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Don Griffin

Don Griffin - Play It Loud - 2000 - Vital

With his scorching guitar solos, in the style of Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, and Buddy Guy, this is a raw and electrifying blues rock album, and Don Griffin has a great and unique guitar technique. Don covers three trad. songs, and penned seven of the twelve tracks himself. Tracks 3, and 8 were co-written. If you like electrifying, dynamic power blues, with a Chicago flavour, you will appreciate this brilliant guitarist's music. Buy his equally good "Standing Alone" album, and support this great Chicago bluesman


1 New Scene - Griffin
2 Gone Too Far - Griffin
3 Play It Loud - Griffin, Sonneveld
4 See It My Way - Griffin
5 Since - Griffin
6 Found Out - Griffin
7 Mama - Griffin
8 Love Remains - Griffin, Sonneveld
9 Big Leg Woman - Blackwell, Russell
10 Long Distance Call - Morganfeld
11 Give It to You - Griffin
12 Peter Gunn Medley - Fulson, Hendrix, MacCracklin, Mancini


Don Griffin - Guitar, Vocals
Johnny B. Gayden - Bass
Ray "Killer" Allison - Drums