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Larry Coryell, Lenny White, Victor Bailey

Larry Coryell, Lenny White, Victor Bailey - Electric - 2005 - Chesky

This trio set featuring guitarist Larry Coryell, drummer Lenny White, and bassist Victor Bailey is issued by Chesky, purveyor of uncompressed audiophile recordings. And while the sound is wondrous, it's the performances here that take front and center. The mix of jazz, funk, and rock tunes on Electric is infectious, especially when played with such incendiary inspiration. Members of this trio wrote four of the nine tunes here. White's furied funk freak-out "Wolfsbane" opens the proceeding on a hot note, and Coryell's "BB Blues" takes the jazz-inflected blues to a new intensity. But it is the covers here that really resonate, from a skeletal and edgy reading of Miles Davis' "So What," to Wayne Shorter's signature tune "Footprints," the jazz chops and expansive improvisation are present everywhere. On Sly and the Family Stone's "Sex Machine" and the Page & Plant nugget "Black Dog," the pedal to the metal aesthetic really works. Elsewhere, "Born Under a Bad Sign" is dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century without losing its blues fire. This is not a recording for those looking for Coryell's jazz technique and subtle artistry in interpreting music from the days of yore. Listeners looking for a balls-out charge of electric jazz-rock will be more than delighted by this outing. © Thom Jurek © 2013 Rovi Corp | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/album/release/electric-mr0002010974

A blistering live set of jazz, blues and classic rock tracks performed by the magnificent jazz-rock/fusion guitarist, Larry Coryell, supported by 'Return to Forever' drummer Lenny White and ex 'Weather Report' bass player Victor Bailey. The three musicians have an all-out blast playing some classic rock and blues tunes, including Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog", Sly and the Family Stone's "Sex Machine", Miles Davis' "So What", and Wayne Shorter's "Footprints". Victor Bailey said that "We tried to straddle the lines between 'jazz', 'rock', 'funk' and 'fusion' and whatever other names people want to put on music". These tracks were recorded for fun, and if your ears are finely tuned, you may hear the occasional missed beat and dodgy chord. However, there is no studio trickery here and it's good to know that these jazz fusion greats are capable of making the odd mistake! Terrific stuff by three giants of jazz rock and fusion and HR by A.O.O.F.C [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 123 Mb]


1. Wolfbane - Lenny White 6:05
2. BB Blues - Larry Coryell 5:01
3. So What - Miles Davis 6:17
4. Sex Machine - Sylvester "Sly Stone" Stewart 7:17
5. Black Dog - John Bonham & Jimmy Page 6:14
6. Footprints - Wayne Shorter 7:24
7. Born Under A Bad Sign - William Bell & Booker T. Jones 7:49
8. Lowblow - Victor Bailey 7:11
9. Rhapsody And Blues - Larry Coryell 4:12


Larry Coryell - Electric Guitar
Victor Bailey - Electric Bass
Lenny White - Drums


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