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The Code

The Code - The Code - 1995 - Innercode Music

This is the stunning 1996 debut release from Canadian jazz/fusion group, The Code.Hailed for it's powerful guitar and synth driven songs. It is complimented with an outstanding rhythm section. Right from the opening groove this release does not let up. Definitely a classic fusion record. © http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/codethe3/from/eermusic#

Nothing innovative here, but good potent fusion played with great skill. The Code are a band who definitely deserve a wider audience. Since this release The Code have begun to introduce more originality into their music, and are now more inventive and musically explorative. Try and listen to the band's "Figli di Baia" album


1.Black JuJube
2.Control Drama
3.Song For Bumbi
4.In 2 Blu
6.Wall Ball
7.White Out
8.Mono Brow

All tracks composed by John Pelosi and Rick Fellini


John Pelosi - Guitar, Guitar Synth.
Pat Kilbride - Bass
Rick Fellini - Keyboards
Paul DeLong - Drums


The Code is a contemporary jazz/fusion group from Toronto Canada. Guitarist/ composer John Pelosi and keyboardist/composer Rick Fellini formed The Code in 1996 with Paul DeLong on drums and Pat Kilbride on bass. This lineup released a debut cd simply entitled The Code. In 2001 came a second cd called "Figli di Baia". This cd featured an expanded sound with the addition of vocalist Paul Christopher and percussionist Armando Borg. Keyboardist Richard Evans replaced Rick Fellini on most tracks with the exception of Corner Pocket (written/keyboards by R.Fellini ) and also Explaining Naples(keyboards-Marco Lucianni). Now in 2009 after an extended hiatus The Code returns with a new cd titled "Mianca". Rick Fellini returns on most tracks with the exception of "No Problem"which features Tony Padalino on keyboards. Vocalist Mike Ferfolia is featured on 3 tracks. Look for The Code to play regular gigs in the Toronto area. © http://johnpelosi.com/


A.O.O.F.C said...


p/w aoofc

Eric said...

"Paul DeLong" ex- Max Webster if I'm not mistaken

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Eric. Did Paul ever appear on a Max Webster album? TTU soon...P

Eric said...

I don't think so, maybe it was just Kim Mitchell's solo band.
I know there's a link between the two.
I did a quick search to verify and we again go full circle:

"A savvy full-time musician, DeLong is booked year-round. When he's not doing live performances or playing at wedding parties, he leads a pop/fusion Steely Dan cover band at Toronto's Humber College".

Figures :D

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Eric. I knew there was links ok. It's funny. A lot of stuff on this blog is indirectly related to Steely Dan. Subconsciouslly, I must be relating musicians in some way to Becker and Fagen. Did you see Paul's Aja clip on Youtube? Great stuff. Thanks, Eric. Catch you later...P