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Jim Weider's Project Percolator

Jim Weider's Project Percolator - Pulse - 2009 - Moon Haw Records

Jim Weider is a guitarist best known for his work with The Band. He joined the reformed version of The Band in 1985 to replace original guitarist Robbie Robertson. A native of Woodstock, New York, Weider was born in 1951 and began playing guitar at age 11. Some of his early influences included Chuck Berry, James Burton and Scotty Moore. While still a teenager in Woodstock, he became acquainted with Levon Helm and was exposed to The Band's music. Weider went on to become an accomplished studio session player in cities such as Atlanta and Nashville, but eventually returned to Woodstock and was invited to become The Band's sole guitarist in 1985, remaining until the group's dissolution in 2000 following the death of Rick Danko in late 1999. Weider's main instrument is the Fender Telecaster, but he also plays a vintage 1960s Silvertone electric guitar (primarily for slide) and a vintage 1960s Guild Starfire III. For amplification, Weider uses a combination of Fender amplifiers and his own signature series JW40 amp, designed in conjunction with Fargen Amplification, Inc. He is also the co-designer of the AnalogMan King Of Tone pedal which you will find on his pedalboard. In addition to his work with The Band and his own musical group The Jim Weider Band, Weider has performed and recorded with numerous other musicians, including Robbie Dupree, Dr. John, Graham Parker, Keith Richards and Bob Weir. He is also featured in several instructional videos produced by Homespun Video. Following Jimmy Vivino's departure in early 2009, Jim Weider had been appearing with the Levon Helm Band until Helm's death in 2012.

It's the mark of an adventurous artist who can reinvent himself and do it in such a way as to leave his credibility intact. So credit Jim Weider with tracking to opposite extremes, from the Americana realms of the revitalized Band to this current experiment in fusion-esque rock and riffing. Having gathered an accomplished group of collaborators, Weider and his Project Percolator (try saying that three times!) offer up a driving series of raging instrumentals that tow a fine line between Funk, Metal and Prog Rock realms. Despite the fact that this is the ensemble's first effort, the results are remarkably cohesive, Weider's fluid leads acting in tandem with the sturdy anchor provided by his associates. While many jazz-tinged offerings tend to veer towards over indulgence and bombastic extremes, Pulse keeps a solid groove, balancing its precociousness with a solid focus on melody, texture and dynamics. Most of the tracks - "Squirrels in Paris," ""No Exit Strategy" and "Green Zone" in particular - come across with a heavy surge, similar at times to latter era King Crimson. There's a brief respite via "Release Yourself," one of the few tracks with vocals, and "Talking to You," a pleasant instrumental ballad, but for the most part the music veers towards a darker, more intimidating, somewhat insurgent sound. It's hardly the sort of thing that gives cause to humming along, but as it plays out, this Pulse remains consistently strong. Standout tracks: "Squirrels in Paris," "Talking To You" © LEE ZIMMERMAN © http://blurt-online.com/reviews/view/1753/

An infectious mix of pieces led by Jim Weider's thoughtful musings on the tele and Mitch Stein's super tight, soaring strat style. Add Bass and percussion at the highest level you're likely to ever hear and you have a band that works like a well oiled machine. This music will grow on you as you listen to it because there is so much there to process. Like all good music "Pulse" takes the mind out of the here and now and into that third dimension of thought called art. Enjoy this one. By & © stratcat-on-guy ***** Fine art, September 12, 2009 © 1996-2013, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates http://www.amazon.com/Pulse-Jim-Weiders-Project-Percolator/product-reviews/B002BK2HAS/ref=cm_cr_dp_synop?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending#RMAED9D5VF9WE

A very impressive concoction of rock, blues, jazz, and fusion by the highly accomplished ex-Band guitarist from Woodstock, NY. HR by A.O.O.F.C. Listen to Jim's "Percolator" album [Tracks @ 317 - 319 Kbps. File size = 121 Mb]

N.B: This post does not contain the bonus Multimedia CD-Rom with two Video's on it" Squirrels in Paris" and the recording of "Pulse" at Allaire Studio's.


1 Squirrels in Paris - Jim Weider /John Holbrook 6:05
2 Pulse - Jim Weider / Mitch Stein 5:35
3 No Exit Strategy - Mitch Stein 4:39
4 Dreamline - Jim Weider / Sid McGinnis / Mitch Stein / Rodney Holmes 6:40
5 Release Yourself - Jim Weider / John Holbrook 5:01
6 Talking With You - Jim Weider 4:14
7 Motivator - Jim Weider 5:13
8 Green Zone - Rodney Holmes/Jim Weider/ Mitch Stein 5:07
9 Man Cry - Jim Weider 7:29
10 Two Worlds intro - Jim Weider 1:11
11 Two Worlds - Jim Weider /John Holbrook 5:14


Jim Weider - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Wah-Wah Guitar, Electric Sitar
Mitch Stein - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Wah-Wah Guitar
Steve Lucas - 6-String Bass, Upright Bass
Danny Louis - Organ & Rhodes Piano
Chris Cameron (Hambone) - Organ & Clavinet
Rodney Holmes - Drums
Sam Butler - Lead & Background Vocals
Sam Butler 111 & Samia Butler - Background Vocals


Born in Woodstock, NY, infamous sideman Jim Weider jumped into the music industry as soon as he could. The area was a hotbed for national talent, with acts like Bob Dylan and the Band recording there. He began recording and hiring himself out to songwriters for backup, eventually gathering up enough money to move to Nashville. He joined Johnny Paycheck's touring band, and supported himself through session work and playing local concerts. By the early '80s, Weider moved back to his hometown and began a tour with Robbie Dupress. When 1983 rolled around, he met former Band drummer Levon Helm, who invited him to join his touring band. Helm was very impressed by Weider, so when the Band was ready to reunite in 1985, Weider took Robbie Robertson's spot when Robertson declined the reunion. He continued to perform with the Band as the decade went on, eventually playing with the group at Roger Waters' recreation of The Wall at the Berlin Wall. In 1993, he also played with the group at Bob Dylan's tribute concert in Madison Square Garden and at Bill Clinton's Inaugural Ball. On top of these performances, he also kept himself busy playing on albums by Robbie Dupree, Artie Traum, Paul Burlison, Rick Danko, and many others. His membership in the Band actually lasted longer than Robbie Robertson's original tenure, as he stayed with the band throughout the '90s, even performing with them at Woodstock '94. When he had time off from the group, he released several best-selling instructional videos for guitar, and finally released his own solo album with the Honky Tonk Gurus entitled Big Foot in 1999. © Bradley Torreano © 2013 Rovi Corp | All Rights Reserved


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