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Alex Argento

Alex Argento - Ego - 2007 - Self Produced

Alex Argento, for those of you who don't know, is an Italian keyboardist and composer. In recent years, he has worked with many of the most talented musicians in the world ranging from Virgil Donati and Simon Philips to Marco Sfolgi and the Citriniti brothers. In 2007 Alex released his first solo fusion album titled Ego and once again surrounded himself with some of the best players in the business. Ego consists of Marco Sfolgi (James Labrie) on guitar and Stefano Ruscica on drums. Guest guitar soloists include Fabrizio Leo, Alessandro Benvenuti, Vittorio Falanga with John Reshard and Andrea Casali handling bass duties on a few tracks. Every so often an album crosses my path that grabs a hold of me and doesn't let go. Put simply, this is just that album. Ego seamlessly encompasses the funky grooves of Greg Howe, the jazzy chord changes of Tribal Tech and the heavy backdrop and meter shifts of Planet X to create something that exists within its own niche of the fusion world. Everything that drove me to appreciate this type of music is here and in great form. The songs on Ego can be placed into roughly two categories using the above influences as a reference; the heavier, Planet X like songs and the slightly mellower and groovy Frank Gambale and Tribal Tech based songs. This makes for really good balance as opposed to just sticking to one style over the other. As a musician, I have grown rather tired of listening to other musicians create music with no feeling that reflects nothing more than how fast or how complex they can play. Not that there is anything wrong with this but, I have found that I almost always go back to the music that ventures into organic, not mechanical, complexity. Ego is the perfect example of complex music with purpose. Every meter shift and chord change is there for a reason. Nothing is out of place or forced on here. Though there is a lot of improvisation by Marco and Alex, what is best for the song is always kept in mind. It's very difficult to describe music with words and this is no exception. All I can emphasize is that Ego is modern fusion at its best. If you have any interest at all in this genre or the groups mentioned before than don't pass this up. This is one of the best albums I have heard all year and it just keeps getting better with each listen. Highly recommended! Conclusion: 9.5 out of 10 © CHRIS JACKSON © 1995 - 2013 : Dutch Progressive Rock Page http://www.dprp.net/reviews/200760.php#argento

Ten incredibly played instrumental tunes ranging from keyboard wizard Alex Argento. The tracks range from metal prog to fusion and jazz with many other influences. Artists playing on this album include guitarist Fabrizio Leo and bassist Jon Reshard. The arrangements, songs and musicianship is outstanding. If you like Tribal Tech, Planet X and music in that genre you may enjoy this album which is HR by A.O.O.F.C. [All tracks @ 256 Kbps: File size = 114 Mb]


1 Moving Around "E" 5:50
2 Brainsick 6:30
3 Synchronal Steps 5:32
4 Mr. Shuffle's Land 8:25
5 Metal Detector 4:50
6 Embrace The World 7:05
7 Genius 4:39
8 Time Warnings 6:44
9 Vibrations 5:08
10 Groovus in Fabula 7:33

All songs composed by Alex Argento except “Metal Detector” by Alex Argento & Stefano Ruscica, and “Genius” by Alex Argento & Marco Sfogli


Marco Sfogli - Guitars
Fabrizio Leo, Alessandro Benvenuti, Vittorio Falanga - Guitars [Guests]
Jon Reshard, Andrea Casali - Bass [Guests]
Alex Argento - Keyboards
Stefano Ruscica - Drums
Ezio Citelli - Vocals (Humming) [Guest]


Alex Argento is a rock/fusion keyboard player / composer based in Sicily, Italy. He started to play keyboards really late (when he was16). From 1994 to 2003 he performed a lot with several cover bands in his country as session player, covering different musical styles. His playing was most influenced by prog and fusion music like: Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Alain Caron, Tribal Tech, Allan Holdswoth. This music helped him to develope his improvisational skills over chord changes. He also had the chance to play in different musical projects, as guest musician, together with some of the best musicians of the music industry like: Virgil Donati, Simon Philips, Greg Bissonette and so on. On May 1 (2007), he released his first instrumental solo album entitled "EGO" (prog fusion), together with Marco Sfogli (from James Labrie's bands) on guitars and Stefano Ruscica on drums. The album features also some guest appearances by great musicians like: Alessandro Benvenuti (guitars / solo artist), Fabrizio Leo (guitars / Shrapnel's artist), Jon Reshard (bass / Greg Howe's band). His continue research to explore new musical teritories brings him to costantly develop his phrasing, his tecnique but first of all his neverending passion for music in every direction. © Mat Hausen © Prog Archives, All rights reserved. http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=3016

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