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Sinnerboy - down & out in hammersmith (a tribute to Rory Gallagher)

Sinnerboy - down & out in hammersmith (a tribute to Rory Gallagher) - 2003 - Independent Pressing

Barry Barnes first saw the legendaryTaste band in 1969, led by the late, great, Irish bluesman, Rory Gallagher. Forty years later, the music of Rory has continued to be Barry Barnes' driving force to play music. Barry, and his band, Sinnerboy, from Manchester, England are regarded by many Rory Gallagher fans, and blues fans, globally, as the ultimate tribute band to Rory's great music. The band has played all over Europe and is regarded by Donal, (Rory's brother and manager), as "the definitive Rory Gallagher outfit". When Sinnerboy headlined ‘The Rory Gallagher Day’ at the Ulster Hall, Belfast, in December 2006, they were introduced by Rory Gallagher's brother and manager, Donal Gallagher who said of them: "Here is the proof that Rory’s music lives on". Barry, who plays acoustic and steel guitar and mandolin, has a voice that uncannily resembles the late Rory's. Barry, and Sinnerboy bring some of Rory Gallagher's great acoustic and electric numbers back to life. Musicians like Barry Barnes and his band deserve the highest accolades for preserving Rory Gallagher's music, and keeping the blues alive. It is important to remember that musicians like Rory Gallagher were influenced by great bluesmen like Son House, Leadbelly, and many more. So in their own way, Sinnerboy are not just paying a tribute to Rory Gallagher, they are also preserving the precious origins of blues music in general. Just one point about this album - It is raw, "rough and ready", and the guitar playing cannot be compared to Rory Gallagher's. At times, some of the guitar solos "lose their way" a bit, and a few bars go astray at times, but then we can't all be Jan Akkerman or Robben Ford. So don't expect too much. Barry Barnes is a competent, and well respected musician, and deserves nothing but praise. Buy Sinnerboy's "Live At The Spirit Store" CD. Check http://www.sinnerboy.co.uk/ to see if the album is still available. If you get time, try and listen to Rory Gallagher's sensational "Calling Card" album which remains one of the greatest blues albums of the seventies. Jimi Hendrix was once asked in an interview, "What does it feel like to be the World's Best Guitarist", he replied "I don't know, ask Rory Gallagher." Fair comment from the modest Jimi! Search this blog for other Rory Gallagher/Taste related releases



Cradle Rock
Big Guns
I Fall Apart
Souped-Up Ford
Walk On Hot Coals


Follow Me
Too Much Alcohol
Tattoo'd Lady
Going To My Hometown
In Your Town
Bullfrog Blues

All songs composed by Rory Gallagher, except "Too Much Alcohol", and "Bullfrog Blues" by William Harris


Barry Barnes - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Dave Burns - Bass
Steve Tansley - Drums
Paul Westwell - Harmonica (Guest Musician)


Sinnerboy, the top international Rory Gallagher Tribute Band, hail from Manchester and comprise of Barry Barnes (guitar/vocals), Dave Burns (bass) and Steve Tansley (drums), the three members of Sinnerboy are devoted to keeping Rory’s music and memory alive. They have built a huge reputation for the sheer energy and excitement of their live performance and are regarded by seasoned Rory fans as uncannily close to the original. Sinnerboy have played a huge role over recent years in the revival of Gallagher’s music, headlined every major Gallagher tribute festival in Ireland, England and on the Continent and been endorsed by the great bluesman’s brother and manager Donal who has said of them “here is the proof that Rory’s music lives on”! Rory Gallagher was one of the greatest electric guitarists of all time and a prolific composer of great blues and rock music. The extensive Sinnerboy repertoire captures every period of his career. Hear “What’s going on”, “Tattoo’d Lady”, “A million miles away”, “Going to my hometown” and many more as they pay homage to their hero. Sinnerboy will also be promoting their newly released CD “Live at the Spirit Store” which superbly captures their stage performance and shows just how vibrant the late Rory’s music is more than twelve years after his untimely demise. Rory Gallagher sadly passed away in 1995 but his legacy lives on. Sinnerboy will show just how great Rory’s music really was. [ from https://www.therobintickets.co.uk/ticketshop/ordertickets.asp?TicketID=1916 ]


Sinnerboy are simply the best Rory Gallagher tribute band in the world- and that's the official opinion of Donal Gallagher, Rory Gallagher's brother. Lasy year';s gig at The Bullfrog Blues Club drew near record crowds for a blues gig, and since then the band's prifile has sky-rocketed - they've played Rory Gallagher conventions all over Europe, and the ultimate accolade - in Rory's hometown in Ireland. Guitarist and singer Barry Barnes is one of Europe's most active enthusiasts working to keep alive the music and memory of Rory Gallagher. In 1996 Barry organized the first annual U.K Rory Gallagher tribute gig, now as longest running Rory Gallagher tribute in the world and one of the main events on the Rory Gallagher calendar. It has continued to grow and now attracts crowds from throughout the UK and abroad every year to "the Rory gig" at Sheffield . The same impetus to celebrate Rory's genius led Barry to form a tribute band with two like-minded musicians - bassist Dave Burns and drummer Steve Richardson. Both Dave and Steve are lifelong Rory fans, not just some rhythm section that Barry has cobbled together, and it shows! Together as Sinnerboy and driven by belief, enthusiasm and passion, the bands have become the best Rory Gallagher tribute acts in the world. [ from http://www.barkingspider.abelgratis.com/artists/sinnerboy.shtml?functions ]


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