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Gregg Wright's Left Hook

Gregg Wright's Left Hook - Round One - 1995 - Left Hook Records

Here's what one British journalist had to say in this mid '90's review of Gregg Wright and his debut CD "Round One": Gregg Wright plays guitar like nobody's business!!!!! This virtuoso musician and master of the Fender Stratocaster, strings his guitar in normal right-handed fashion, but plays left handed, upside down, awesomely! His backing band play with a style and precision not often heard, while Gregg takes you on a whirlwind trip of guitar expertise. Don't turn your back on him - you'll be stunned! This fantastic American guitarist strangles, manipulates and transforms the guitar from a musical instrument, into a lethal weapon that can kill from two hundred feet! Gregg is not only the consummate player's player, but he has a great voice, as well. You will certainly wake up today! One of America's most sought after guitarist / session men, this multi-award winner has recorded and toured around the world with the likes of Mick Fleetwood, Michael Jackson, Spencer Davis and the Gap Band, just to name a few, and is also a talented record producer, bandleader and musical coordinator. "Round One" Gregg's self produced debut CD, points to the future of Modern Blues / Rock Fusion, and has sold thousands on the British and European festival, concert and club circuit. Be prepared to witness a revelation....... Gregg Wright will surely leave you breathless and blown away!" [ from http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/greggwright ]

Gregg Wright is a master guitarist who has stunned global audiences by his electrifying live performances. Gregg began his pro career on the U.S. Southern circuit, opening for artists like Albert King. He's toured and recorded with Mick Fleetwood, Michael Jackson, The Gap Band, Spencer Davis and a whole lot more. A much in demand session player, he's a very gifted guitar player. The guy is also a good vocalist. In itself, "Round One" is not an album that opens any new avenues in rock music. There is nothig innovative in the six album tracks. What is brilliant about the album is the sheer sophistication and dynamism of Gregg Wright's incredible guitar playing which is certainly displayed here. Check out Gregg Wright's "Lightning Strike" album


"Fear of a Blank Planet" - 7:28
"My Ashes" (Music: Wilson/Barbieri) - 5:07
"Anesthetize" - 17:42 (feat. Alex Lifeson)
"Sentimental" - 5:26
"Way Out of Here" (Music: Barbieri/Edwin/Harrison/Wilson) - 7:37
"Sleep Together" - 7:28

All songs composed by Gregg Wright


Gregg Wright - guitar, lead vocals.
Mick Broadbent - bass, backing vocals.
Keith Line - drums, percussion, backing vocals.
Aynsler Dunbar - drums on "My Ashes", & "Sleep Together"
Karl Rucker - bass on "My Ashes", & "Sleep Together"
Paul (Pablo) Campbell, Bekka Bramlett, Heidi Salas, Brett Tuggle - backing vocals on "My Ashes", & "Sleep Togethe


Make no mistake! Strat Master Gregg Wright is . . . " the new King of Rockin' Blues Guitar!" according to the Monterey Bay Blues Festival, where he won the festival's "Battle of the Blues Bands" in very impressive fashion. He is an electrifying live performer whose guitar playing leaves audiences spellbound! "Wright is one of the most innovative guitarists of our time . . . he's got more depth than the Atlantic Ocean!" raves the International Guitar Festival of Great Britain. Gregg Wright, began professionally on the U.S. Southern circuit in the mid-1970's. Paying dues with years of one-nighters, he often opened shows for Blues legends like Albert King and Freddie King. "It was a real education for me to work and learn near such greatness!" says Gregg. "The elder Blues folk always encouraged me to keep my head up & keep on pushing!" An early '80's move from Louisiana to Los Angeles saw Wright quickly become an in demand session guitarist. Platinum albums and world tours with Mick Fleetwood, Michael Jackson, the Gap Band, Spencer Davis and others, soon followed. He is a featured soloist on the IMAX movie soundtrack "Ocean Oasis" with the Prague Philharmonic. Wright's original composition "A House Divided" from his Lightning Strike CD, was voted # 1, ahead of BB. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix, by the global audience of Electric Blues Radio - Streaming/FM. Killer performances both live and on record, have earned Gregg Wright much worldwide acclaim and a steadily growing international audience. Welcome to the Blues in the 21st Century, and Gregg Wright . . . "King of the Rockin' Blues!" © 2009, Gregg Wright and Left Hook Music


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