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Come Together (Beatles Related)

Mike Mainieri Presents Come Together - Guitar Tribute To The Beatles Vol. 2 - 1995 - NYC Records

Award-winning jazz vibraphonist, Mike Mainieri's equally remarkable talents as producer, performer, arranger, and composer have contributed to shaping the cutting edge in music. Two years after producing a Volume One album of Beatles covers, he again assembles a bunch of guitar greats to cover the songs of the Beatles. Artists include Robben Ford, Wayne Krantz, Charlie Hunter, Michael Hedges, Philip DeGruy, Adam Rodgers, David Gilmore, Terje Rydal, David Tronzo & more. There are hundreds of Beatles covers albums played in every conceivable music genre. This album was slammed by many music critics, some saying that the music of Lennon, McCartney, & Harrison was rendered “unrecognizable” and the songs “slaughtered” by these guitarists. Many Beatles fans will say that you cannot improve on the Beatles original compositions. However, there are many music fans who love the Beatles compositions and who also love guitarists like Wayne Krantz, Terje Rypdal, Robben Ford, David Fiuczynski, and others on this album. It is always interesting to hear the different interpretations of the Beatles classic songs. Jazz Times said that “...This bold multi-dimensional project flies in the face of the commercial possibilities by giving some of the guitar world's most creative rogues a chance to present highly personal solo and ensemble versions of selected Fab Four tunes....a fitting tribute...” It is a matter of personal taste. Most of the musicians on this album play in the jazz rock/fusion genre and they are certainly not deliberately setting out to ruin these great songs. Try and listen to “Come Together - Guitar Tribute To The Beatles Vol. 1”. It is also worth listening to the Mike Mainieri Quartet’s brilliant “Blues on the Other Side” album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 81.1 Mb]


1 Tomorrow Never Knows - Wayne Krantz 4:57
2 Strawberry Fields Forever - Philip DeGruy 4:22
3 Drive My Car - Charlie Hunter 3:14
4 I Am The Walrus - Adam Rodgers and David Gilmore 5:49
5 Not A Second Time - Terje Rypdal 5:48
6 Yes It Is - Robert Quine and Jody Harris 4:18
7 Because - David Tronzo 2:41
8 Golden Slumbers - Robben Ford 4:56
9 If I Needed Someone - Michael Hedges 3:18
10 Tomorrow Never Knows (Slight Return) - David Fiuczynski 4:35

All songs composed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney except "If I Needed Someone" by George Harrison


Wayne Krantz: Acoustic Guitar (1)
Philip deGruy: Guitarp, Music Boxes (2)
Charlie Hunter: Electric Guitar (3)
Adam Rodgers: Electric Guitar (4)
David Gilmore: Electric Guitar (4)
Terje Rypdal: Electric Guitar (5)
Bjorn Kjellemyr: Bass (5)
Audun Kleive: Drums (5)
Jody Harris: Electric Guitar (6)
Robert Quine: Electric Guitar (6)
David Tronzo: Slide Guitar (7)
Robben Ford: Electric Guitar (8)
Russell Ferrante: Piano (8)
Jimmy Haslip: Bass (8)
Will Kennedy: Drums (8)
Michael Hedges: Guitar (9)
Michael Manring: Bass (9)
David Fiuczynski: Electric Guitar, Voice Box (10)
Marque Gilmore: Chapman Stick, Programming, Live Drum Loops, Sequencing (10)


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