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Joe Kelley

Joe Kelley - The Blue Shadow - 2002 - Teardrop

"Joe Kelly is one of the most energetic and powerful blues guitarists on today's blues circuit" © Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater

"Kelly fuels a crowd with the inbred joy of bar room blues and a personal joy for the material'" © THE SUNTIMES

"...a giant among blues players. Joe Kelley makes playing the guitar look like buttering bread. His guitar solos blow me away." © The London Free Press

"Joe Kelley, a bad-to-the-bone Chicago blues-rock guitarist...guitar fans, you are on notice...!" © The Chronical, Houston, TX

If any of you remember the days when "Gloria" by the Shadows of Knight was all over AM radio, you have my condolences because you are as old as I am! Joe Kelley was a member of the Knights and played bass on their biggest hit. He later switched to guitar and ultimately left the group, finally forming the Joe Kelley Blues Band. This group played all over the Northwest suburbs of Chicago at places like the Cellar in Arlington Heights, becoming a favorite of many, including yours truly. In fact, I once got Joe a gig at my high school for a dance. My dad was an official with the Booster club and they were looking to make some money. I suggested Joe's group and it came to pass. I was pretty proud of myself that night, at least until the first break, when Joe was lead away in handcuffs for smoking a controlled substance in the boy's locker room. Needless to say, my career as a music consultant with the Boosters club came to a screeching halt. His new solo disc let's you know that Joe is a talented guitar player. A highlight is the slow blues " Have You Ever Been Busted", which I believe dates back to the shows at the Cellar. Joe's playing focuses on the feel of the song instead of giving in to displays of technical mastery. Other highlights are the three slide guitar showcases, with the reworking of "Little Red Rooster" being a real standout. In the vocal area, Kelley's gruff style fits the seven originals and four covers. He also adds some harp work to several numbers. This effort should raise Kelley's profile in the blues community and rightfully so. This is another quality release from the Teardrop label that merits your attention. © http://www.crossroadsbluessociety.com/hip_linkchain.htm

Joe Kelley is best known as the bass player amd lead guitarist with the Chicago band Shadows of Knight, which he joined in 1966, and toured with for years. The band had a no.10 Billboard hit with Van Morrison's "Gloria" in the 1960s., which sold over 6 million copies. In the late 1960's, Joe had earned a reputation a reputation as one of the most talented blues guitarists in Chicago. He gained much experience, and improved his vocal and guitar skills gigging on Chicago's south side. He played with many great blues musicians, including Sam Lay. He also recorded with Wild Child Butler and Long John Hunter. The great great Willie Dixon was a major influence on Joe Kelley's playing. "The Blue Shadow" is Joe's debut release as a front man. He penned seven originals, and also covers great blues classics like "I Can't Be Satisfied ","Rock Me Baby", "Little Red Rooster", and Howlin' Wolf 's "How Many More Years". A very good album from a very underrated blues guitarist and vocalist. Try and find the Shadows of Knight great 1966 "Gloria" album, with Joe Kelley on guitar. [ info @ http://rapidshare.com/files/69058649/Shadows_of_Knight___-__Gloria__1966_.zip ]


1 I Can't Be Satisfied - Morganfield
2 Livin' Out on the Street - Kelley
3 Good Time Rockin' Rollers - Kelley
4 Dig - Kelley
5 Houston and Chicago - Kelley
6 Rock Me Baby - King
7 Stuck Down Here in Houston - Kelley
8 Have You Ever Been Busted - Kelley
9 Thoughts in Blue - Kelley
10 Little Red Rooster - Burnett, Dixon
11 How Many More Years - Howlin' Wolf


Joe Kelley - Guitar, Harp, Vocals
Frank Bandy - Bass
Marty Binder- Drums

ABOUT JOE KELLEY / "The Blue Shadow"

Blues guitarist Joe Kelley has got quite a resume. He began his career way back when with the Shadows of Knight on "Gloria" and has gone on to play with the Allman Brothers, Buddy Miles, Jimmy Rogers, Sam Lay, Willie Dixon, Freddie King, Wild Child Butler, and Long John Hunter. You've also heard him on The Outsiders' "Time Won't Let Me," but I like to think that Joe Kelley's home is the blues. The Blue Shadow is 11 cuts of guitar-fueled blues that feature Joe Kelley's fretboard magic. He's got Frank "Right Hand Frank" Bandy (J.B. Ritchie, Hip Linkchain) on bass, and Marty Binder (Junior Wells, Buddy Guy) on drums, and together they've put out one fine blues record on Teardrop Records. In addition to original songs, Joe also reprises Willie Dixon's "Little Red Rooster" and Howlin' Wolf's "How Many More Years," two blues classics that are in very good hands. © 2003 - Eric Steiner, http://www.cosmik.com/aa-april03/reviews/review_joe_kelley.html