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Momma Gravy

Momma Gravy - Dribble It On - 2001 - Pork

Jazzed-down trip-hop for early morning hours in a field, Momma Gravy's Dribble It On extends Pork Recordings' arsenal of little-bit-peculiar chill-out. It's virtually unspectacular, but decent enough nevertheless, with an album-wide emphasis on warm electronic chitters, extended drum rolls, and the occasional floaty piano and acoustic guitar. Disappointingly, despite the name, humor is hard to come by (the skewed "Shatabagabaccy" being an exception). It's a safe bet for Jazzanova and Fila Brazillia believers, but never as unspoiled or imaginative as either of those bands. © Dean Carlson, All Music Guide

Another remarkable downtempo album from the Pork records label. A.O.O.F.C cannot extol the virtues of these chilled out, very original and unique downtempo electronica grooves highly enough. Search this blog for other Pork releases


1 Champagne At 6 Def (5:40)
2 Wet Planet (5:30)
3 Boot Boogie (5:05)
4 John Pill (4:45)
5 Gangmaker (6:15)
6 Blue String Pudding (5:21)
7 Shatabagabaccy (5:00)
8 Hold It (Lady Gravy) (5:18)
9 Codeine Covered Cocktail Nuts (3:46)
10 Russian New Year(5:50)
11 I'm Smoking Anyway's (6:35)

All music composed by Tim Ellerby


The foot and mouth crisis might have devastated the UK, but it doesn't seem capable of stopping Pork from taking quality product to market. If you haven't yet encountered this ace-for-chill-out label before, it's worth a gander. Momma Gravy, aka The Bullitnuts' Mr Beige and ex Pavement sound engineer Remko Schouten, make a warm post-acid house soundtrack, just great to come down to. All the right elements are in place: none-too-hectic breaks, nicely soothing mushy bits and a few TV samples from Dr Who and a bunch of rednecks. It flits and flirts, in a way ideal for fuzzy minds, none too focused on the here and now. It's like last year's Fink album on Ninja, except without Boss Hogg. So forget what other albums claim; this is chilled euphoria. © http://web.archive.org/web/20030208135244/www.pork.co.uk/framesets/toursframe.htm