musical gift. © http://www.paulrose.co.uk/biography.html

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