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Steely Dan

Steely Dan - Live at the Wang Center, Boston, MA, July 22, 2009 - Unof.

The July 22nd gig at the Wang Center, Boston, features Steely Dan's classic "Aja" , and "The Royal Scam" albums. The album also features five encores. As is usual for these recordings, you will know what to expect in terms of sound quality, although this album is much better, soundwise than most of the Dan's live recordings you will have heard. The only good quality sound recordings of the Dan live in concert go back to the seventies. Buy any of these "Showbiz Kid's" albums. There is no need to elaborate on Walter Becker, & Donald Fagen's musical achievements. Even the late Cathy Berberian knew that !


1. Intro instrumental Teenie's Blues - Oliver Nelson
2. Black Cow [from the "Aja" album]
3. Aja [from the "Aja" album]
4. Deacon Blues [from the "Aja" album]
5. Peg [from the "Aja" album]
6. Home at Last [from the "Aja" album]
7. I Got the News [from the "Aja" album]
8. Josie [from the "Aja" album]


9. Donald’s chat
10. Kid Charlemagne [from the "The Royal Scam" album]
11. The Caves Of Altamira [from the "The Royal Scam" album]
12. Don’t Take Me Alive [from the "The Royal Scam" album]
13. Sign In Stranger [from the "The Royal Scam" album]
14 The Fez [from the "The Royal Scam" album] - Becker, Fagen, Paul Griffin
15 Green Earrings [from the "The Royal Scam" album]
16 Haitian Divorce[ from the "The Royal Scam" album]
17 Everything You Did [from the "The Royal Scam" album]
18 The Royal Scam [from the "The Royal Scam" album]


19 Hey Nineteen [from the "Gaucho" album]
20 Love Is Like An Itchin' In My Heart/Band Introductions - Holland-Dozier-Holland
21 Black Friday [from the "Katy Lied" album]
22 The Boston Rag [from the "Countdown to Ecstasy" album]
23 Dirty Water - Ed Cobb
24 My Old School [from the "Countdown to Ecstasy" album]
25 Outro instrumental Last Tango In Paris - Gato Barbieri

All tracks composed by Walter Becker, & Donald Fagen, except where stated


Donald Fagen - vocals, keyboards
Walter Becker - guitar
Jon Herington - guitar
Freddie Washington - bass
Jim Beard - keyboards
Keith Carlock - drums
Walt Weiskopf - saxophone
Roger Rosenberg - baritone saxophone
Jim Pugh - trombone
Marvin Stamm - trumpet
Carolyn Leonhart-Escoffery, Tawatha Agee, Catherine Russell - backing vocals


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Pt 1

Pt 2

Pt 3

A.O.O.F.C said...

p/w is aoofc

Anonymous said...

Greetings A.O.O.F.C!

Ahhhh....you DID get this one!!! I'm glad you found it. I'm digging the fact that they covered "Dirty Water"! I don't think they ever covered a rock song of that caliber before, have they?

I remembered the New York Rock and Soul Revue,but that's not really a SD project, so to hear them cover this old 60's nugget was a treat for me.

Bootlegs can be fun!! :P


A.O.O.F.C said...

Hey, D.Moose. I got it a while back, but not the Umbria one. Thanks for that. Offhand, I can't think of any covers like that. Did yoy hear Donald Fagen & Todd Rundgren's cover of Al Green's "Rhymes" on the Nightfly trilogy set? It's magic! TTU soon