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Jason Sadites

Jason Sadites - Weve - 2009 - Jason Sadites

The new CD is titled Weve. It was recorded in many different studios in the U.S, Canada and Europe over a period of about 2 years starting in early 2006. I had the amazing opportunity to work with some of the world’s best musicians and engineers on this project. Among them: Tony Levin, Kenny Aronoff, Marco Minnemann, Brett Garsed, Gregg and Matt Bissonette, Jerry Marotta, Martin Motnik and Jerry Marotta. It was a real honor to hear those incredible musicians perform my compositions. The drums and bass tracks were usually recorded in a studio close to where the respective musician lived, sometimes in there home studio. All the guitars were tracked at my personal studio. As far as how it reflects my overall style and musicianship, the CD is an all instrumental mix of rock, progressive, jazz, blues and pop. I used a lot of odd time signatures throughout the CD, but not in an obvious way. I always tried to make them sound very flowing and musical. I also always tried to have a strong melodic hook through each and every song throwing in the flashy technical playing only where it was needed to serve the song. © Jason Sadites © 2000-2009 MWE3.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Up and coming jazz rock guitarist Jason Sadites is making waves with his new instrumental jazz-rock fusion CD entitled Weve. With a bunch of fusion superstars assisting, Sadites has composed eleven tracks that provide a rugged format for his guitar prowess. Although he states in the liner notes about being humbled at the prospect of working with several musical legends, Sadites clearly isn’t afraid to share the musical sound stage here with top players like Tony Levin (Chapman stick), Brett Garsed (guitars) and the Bissonette brothers, Matt and Gregg, respectively on bass and drums. Sadites maintains a consistent edge throughout by infusing his strong fusion workouts with durable melodic ideas, case in point being the track “Oddly Enough” which features Levin on bass and Marco Minnemann on drums backing up Jason’s electric guitars and various sound effects. Another highlight here, track six “Fluid” is just that, with Jason’s guitars propelled along at breakneck speed by the Bissonettes. Guitar fans with an appetite for the musical virtuosity inherent in fiery fusion, and perhaps those looking to discover a younger Jeff Beck or Al DiMeola will totally dig where Sadites is coming from. www.Sadites.com © 2000-2009 MWE3.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Following up his first release 'Orbit', Jason returns with 11 brand new instrumental fusion tracks! This incredible CD features performances by many of the worlds top musicians, including Kenny Aronoff, Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Gregg and Matt Bissonette, Jerry Marotta, Chad Wackerman and Brett Garsed among others! Along with the aformentioned players, Jason displays stunning performances throughout the CD, weaving his strong melodies, tight harmonies and amazing solos over the songs incredible grooves. If you are a fan of great instrumental songwriting combined with truly inspirational performances, this is a CD you won't want to miss! © 2002-2012 AbstractLogix

Great rock/fusion album by Jason Sadites. Buy his "Orbit" album and support real music. [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 96.7 Mb]


1 Swart 3:45
2 Self Evolving System 3:43
3 Weave 4:44
4 Oddly Enough 4:32
5 Is It Safe To Go In There 4:30
6 Fluid 3:54
7 Silent Repercussion 1:03
8 That's Gonna Leave A Mark 3:33
9 Afterthought 4:32 10 Reversal 3:56
11 Memetic Hazard 5:01

All songs composed by Jason Sadites


Jason Sadites - Guitars, Sound FX, Programming
Brett Garsed - Guitar Solo on Track 5
Tony Levin - Bass on Tracks 1 - 4, 9,11: Chapman Stick on Track 5
Matt Bissonette - Bass on Track 6
Martin Motnik - Bass on Track 8
Carlo De Lorenzi - Organ on Track 4
Kenny Aronoff - Drums on Track 1
Marco Minneman - Drums on Tracks 4,11
Gregg Bissonette - Drums on Track 6
Chad Wackerman - Drums on Track 8
Jerry Marotta - Drums & Percussion on Track 9
Brendon Colameco - Drums on Track 10


Canadian born guitarist Jason Sadites began playing guitar at the age of ten. After spending many years studying music and the art of recording and production, Jason began writing, producing and recording his own music and the music of other local bands. Utilizing his experience as a guitarist, writer, producer and engineer, Jason entered the studio in 2004 to begin working on what would become his debut CD ‘ORBIT‘, which was released in late 2005. ‘ORBIT‘ received great reviews from many sources, complementing Jason not only his abilities on the guitar, but also on his melodic approach to songwriting. In 20009 Jason released his second CD ‘WEVE‘. On the CD Jason performs with many world class musicians. Among them, world renowned drummers Kenny Aronoff, Marco Minnemann, Jerry Marotta, Gregg Bissonette and Chad Wackerman. Completing the rhythm sections with these drummers are bassists Tony Levin, Matt Bissonette and Martin Motnik. The exciting new CD is out now and can be purchased through various online retailers by clicking here. Jason’s latest project is the new CD “behind the laughter” a collaboration with Marco Minnemann. “laughter” is one of many release in Marco Minnemann’s series of Normalizer 2 CD which includes CD’s from Alex Machacek, Trey Gunn, Mike Keneally, John Czjakowski, Phi Yaan-Zek and Marco himself. More info on this exciting project can be found by clicking http://www.normalizer2.com/ © http://www.sadites.com/?page_id=59

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