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Gamalon - Gamalon - 1987 - Amherst Records

***** This album cooks! One of the few fairly modern jazz/rock fusion albums that deserves a 5 star rating. Gamalon probably needed a better record label or promotion, I'm not sure which. They certainly do not deserve obscurity. All instrumental with memorable melodies. Points of reference would be Gongzilla (without the vibes), Bon, Dixie Dregs (without the country influence) and early Level 42 (the instrumentals). Just a great collective offering. Everyone plays with passion and finesse. A drummer's delight, a bassist's delight and especially highly recommended for guitarists. I'm not sure which guitarist is the soloist, but I must mention both George Puleo and Bruce Brucato. Great chops. Check out their video here at progarchives.com. Serious business. Can hold their own with the greats such as Holdsworth and Morse. I've noticed several used CD copies on amazon.com for no more than $6. Get it while you can because it'll be an obscure one to find after you read this. First come first served. A must for any fusion fanatic. Get it for the opener _Billy's Saloon_ and _Cabin Fever_ alone. Also worth mentioning as a GAMALON reference is Ozric Tentacles without the spacey keyboards. Review by & © Gooner - Prog Reviewer © Prog Archives, All rights reserved http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=647

"Gamalon", the group's 1987 debut recording, features high-powered rock fusion at its best from the Buffalo, New York band sporting the twin-guitar team of Bruce Brucato and George Puleo. Rounding out the foursome are producer Ted Reinhardt on drums, and brother Tom Reinhardt on bass. Recording for Lenny Silver and Amherst Records (the same label that spawned Spyro Gyra), "Gamalon" was the harder-edged, virtuosic fusion component to the label's roster of bands. The flashy Puleo and Brucato trade blazing overdriven solos over the seven instrumental tracks, which all band members had a hand in writing. Essential guitar-driven rock fusion. © 1996-2013 Guitar Nine All Rights Reserved http://www.guitar9.com/gamalon.html

When Genesis played Buffalo on their first USA tour in 1973, the mighty progressive rock band was very impressed by supporting act Rodan’s opening act, as Rodan (later to become Gamalon) was already covering Genesis’ music when Genesis were virtually unknown in the US. Gamalon’s self-titled debut album was picked up and released by the Buffalo-based Amherst Records label in 1987 and bulleted to the number 8 position on Billboard’s contemporary jazz charts. This was a hugely impressive achievement for a relatively obscure jazz rock band at that time. “Gamalon” is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Check out the band’s “Aerial View” and “Live at the Tralf” albums. Support great jazz rock [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 87.8 Mb]


1. Billy's Saloon - Bruce Brucato 5:45
2. Ooh...Babe - George Puleo 4:24
3. The King - Bruce Brucato 5:43
4. Black Licorice - Bruce Brucato, George Puleo,Tom Reinhardt,Ted Reinhardt 4:25
5. Cabin #14 - Bruce Brucato, George Puleo,Tom Reinhardt,Ted Reinhardt 6:46
6. Souvenirs - George Puleo 6:36
7. Jungle Fever - Ted Reinhardt 5:12


Bruce Brucato, George Puleo - Guitar
Tom Reinhardt - Bass
Tom Schuman - Piano on Tracks 3, & 6
Ted Reinhardt - Drums: All instruments on Track 7


GAMALON started in Buffalo, New York during the 1960's, when drummer Ted Reinhardt and guitarist Bruce Brucato began playing music together at age 12. By the 70's they were joined by Ted's brother Tom and Rick McGirr to form Rodan, a prog-rock gem of the local music scene. During the Buffalo stop of their first tour of the USA in 1973, GENESIS were quite taken by their opening act, as Rodan was already covering their music at a time when GENESIS had not yet taken off in the States. Rodan folded as the members morphed into GAMALON during the mid 80's, adding George Puleo on lead guitar and Tom Schuman on piano. They joined forces with saxophonist Ernie Watts in 1989. Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry played violin on one album. Tony Scozzaro replaced George Puleo for several years and in the summer of 2004, Nori Bucci stepped in to take his place. Their self-titled debut in 1987 was one of the finest examples of jazz rock fusion. "Project: Activation Earth" with Ernie Watts followed in 1989. "Aerial View" appeared in 1990, quickly followed by "High Contrast" in 1991. Their latest studio album was 1996's "Held To The Light", their most mature work to date. In 2007, GAMALON introduced a new lineup. Joining founding member Ted Reinhardt are Jim Wynne on bass, Bob Accurso on malletKAT, and Dave Schmeidler on guitar. Gamalon has recorded six albums, played shows with Vital Information, Niacin, Gongzilla, Brand X and many others. GAMALON also celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2007: Past and Present Players:- Ted Reinhardt - Drums / Percussion / Chapman Stick (1982-present): Bruce Brucato - Guitars (1982-2006): George Puleo Guitars (1982-1996): Greg Piontek - Bass (1982-1984): Tom Schuman - Keyboards (1982-1983): Rick McGirr - Keyboards (1983-1985): Tom Reinhardt - Bass (1984-1996; 2004-2006): Jim Wynne - Bass / Keyboards (1996-2001; 2006-present): Tony Scozzaro - Guitars (1996-2004): Geoffrey Perry - Violin / Piccolo Bass / Guitar (1989-1996): Jack Kulp - Bass (2001-2004): Nori Bucci - Guitars (2004-2006): Bob Accurso - Percussion / malletKAT (2006-present): Dave Schmeidler - Guitars (2006-present). © Prog Archives, All rights reserved http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=647


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