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Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher - The Essential Rory Gallagher - 2008 - Capo/SonyBMG

"A determination to make original music that stayed faithful to the root sounds that inspired him was carried through to the end. Unsullied by jarring studio trickery or momentarily fashionable techniques, cavernous drum sounds or click tracks, what he’s left behind is a recorded legacy defined by rugged purity of form and feeling. The unaffected approach highlighted the many flavours – kick ass country, jazzy sophistication, spit n sawdust folk, floorboard quaking roof raising rock - that fed Rory’s lovingly nurtured blues. His dedication to maintaining what he called “a good vintage, ethnic” sound, favouring pre digital over modern recording equipment, would undoubtedly have been one of the attributes that endeared Rory to admirer Bob Dylan, a backstage visitor at a 1978 LA show after initially being turned away unrecognized. Gallagher’s yearly gig quota often would top 300, sweat soaked nights in which he never gave anything less than 110 per cent . And he was always ready to give a little more, come Christmas time he would often embark on impromptu tours in rural Ireland which naturally attained legendary status. A cross tribal musical hero who appealed to trad rockers, punks and heavy metal hordes, Rory was a true musical journeyman going where the music took him. He guested on albums for many including key influences Jerry Lee Lewis, Albert King, Albert Collins and the aforementioned Muddy Waters, an experience he particularly relished". - from & © http://www.rorygallagher.com/#/story

Grand Irish guitarist remembered. Thirteen years after his death, Rory Gallagher is still held in such high esteem in Eire that statues are erected in his honour and theatres bear his name. This two-CD set package goes some way to explaining why. With 30 years of mostly blues-based material to draw from, the compilers have kept famous cuts like Laundromat and Brute Force & Ignorance in, without sacrificing the acoustic side of Rory represented by Wheels Within Wheels. Folkier Celtic items like Barley &Grape Rag display his tremendous technique, and Gallagher was also no mean songwriter, as evidenced by Philby and I Could've Have Had Religion. This collection will delight old hands, a forthcoming tab book for budding guitar heroes may convert newcomers to this man of taste. © Max Bel! From page 45 of Classic Rock Magazine June 2008 © http://archive.classicrockmagazine.com/view/june-2008/45/rory-gallagher-the-essential-rory-gallagher-sony-b

Ballyshannon blues man Gallagher was a true people’s hero, loved by superstars and the common man alike. In Ireland during the dark sectarian days of the 70s, Rory’s shows were healing ceremonies, uniting warring communities in glorious love and abandon. This terrific mix of live and recorded gems is the perfect way of introducing a new generation to a man who died in 1995, but whose musical soul will outlast every one of us – and sectarian bigots. Beautiful 5/5 By & © Mirror.co.uk http://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/going-out/music/review-rory-gallagher---the-essential-297973

There are many Rory Gallagher compilation albums available. This digitally remastered 2 x CD set contains tracks drawn from 15 of Rory's albums [11 studio, 3 live and 1 posthumous]. Tracks include 'Laundromat', 'I Fall Apart', 'In Your Town', 'Crest Of A Wave', 'Walk On Hot Coals', 'Who's That Coming', ''Shadow Play', 'Cradle Rock', 'A Million Miles Away' and more with live recordings of 'Brute Force & Ignorance', 'As The Crow Flies', 'I Could've Had Religion', 'Tattoo'd Lady', and 'Bullfrog Blues'. This is a killer blues rock album from the self-taught Irish guitar legend, and VHR by A.O.O.F.C. Listen to Rory's magnificent "Live! In Europe" album, and Check out http://www.rorygallagher.com/ [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: 2 x rar files: Pt 1 (Disc 1) = 146 Mb, & Pt 2 (Disc 2) = 173 Mb]



1 Follow Me
2 Moonchild
3 Bought & Sold
4 Laundromat
5 Bad Penny
6 Edged In Blue
7 Brute Force & Ignorance (Live)
8 I Fall Apart
9 Loanshark Blues
10 Who's That Coming
11 As The Crow Flies (Live)
12 Barley & Grape Rag
13 Lonesome Highway
14 Out On The Western Plain

All songs composed by Rory Gallagher except Track 11 by Tony Joe White, and Track 14 by Huddie Ledbetter


1 In Your Town
2 Philby
3 Slumming Angel
4 Continental Op
5 Cradle Rock
6 A Million Miles Away
7 Wheels Within Wheels
8 Crest Of A Wave
9 They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore
10 Walk On Hot Coals
11 Shadow Play
12 I Could've Had Religion (Live)
13 Tattoo'd Lady (Live)
14 Bullfrog Blues (Live)

All songs composed by Rory Gallagher except Track 12 (Trad.), and Track (14 Trad.). Check out http://www.allmusic.com/artist/rory-gallagher-mn0000337631#discography for the credits on this album


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