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Power Job

Power Job - Power Job - 2001 - Zizo

For many years now, Japan has produced some great cutting edge fusion groups. Power Job is a heavy fusion power ‘duo’ featuring Toshimi Nagai, on fretless bass, and Kazu Michishita on guitars. Noriaki Kumagai of Casiopea, and TRIX is a guest drummer on the album, and guest guitarist Takashi Mazuzaki plays on Tracks 6,7,& 10. Well written, all original material, reminiscent of bands like Prism and Fragile, but even more aggressive. These guys smoke! More info on this band would be appreciated. HR by A.O.O.F.C. Try and see the TRIX' "Live in Tokyo" DVD. Mindblowing stuff! [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 151 Mb]


1. Power Job - T.Nagai 5:26
2. Trap (Includes a quotation written by Tiger Okoshi) - K.Michishita 5:55
3. Bumpin'- K.Michishita 5:22
4. Spice Love - T.Nagai 7:33
5. Just One Of Them - K.Michishita 7:04
6. Sit Inn - K.Michishita 5:01
7. Cloudia - T.Nagai 7:10
8. Earthquake - T.Nagai 6:09
9. Horizon - K.Michishita 6:29
10. Summer Night - K.Michishita 8:09


Kazu Michishita - Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Takashi Mazuzaki - Electric Guitar
Toshimi Nagai - Fretless Bass, Sound Effects
Noriaki Kumagai - Drums (except on "Cloudia")

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