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Gamalon - Held To The Light - 1996 - Gertrude Records

“If you’ve been out hitting the original music clubs of late and have noted the dizzying and dazzling display of instrumental prowess evidenced by a host of hot young bands, bear in mind that Buffalo has a long history of progressive fusion music, and has never had a shortage of absolutely killer instrumentalists. Prominent among these groups in the 1980s and ’90s was certainly Gamalon, the all—instrumental fusion powerhouse that took the baton from the likes of mid—’70s Jeff Beck and the Mahavishnu Orchestra and ran with it, in the process crafting some of the most ambitiously virtuosic instrumental music to ever have emerged from Western New York”. © Jeff Miers December 30, 2011 - 1:00 PM © 1999 - 2012 - The Buffalo News copyright-protected material http://blogs.buffalonews.com/gusto/2011/12/gamalon-sold-out-at-sportsmen-tavern-tonight.html

“Exchange that spare Steve Vai album for the newly-released effort by the jazz-rock group Gamalon…Judging from the Held to the Light disc, the new Gamalon should offer many of the same pleasures as the old one – blinding guitar virtuosity and rhythms of delirious intensity…There’s more texture to the rhythm section here – a greater variety of rhythms and a bigger range of drum sounds, such as the Indian tabla in “Cave” and “The Sword”…The return of Gamalon makes 1997 look better already.” - Dale Anderson, Artvoice, December 25, 1996

“The guitars of Tony Scazzaro and Bruce Brucato lead the melodic layout of the entire album. Both possess a Holdsworthian sense of richness in sound, color and tone, but play in a style that is infinitely more laid back and sparse. On Held to the Light the thick atmospheric edge is more likely to appeal to progressive or new age fans wishing to dip their feet into fusion waters without getting completely soaked. - Mike Ezzo, Exposé

“This issue’s contemporary progressive jazz-rock award goes to Gamalon for issuing a challenging yet accessible album. Held to the Light has a little swing here, a little funk there, some tasty ethnic flavors and plenty of confident virtuosity led by the two-guitar attack of Bruce Brucato and Tony Scazzaro.” - John Collinge, Progression Magazine, Winter 1997

When Genesis played Buffalo on their first USA tour in 1973, the mighty progressive rock band was very impressed by supporting act Rodan’s opening act, as Rodan (later to become Gamalon) was already covering Genesis’ music when Genesis were virtually unknown in the US. Gamalon’s self-titled debut album was picked up and released by the Buffalo-based Amherst Records label in 1987 and bulleted to the number 8 position on Billboard’s contemporary jazz charts. This was a hugely impressive achievement for a relatively obscure jazz rock band at that time. Gamalon has recorded six albums, played shows with Vital Information, Niacin, Gongzilla, Brand X and many others. This band are as talented as any of the bands they have supported, but have not had the luck to secure a major record deal or the promotion they deserve. Bad distribution and weak record labels have made many great bands and albums obscure and unheard. “Held To The Light” is arguably a better album than the bands’ s/t album (on this blog). This is a hugely overlooked jazz rock fusion album full of killer instrumentals and HR by A.O.O.F.C. Few bands have bridged the gap between rock and jazz fusion as expertly as Gamalon. A new copy of the album was being sold on Amazon for $ 80. What a crazy price?! This album is for listening to, and not an exhibit in The Louvre! Check out the band’s “Aerial View” and “Live at the Tralf” albums, and also George Puleo’s "So Low" album – If you can find them! Support great jazz rock [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 117 Mb]


1. The Creeps (5:31)
2. Red Zone (4:45)
3. Pickett's Charge (4:48)
4. Cave (4:43)
5. Held To The Light (5:48)
6. Gemini (4:25)
7. The Sword (5:20)
8. Sahara (5:55)
9. The Shield (3:15)
10. Relay (4:40)
11. Rainbow (1:45)

Tracks composed by Brucato, Scozzaro, Wynne, Tom Reinhardt, Ted Reinhardt (individually & collectively)


Tony Scozzaro - Guitar, Chapman Stick
Bruce Brucato - Guitar
George Puleo - Guitar on Track 2
Jim Wynne - Bass Guitar
Tom Reinhardt - Bass Guitar on Track 10
Ted Reinhardt - Drums, Percussion, Chapman Stick, Xylophone
Bob Accurso - Marimba on Tracks 4,5,7
Ravi Padmanabha - Tabla on Tracks 4,7
Emile Latimer - Djembe, JuJu on Track 8


GAMALON started in Buffalo, New York during the 1960's, when drummer Ted Reinhardt and guitarist Bruce Brucato began playing music together at age 12. By the 70's they were joined by Ted's brother Tom and Rick McGirr to form Rodan, a prog-rock gem of the local music scene. During the Buffalo stop of their first tour of the USA in 1973, GENESIS were quite taken by their opening act, as Rodan was already covering their music at a time when GENESIS had not yet taken off in the States. Rodan folded as the members morphed into GAMALON during the mid 80's, adding George Puleo on lead guitar and Tom Schuman on piano. They joined forces with saxophonist Ernie Watts in 1989. Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry played violin on one album. Tony Scozzaro replaced George Puleo for several years and in the summer of 2004, Nori Bucci stepped in to take his place. Their self-titled debut in 1987 was one of the finest examples of jazz rock fusion. "Project: Activation Earth" with Ernie Watts followed in 1989. "Aerial View" appeared in 1990, quickly followed by "High Contrast" in 1991. Their latest studio album was 1996's "Held To The Light", their most mature work to date. Bob Accurso: received his AS degree in Music from Villa Maria College and his BFA degree in Music Performance from the State University of New York at Buffalo where he studied with Lynn Harbold and Jan Williams. He has served as Instructor of Percussion for Villa Maria College and for the State University College at Buffalo. Bob has been a member of the Maelström Percussion Ensemble since 1986 and has been its Executive Director since 1990. With Maelström, he has performed for the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts, the Kennedy Center, the DCI World Championships, and at universities and concert halls across the country. Bob is an Artist/Endorser for KAT Electronic Percussion, and recently composed and performed a work for solo electronic percussionist for the Creative Education Foundation’s 2002 International Conference. He has been selected by The Commissioning Project to compose a major new work for percussion in 2003. A mallet player, drum-set artist, hand drummer, multiple percussionist, and composer, Bob has devoted his career to exploring the vast and dynamic world of percussion. His influences and interests cover a wide spectrum of musical genres including classical music, contemporary chamber music, jazz, music from the Afro-Cuban tradition, and Middle Eastern Music. Ted Reinhardt: started playing drums when he was 4 years old and was already playing professionally with various dixieland groups by the age of 9. Ted studied with some of the best teachers in Western New York, including Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra percussionists, John Roland and Lynn Harbold, and jazz drumming luminary, Louis Marino. In the late 70’s, Ted became one of the driving forces of the popular jazz group, Spyro Gyra, performing on their Platinum selling “Morning Dance” album. After leaving Spyro Gyra, he formed the progressive fusion group, Gamalon, reaching Billboard’s Top Ten with their first release. With Gamalon, Ted has recorded six CD’s and collaborated and toured with jazz great, Ernie Watts. Ted joined the Maelström Percussion Ensemble in 2001 and was recently inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. © Facebook © 2013 • English (US) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gamalon/45439119877?v=info

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