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Jan Akkerman

Jan Akkerman - The Complete Guitarist - 1986 - Charly

The first four tracks on this album appeared on Jan Akkerman's 1982 "It Could Happen To You" album. The 5th and 6th tracks appeared on Jan's 1983 "Can't Stand Noise" album. In effect this could be termed a compilation album. However the tracks are slightly different versions of the aforementioned ones on the two earlier albums. If you are a Jan Akkerman disciple, you will most likely have these two albums. If you are not familiar with the Master's work, then this album will open your ears to the great ex-Focus' guitarist's amazing skill and technique. N.B: The album was also released on CD by Charly in 1996. "The Complete Guitarist" has also been released in different versions, some with the extra tracks, "Baby Start", "One Way", and "Free". To complicate things further, all six tracks in different sequence appeared on the 2007 Brook CD release. The sound quality on issue posted here could be better. It's possible that the original tapes were not used in the production of this album. At the same time, CD's from the mid eighties were not as sonically good as those of today. You may need to "crank up the volume" a bit, as the volume is on the low side. Search this blog for more Jan Akkerman/Focus related releases


1 Old Tennis Shoes 11:37
2 Come Closer 8:47
3 Funkology 11:40
4 It Could Happen to You 5:28
5 Pietons 8:03
6 Journey (A Real Elegant Gypsy) 4:29
All tracks composed by Jan Akkerman


Jan Akkerman : Acoustic, electric & synthesiser guitars
Kenneth Knudson : Keyboards
Pablo Nahar : bass on "baby start"
Ole Theill : Drums


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A.O.O.F.C said...

p/w aoofc

Anonymous said...

Hi there A.O.O.F.C!

Glad to see good old Jan on the blog again. Woefully unknown here in the States, I wish more people could hear this man's great work.

I doubt I can count on VH1 & MTV for help (he said sarcastically ;P)!

--> D.Moose

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hey D.Moose! VH1 & MTV - Great promoters of the lesser known musicians (LOVL)! They're one of the reasons I started a blog! I really don't know why Jan is not bigger Stateside! TTFN

Anonymous said...

Love to see all this Jan! Thanks so much! Any chance of getting his Passion album up?

A.O.O.F.C said...

Thanks, Anonymous. Great to hear from another disciple of The Master. I'll have "Passion" up in 2-3 days. Watch this space!

Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON!!!!!!