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Boogie Stuff

Boogie Stuff - Have Mercy! - 2004 - Sky Studio (Germany)

The founder of Boogie Stuff, guitarist and singer Horst Tolks, began playing at the age of ten, and today he is one of the best known guitarists on the Bavarian and Austrian music scenes. He moved from Germany to Austria to join the group Jimi & The Zodiacs. The band quickly became the number one R&B band in the country with success in the charts, radio airplay, TV appearances, and a variety of live gigs. Horst left the band in 1989 and in November the same year he formed Boogie Stuff with drummer Fred Forrester and bassplayer Andy Brötzner. In 1992 they released their debut album Rockin´ The Blues and since then the band has toured a lot and played everywhere from English pubs to international festivals. In 1999 the group released thier second CD, Still Rough´N Wild on the Munich label, Point. The album got rave critics all over the world and the band toured constantly. received their third album, Have Mercy, a few weeks ago, and after listening to their music I must say I am impressed. Usually I don`t listen much to Blues, but Boogie Stuff manages to get my attention with their style. They mix Blues and Boogie with Hard Rock and it sounds great! The band has been around for over fifteen years, something that comes very good forward when I listen to their music. The opener, Muddy Waters, is a good song with great drive and good rhythm, and when I hear songs like this they remind me of a mix between Lynyrd Skynyrd, Little Caesar and the Norwegian band Peer Gynt. Song number two, Shake, takes another direction and sounds more funky. Horst Tolks is a very good guitar player and singer, and with the steady rhythm section with drummer Fred and bassplayer Andy, the band sounds watertight. With songs like Bad Boy, Just Got Paid and Who Did You Love, who is one of the songs with Jimmy Carl Black on vocals, I think they are at their best. They have a good variation in the songs too and with Desert Night they sound more Melodic Rock oriented and with the hidden instrumental track Racing Boogie we get a proof of how good the band are. This album will of course please fans of Blues and Boogie Rock , but I also think Boogie Stuff has elements that fans of Hard Rock and Southern Rock will like very good! [ from http://home.online.no/~kasboe/index_b.htm ]

A very good blues rock album from the Bavarian band, Boogie Stuff. If you like dynamic, high powered Southern style rock bands like ZZ Top, or Lynyrd Skynyrd, then you may like this album. Try and give the band's "Rockin' The Blues" album a listen.


1. Muddy Water
2. Shake
3. Long Way to Memphis
4. Homesick
5. Bad Boy
6. Don't Believe a Word
7. Funky Town
8. Desert Night
9. Just Got Paid
10. Jungle of Chicks
11. Indian of the Group (live feat. JCB)
12. Who Did You Love (live feat. JCB)
13. Black Limousine (live feat. JCB)
14. Hello Baby
15. Racing Boogie (Hidden Track)


Horst Tolks - guitar, vocals
Andy Brotzner - bass, vocals
Fred Forrester - drums, percussion
Jimmy Carl Black - vocals (Indian Of The Group, Who Did You Love & Black Limousine)
Armin Woods - organ
Pete Bruestle - drums (Shake, Homesick, Bad Boy & Just Got Paid)
Omnita & Claudia Cane - background Vocals


It is such a pleasure when I get CDs in to review from bands that I already know I like. Such is the case with "Have Mercy!", the latest release from the Bavarian blues/rocking band Boogie Stuff. Fronted by their most excellent guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Horst Tolks, Boogie Stuff is a hard driving power trio featuring the scorching riffs of Tolks combined with the world class growl of Boogie Stuff charter member bassist Andy Brötzner. They are joined on this set by their newest bandmate, who is not so new at all, as original drummer Manfred Forrester returns to the fold and he is splendid indeed. The CD includes 11 studio tracks, a mixture of both originals and covers done ala Boogie Stuff. As an added bonus, the CD includes 3 live tracks featuring the legendary ex-Mothers Of Invention drummer Jimmy Carl Black on vocals. These live tracks REALLY make me long for the day the band releases a purely live recording. Studio or live, Horst Tolks has become one of my favorite guitarists with his distortion heavy rhythm and blistering lead work, all tastefully flavored by some very nasty tone. Many highlights here, including the best remake I have heard of ZZ Top's "Just Got Paid", the three live tracks with Black, and "Muddy Water". However, track 4 on the set, "Homesick" may be the best sounding cut I have heard from the band yet. Their last CD "Still Rough 'n Wild" is one of my favorites, but "Have Mercy!" is noticeably superior. These guys just keep getting better, which is great news for every fan of hard driving blues/rock. © Tom Branson, © Bluesrockers 2005


