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Rob Blaine's Big Otis Blues

Rob Blaine's Big Otis Blues - Rob Blaine's Big Otis Blues - 2010 - Swississippi Records

"The liner notes are on-target when they say Rob Blaine yanks big chunks of music from his guitar"-Vintage Guitar

"With his tenacious grooves, commanding guitar presence, and soulful personality, Rob Blaine leaves a mark on the contemporary blues scene."- Living Blues Magazine

"When I say that Rob Blaine is a Guitar God, I mean that with two capital “G’s.” Not only is this a fantastic blues album, it’s just one of the best damn guitar albums I’ve heard all year. Period."- The Ripple Effect

"But, if you want to hear some no holds barred, down and dirty Chicago style blues, you gotta see this band play, or at the very least pick up a copy of his latest CD. Rob Blaine slices and dices on the guitar and adds great vocals to boot." -The Weekly Musician

A great album from the Chicago born guitarist Rob Blaine. This guy is an exceptionally talented guitarist with a great band behind him. Rob is obviously influenced by greats like Albert Collins, Otis Rush, and Buddy Guy but he can play some licks that none of those guys could play. This is not comparing Rob's guitar abilities and techniques with these great players. These guys had a style all their own, as has Rob Blaine. If you want new school Chicago blues, hard hitting Rock heavy Blues, soulful R&B, smooth subtle acoustic blues, and great vocals, it's all here. Rob solely composed nine of the twelve tracks on this album. The album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. This guy is a force to be reckoned with in the blues rock world. Watch out for future releases, and if Rob is playing in your area, go and see him. Support real music [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 117 Mb]


1. Not The Forgiving Kind
2. Only Mine
3. Affection And Pain
4. Same Old Blues
5. Hourglass Baby
6. Gone, Not Forgot
7. Trouble
8. Can't Help But Wonder
9. Must Be Nice
10. Find A Way
11. Don't Burn Down The Bridge
12. Must Be Nice (Acoustic Version)

All tracks composed by Rob Blaine except Track 4 by Don Nix, Track 6 by Robert Blaine & Nigel Mack, and Track 11 by Allen Jones Jr. & Carl A. Wells


Rob Blaine - Guitar, Vocals
Pete Galanis - Slide Guitar
Joewaun Scott - Bass
Gary Gary, Marty Sammon - Organ
Roosevelt Purifoy - Organ, Clavinet
Ariyo Sumito Ariyoshi - Piano
James Knowles - Drums
Cory Dennison - Background Vocals


Rob Blaine- Born in Chicago 1981, moved to Michigan, grew up listening to Blues, R&B, Funk, Rock, Soul, because of his father. Began playing guitar at 15, started giging and playing out by age of 17 with his guitar teacher, Charlie Schantz's band.Playing the blues standards. Started his own band with his brother Buck and other friends, playing around Grand Rapids for the next couple of years. He moved back to Chicago in 2003, where since has been on 3 U.S tours, and one European tour. Touring with Little Milton before his untimely passing, and currently touring with the Chicago Rythme & Blues Kings (formerly Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows) featuring Gene Barge a.k.a. Daddy G., and his own band. Big Rob Blaine plays at Kingston Mines every tuesday and at B.L.U.E.S. on Halsted once a month. © 2003-2012 Myspace LLC. All Rights Reserved http://www.myspace.com/bigrobblaine


Chicago has long been a city associated with guitar stringers. From the post-war migration that electrified and urbanized the genre with artists like Muddy Waters, Jimmy Rogers and the Howlin’ Wolf, through the disco/funk inflected ‘70s and ‘80s, a long line of (primarily male) guitarists have defined our sound. The latest crop have blended rock’s reverb, funk’s grooves and metal’s speed, delivering a loud, in-your-face, insistent brand of hot leaded howling that is unlike anything previously thought of as “Chicago Blues”. Rob Blaine epitomizes that mix. Growing up in Grand Rapids, MI, Rob Blaine knew what he wanted to do from the first blues track he heard on his Dad’s stereo. He got a guitar and made for Chicago, earning his way into the scene by working as a doorman at local blues clubs, listening and learning from the artists onstage. He toured with the late great Little Milton and currently plays with the Chicago Rhythm & Blues Kings (of which Gene “Daddy G” Barge is a member). Rob paid his dues and honed his guitar chops on the viciously competitive local blues scene and has emerged as its latest and strongest voice. With his band Big Otis Blues, Rob has roared onto the national scene, winning the 2010 Windy City Blues Society Challenge, taking third place in the International Blues Challenge band finals in Memphis and winning the Albert King Award for Best Guitarist. His youth, fire and energy come blasting out of the speakers, in both his live shows and on this record, demanding your attention! This is not your Grandpa’s blues or even your father’s. This is music from a young man, serious as a heart attack, with a message: “Listen to me, I’ve got important things to say!” Ten of the twelve songs on this disc were written by Big Rob. The message is a positive one for the most part: live and let live, don’t assume you know me by how I look. One exception, Don Nix’s standard “Same Old Blues”, is a masterful vehicle for Rob, who plays impassioned guitar and sings with heartfelt sincerity on this gospel-tinged slow blues hybrid. Rob’s voice, a rich, husky baritone, serves him well on both funk/rock belters like the first version of “Must Be Nice” (there are two takes on the song) and on soulful ballads like “Find A Way.” But make no mistake: this is a GUITAR CD from a GUITAR PLAYER. Rob Blaine’s Big Otis Blues is a sonic environment that caters to two basic themes. The first being funky, rocked- up, “tell it like it is” grooves (“Not the Forgiving Kind,” “Hourglass Baby,” “Trouble”) are ably supported by power house drummer James Knowles. He and bassist Jowaun “Man” Scott, (who hails from the renowned South Side musical Scott family) jump out of the box on the first beat of “Not the Forgiving Kind,” and don’t let up until the last note has died. The clean, energetic rhythm section lays an insistent pulse for Rob’s throbbing, wah-wah-ing guitar. It’s a carefully crafted recipe, one-part Hendrix, one-part Buddy Guy with a dash of Stevie Ray and a splash of Chico Banks. The CD’s many guitar solos sing on a lush bed of organ played by Gary Gary [sic] and sparkling piano courtesy of Ariyo Sumito Ariyoshi. The other side of Rob Blaine favors slower, gospel infused ballads. The one song that deviates from this pattern is “Gone Not Forgot,” a swampy, acoustic, slide guitar tune. It’s a refreshing break from the electric wall of sound, rather like a bite of lemon sorbet between rich courses in a meal. Rob Blaine’s Big Otis Blues wraps with a nice acoustic reprise of “Must Be Nice.” The overall effect is a haunting, lingering mood that begs for a replay. This is a fine first effort from a young man with a bright future. By & © Liz Mandeville © http://www.chicagobluesguide.com/reviews/cd-reviews/rob-blaine-cd/rob-blaine-big-otis-cd-page.html


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