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Whoopgnash - Lack Of Education - 2008 - Whoopgnash

Whoopgnash was formed by John Erickson and Bill Paul over 10 years ago, give or take a decade. Jeff Jarrard became a member upon birth, but went through a rigorous 30 year audition before he was allowed in the bands beer fridge. We currently reside in Minneapolis, but seeing as you’re more than likely reading this from somewhere else I guess that that doesn’t really matter. We all grew up on a steady diet of meat and corn, with plenty of music for dessert. We play instrumental fusion with a blend of comedy. I’ve also been told we do "crowd control", as putting on our music is sure to clear any party of unwanted guests. We have 3 cd’s and a live in-studio dvd currently out and available for purchase on our website, www.whoopgnash.com THIS IS NOT A TOY. DO NOT HOLD IN HAND. DO NOT PUT IN MOUTH. LIGHT FUSE AND IMMEDIATELY GET AWAY. © 2003-2012 Myspace LLC. All Rights Reserved

Minneapolis' answer to hardcore fusion. Guitarist John Erickson's explosive rapid and "clean" runs are perfectly complemented by great "over the top" performances by Keith Norton on bass and Bill Paul on drums. There is some great slick improvisation over some of the most innovative chord progressions you will ever hear. If you like legato style guitar like Allan Holdsworth and Wayne Krantz or bands like Gongzilla, you may like this all-instrumental fusion album. Buy Whoopgnash's "Full Scrape" album and support good original modern fusion [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 118 Mb]


1 Cuff Em Up 7:49
2 Tiny Bone 10:37
3 Lack Of Education 7:08
4 Tweezed 5:15
5 F'Nheimers and Children 5:20
6 Rageahol 6:56
7 Dedication 8:39

All tracks composed by John Erickson


John Erickson - Guitar, Keyboards
Jeff Jarrard - Bass
Bill Paul - Drums


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