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East Blues Experience & Carey Bell

East Blues Experience & Carey Bell - Good Understanding - 1994 - Gema

Up until the late 2000's EBE was a very popular band on the German blues scene. The band played classic Chicago blues, hard Texas blues rock, and included many good soul ballads in their repertoire. Although Peter Schmidt is a very accomplished guitarist and is often compared to SRV, EBE had their own musical style. This obscure album was recorded live on November 30th 1993 at R&R Music Studio, Prague as part of the band's "Good Understanding" tour. There's some great covers of old blues standards and a few good original tunes. Peter Schmidt's guitar is first rate and he plays some great funky soul riffs. The late, great Carey Bell also plays outstanding harmonica on this album. East Blues Experience released a self titled album in 1991 on the German Turtle Music Studio label, and it's worth tracking down [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 136 Mb]


1.Tribute to S.R.V. (03:28)
2.Lay Down Dirty Shame (04:41)
3.It's So Easy To Love You (05:55)
4.I Love You Baby (03:31)
5.Nineteen Years Old (08:10)
6.Blues For A.C. (05:13)
7.Quit It (05:17)
8.Leaving In The Morning (04:56)
9.The Sky Is Crying (05:48)
10.Hey, Hey Honey (05:32)
11.Good Understanding (02:27)
12.Carey's New Friend (04:58)


Peter Schmidt - Guitar, Vocals
Jäcki Reznicek - Bass, Vocals
Ronny Dehn - Drums
Carey Bell - Harmonica


In 1990-1991 Peter Schmidt foundet the band EBE with members of the Intercity Blues Band. Since the Spring of 1991 Ronny Dehn has played drums. In that same year the LP "EBE" was also recorded. In the years 1991-1992 there were countless club gigs and festivals in Germany and Denmark, including those with wellknown artists like Luther Allison, Angela Brown, Louisiana Red... In 1993 the band played at Open Air Norstedt with Luther Allison, Uriha Heep, Rage and Golden Earring...At the end of the year EBE embarked on the "Good Understanding Tour" with Carey Bell (Muddy Water´s harp player). At the end of this tour a CD with the same name as the tour was recorded in Prague. 1994 also saw another change at bass - Jacki Reznicek supported the band in their countless festivals and gigs both inside and outside Germany. During this time EBE shared stages with more noteables such as Johnny Mars, Golden "Big" Wheeler and Louisiana Red. The band also toured the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium and Switzerland as well as taking part in the Dresdner Bluesfestival in Dresden, Germany. A particular highlight was the Djurs Bluesland Festival in Randers (Denmark) with Luther Allison, John Mayall, Joanna Connor. EBE was invited to this festival, at the time the largest blues festival in Scandinavia, after a multi-week tour through Denmark that helped build a loyal following there. At the 1997 International Music Convention in Frankfurt/M. EBE played at the Warwick Company´s 15th Birthday extravaganza, the "Celebration of the Warwick Family". Also present was T.M.Stevens. Peter & Ronny had the honor of playing with Jerry Donohue and Alan Thomson from the "Hellcasters". The 15th Dresdner Bluesfestival in 1998 ushered in the EBE`s new big band project, encompassing the Jazz, Soul and Rock strains of the German scene. This incarnation of the band proved so popular that tours followed in 1999,2000 and 2001. 1999 marked the appearance of the CD "East Blues Experience". In June 2002 the band reconfigured once more and appeared onstage as a quartett. Axel Merseburger (git) and Rainer Engelmann (bass) joined the band. EBE played around 80 gigs (clubs, open air,festivals) per year in Germany, Austria and Denmark. In January 2003 the CD "Red Balloon" was released. In early 2005 the band split. That turned out to be nearly a 3 year break. In Fall 2007 East Blues Experience got back together again. The Trio (Peter Schmidt, Ronny Dehn, Rainer Engelmann) recorded the brandnew album "V10".

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