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Walter ''Wolfman'' Washington

Walter ''Wolfman'' Washington - Wolf Tracks - 1986 - Rounder

Guitarist/vocalist Walter "Wolfman" Washington didn't get his shot on a national label until his 1986 debut for Rounder. While the album wasn't flawless, he possessed a strong, often compelling voice and was a skilled guitarist who could play effectively in a blues, R&B or jazz mode. Washington turned in a competent cover of the Tyrone Davis hit "Can I Change My Mind," spun a good yarn on "You Got Me Worried" and sounded weary, forlorn and anguished on various cuts. Although his songs weren't exactly lyrical triumphs, they were earnestly performed, and Washington displayed more than enough talent to justify subsequent followups. © Ron Wynn © 2012 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved © http://www.allmusic.com/album/wolf-tracks-r89692

While New Orleans is known as the home of many great horn players, pianists, and drummers, the city has produced relatively few great guitarists. Walter "Wolfman" Washington is a very talented, experienced and underrated guitarist. You are not going to hear any blistering solos, but you will hear one of the funkiest and most expressive styles in modern soul/R&B. Walter's unique deep soul voice combined with great musicianship and imaginative arrangements, in collaboration with Bill Samuel and David Torkanowsky make "Wolf Tracks" a great soul/R&B album in the traditional New Orleans style. Listen to Walter's great "Wolf at the Door" album. His playing can also be heard on Johnny Adams' "Man Of My Word" album (on this blog) [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 103 Mb]


1 I'm Tiptoeing Through - W.Washington & T.Beckerman 4:43
2 Thinking for Yourself - W.Washington & T.Beckerman 3:45
3 Are You the Lady? - W.Washington & T.Beckerman 5:33
4 Sweet Cakes - W.Washington 4:16
5 It Was Fun While It Lasted - W.Washington & T.Beckerman 3:37
6 You Got Me Worried - W.Washington 5:54
7 One Way or Another - W.Washington & T.Beckerman 5:19
8 Can I Change My Mind - Barry Despenza & Carl Wolfolk 4:14
9 Without You - W.Washington 5:02


Walter ''Wolfman'' Washington - Guitar, Vocals
Elijah Rogers - Rhythm Guitar
Harold J.Scott - Bass
David Torkanowsky - Keyboards
Van Odom - Drums
George "Geeje" Jackson Jr. - Congas on "Sweet Cakes"
Bill "Foots" Samuel - Alto & Tenor Saxophones [The Windfall Horns]
Ernie Gautreau - Valve Trombone [The Windfall Horns]
Terry Tullos, Eric Baskin - Trumpet & Flugelhorn [The Windfall Horns]
Timothea - Vocal on "It Was Fun While It Lasted"


Walter Washington became a local legend in the black clubs of New Orleans in the '70s and '80s and worked his way up to national status with a series of well-received albums and appearances. His recording affiliations have likewise moved from local to national independent to major label. An innovative guitarist and fine singer who has also done some excellent work with vocalist Johnny Adams, Washington does not perform in the classic New Orleans R&B mold but incorporates soul, funk, jazz, and blues with fluency and power. Washington was born and raised in New Orleans, where he performed in his mother's church choir as a child. As he grew older, he fell in love with blues and R&B and learned how to play guitar. His first big break came in the form of a supporting role for vocalist Johnny Adams, working with the singer in the late '50s. In the early '60s, Washington became a member of Lee Dorsey's touring band; after that engagement was through, he worked with Irma Thomas. In the mid-'60s, Washington formed his own group, the All Fools Band, and began headlining at local New Orleans clubs. By the early '70s, his popularity had grown enough to earn him a slot on a European package tour of New Orleans R&B acts. In the late '70s, he toured Europe on his own with his new band, the Roadmasters. Washington began his recording career relatively late, cutting his first album in 1981. The record, Rainin' in My Heart, appeared on a small independent label called Help Me; it was later re-released on Maison de Soul. Four years after his debut, Washington landed a contract with Rounder Records, releasing Wolf Tracks in 1986. The guitarist recorded two more albums for Rounder -- Out of the Dark (1988) and Wolf at the Door -- before moving to the major-label Point Blank/Charisma in 1991. Throughout the '90s, Washington continued to perform regularly, particularly in New Orleans clubs, and he recorded occasionally, yielding Blue Moon Risin' in 1999 and On the Prowl a year later. © Jim O'Neal © 2012 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved © http://www.allmusic.com/artist/walter-wolfman-washington-p565/biography


Walter "Wolfman" Washington (born December 21, 1943) is an American singer and guitarist, based in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. While his roots are in blues music, he blends in the essence of funk and R&B to create his own unique sound. Washington was born in New Orleans, and whilst still in his teens, he was invited to play in Lee Dorsey's band. In the mid 1960s, Washington formed the All Fools Band, and played at clubs in New Orleans. In the 1970s, he joined Johnny Adams' band. He played with Adams for 20 years, both performing live and also appearing on his records. During this time he continued to work as a solo artist, and in the late 1970s formed his own band, the Roadmasters, and toured Europe with them. Washington released his first solo album Rainin' In My Heart in 1981 from a small local label Help Me. He landed a contract with Rounder Records in the mid 1980s and he released total of three albums from the label. After the Rounder days, he also released an album from Virgin subsidiary Point Blank Records. Washington started to play regularly with two New Orleans musicians, the organist Joe Krown and the drummer Russell Batiste, Jr., working as a trio at the Maple Leaf Bar. In 2008, he released Doin' the Funky Thing, his first album in many years. Live at the Maple Leaf, a live recording by Krown, Washington, Batiste was also released in the same year.


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