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Luca Colombo (Beatles Related)

Luca Colombo - Playing the Beatles - 2005 - Azzurra Music

The acclaimed Italian guitarist covers 15 classic Beatles' tracks very well. He doesn't deviate much from the original chord structures, but still puts his own jazzy stamp on the music. All these tracks have been covered a zillion times before, but it's very hard to go wrong with the ageless songs of Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison. Nice album. Check out Stephen Bennett's "Beatles Acoustic Guitar Solos" album and Laurence Juber's "LJ Plays the Beatles" album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 128 Mb]


1. And I Love Her (04:43)
2. Here There And Everywhere (04:20)
3. Can’t Buy Me Love (02:51)
4. Come Together (03:36)
5. Day Tripper (03:32)
6. Blackbird (03:05)
7. Drive My Car (03:26)
8. Something (04:02)
9. Michelle (04:34)
10. Norwegian Wood (03:29)
11. Yesterday (03:58)
12. Medley/ Please Please Me, From Me To You (03:29)
13. Let it Be (04:18)
14. Hey Jude (04:01)
15. Here Comes The Sun (02:50)

All songs by Lennon & McCartney except Tracks 8 & 15 by Harrison

Luca Colombo - Acoustic Guitars (Yamaha CG 150,Taylor 420,Gibson L4): Harmonica


Guitarist, teacher, arranger who has worked with many artists, the best of Italian music and also internationally, has recorded two CDs as a soloist and collaborated on several didactic works, official endorser for Italy for Vox Amps, Dean Markley Strings, guitars Yamaha acoustic, Wampler pedals. graduated in 1986 with the Giorgio Cocilovo and later a teacher at the CPM in Milan in specialization of the instrument was then graduated in 1990 at Milan with CDM master Filippo Daccò in arrangement for Big Band and Jazz Guitar . It also boasts collaborations in numerous movie soundtracks and TV commercials. holds numerous seminars and master classes in schools across Italy guitar-rock fusion, special effects, improvisation and shift workers. It is part of the "Night of the Guitars" that brings together the best Italian guitarists for a project that sees them protagonists of numerous concerts and festivals throughout Italy. born in Cernusco, in 1966, Luke discovers a very young age his passion for music. Approximately 20 years playing the electric and acoustic guitar, favoring the rock-blues and fusion. practicing as a guitarist as "session-man" in Italy mainly in television, recording and live. Formation music by Luca has always been inspired by the great myths of the guitar as Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Van Halen, David Gilmour subsequently approached jazz-fusion guitarists, referring to capiscuola like Pat Metheny John Scofield, Mike Stern, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, has always had a great passion for the Beatles, from which the idea of publishing a tribute to the same record on the CD "Playin 'the Beatles" published in 2005 by Azzurra Music. Luca Colombo, a thorough professional and for this reason, contested and refined, has participated in numerous television programs, occupying important space in the foreground of events such as the Festival of Sanremo, Good Friday, Saturday Italian, Maurizio Costanzo Show, A drive for the summer, Fiorello Show, Word of Mouth, Rockpolitik, 50 Canzonissime, X Factor, etc ....), under the direction of orchestral Pinuccio Pirazzoli, Pippo Caruso, Peppe Vessicchio, Demo Morselli, Fio Zanotti, Celso Valli etc.. Luca was artistic collaborator "Tour live" Eros Ramazzotti, Nek, Max Pezzali, Mango, Anna Oxa, Antonella Ruggiero, Umberto Tozzi, Toto Cutugno, Cat Power, Franz Di Ciocco, Loredana Berte. has worked, also, in the musical realization of numerous advertising campaigns including: Volvo , Trunks, Ferrero, Plasmon, Superga, Enel, and other ..., and implementation of numerous acronyms, bases and background music for Canale 5, Italy 1, Rete 4. E 'was engaged in collaborations with occasional live: Gloria Gaynor Franco Battiato, Fiorello, Renato Zero. has composed and produced the soundtrack for the film "Leeward" (2001) - Claudio Amendola protagonists and Anna Valle and participated in the creation of records and home video of accredited Italian artists (Adriano Celentano, Fiorello , Cornflower, Fausto Leali, Umberto Tozzi, Antonella Ruggiero, Toto Cutugno, etc. ....). E 'first guitar orchestra of the Festival of Sanremo in 2007.To view the historical discography, tour, artistic collaborations and education on TV Click here »» http://www.lucacolombo.biz/it/biografia_b.php - Translated from Italian http://www.lucacolombo.biz/it/biografia.php


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