Background - Germany has the ability to turn up the odd surprise or two. Not known for delivering the rock world with acts that have been slurried on the back of Jack Daniels, a garage load of Harleys and an armful of tattoos, they have turned up an outfit called Boogie Stuff - who play, as the title might suggest, hard edged blues/boogie in that traditional 'suvvern' style! Readers of this site might recall a few years ago our association with another German outfit called Southern Steel, who were good friends of Georgia rockers Doc Holliday. There was another German outfit too, called Nocturn, playing the same style. Well it appears that Boogie Stuff have been around a lot longer than both of those bands put together. Fifteen years in fact, and in that time have released three albums, with their latest 'Have Mercy!' now on show. Two other major features with this band. First, the assistance of Bobby Altvater, the main man behind Sky Studios in Munich and guitarist with hard rockers Affair, plus the appearance of Jimmy Carl Black, one of the original members of Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention. The combination provides for a high-octane brew of blues based riffarama. How three guys can create such mayhem in true southern tradition without the need for a trio of lead guitarists a la Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws or the Henry Paul Band is amusing indeed. Excess in this case is not an issue! On many occasions we hear Tolks sounding very much Danny Joe Brown.. is that a tribute? I very much think so! : The Songs - There's a heap of music to be had on this disc, 14 tracks, three of the last four are live versions with Jimmy Carl doing the honors. Plus we've got a bevy of covers. Atlanta Rhythm Section's 'Homesick' gets an excellent rendering here, the good ol' southern boy feeling coming through. ZZ Top's 'Just Got Paid' takes a ride through the pay-dirt backstreets of Houston TX on a one-way bus of electric blues. I just hope these boys know when and where to get off! 'Bad Boy' takes on a mid-west sound, like a edgier version of Jude Cole for instance. The band move into power-ballad territory with the seriously good 'Don't Believe A Word' - an ode to Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott who I'm sure will be impressed with the rendition. Boogie Stuff's version of 'Funky Town' is slightly different to these ears. Perhaps I'm so used to the Pseudo Echo version that anything by comparison will end up sounding second best. The closer 'Hello Baby' is showtime sounding blues, the sort of sound that Dave Lee Roth could make popular again! : In Summary - Lets be clear: what Boogie Stuff do they do damn well. The production is superb, and makes these guys sound like a million bucks. There's an inescapable 'retro' aspect to their sound, similar to some of those Swedish bands north of the border a la Lotus and Locomotive Breath. I'm sure that others will have a different interpretation of the Boogie Stuff sound once they hear them. Quite a lot of energy, and a big sound for a trio, and considering it's been fifteen years in the business, it's about time this lot became better known outisde of Germany. Check out their website www.boogiestuff.com to find out more about them. © gdazegod 2004, Posted by gdazegod on December 02, 2004, glorydazemusic.com


Founded in 1989, BOOGIE STUFF long since an essential part of the German Rockand Blues scene, is going stronger than ever. Over the years Tolks, Schulten and Forrester established themselves by playing "High Octane Boogie" in a hard driving Texan tradition. Tours in the USA, and a continuous list of references as an opening act for international bands like Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, or Climax Blues Band, have earned them a reputation as a full force live-act. Their unadorned and solid full speed rock catapulted BOOGIE STUFF into the upper league of Blues Rock bands. After debuting with "Rockin' the Blues" which was followed by "...still rough 'n wild", their new release "HAVE MERCY" is certainly their most elaborate album up to date. From hit potential and grooving mid tempo numbers as "Long Way To Memphis" and ballad arrangements such as Philip Lynott's "Don't Believe A Word" to high energy live tracks featuring Jimmy Carl Black - the drummer of Frank Zappa's original Mothers of Invention - as guest singer, "HAVE MERCY" offers everything to quicken the heartbeat of every Blues- and Southern Rock lover. The international music press received "Have Mercy" with only rave reviews and the album was conceived as quantum leap in the career of BOOGIE STUFF... BluesNews/Germany: BOOGIE STUFF - from Blues to heavy current Boogie! Their new CD "HAVE MERCY" is proof that they do deserve great attention and their look leaves no doubt: "Southern Bavaria's Heavy Duty Blues Rockers" deliver the real stuff! More over, BOOGIE STUFF stands for a pleasant and charismatic down to earth band, being self-critical combined with a great portion of good humor. HardRock Today/Norway: ... I must say I'm impressed. Usually I don't listen much to Blues but BOOGIE STUFF manages to get my attention with their style. They mix Blues and Boogie with Hard Rock and it sounds great! The band has been around for many years, something that comes forward when you listen to their music... Glory Daze/New Zealand: ... how three guys can create such mayhem in true southern tradtion without the need for a trio lead guitarists a la Molly Hatched, The Outlaws or the Henry Paul Band is amusing and fascinating indeed! Let's be clear: what BOOGIE STUFF do they do damn well, lot's of energy and a big sound for a trio! Metal Heart/Germany: ... professional skill mixed with the authentic sound of Southern Rock and enthusiastic performance. On a very high level this album guarantees best craftsmanship and leaves no doubt on the infectious quality of the band. Rockspirit/Austria: ... it is simply great to see how this band leads their audience to a boiling point with their merciless groove. Far away from national titles they smell of the international Blues Rock champions league!!! One should not try to analyze why this band is so convincing - they've just got what it takes: Charisma! BluesRockers/USA: Fronted by their most excellent guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Horst "the commander" Tolks, Boogie Stuff is a hard driving power trio featuring the scorching riffs of Tolks combined with the world class growl of Boogie Stuff bassist Holly Schulten and the splendid heavy drumming of Fred Forrester. Studio or live, Tolks has become one of my favorite guitarists with his distortion heavy rhythm and blistering lead work, all tastefully flavored by some very nasty tone! [ from cdbaby.com ]