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Chris Bullen

Chris Bullen - Interstellar Groove Machine - 2010 - Digital Nations

Chris Bullen has realized that the universe would have been to get out of the rock when he heard on the car stereo brother of the haunting notes of a guitar Eddie Van Halen. Since then he has shouldered a six-string with the goal of having the most complete mastery and thanks to a relentless and intense study failed to achieve excellence from a technical point of view and quality. Bullen is a guitarist square and accurate, instinct that prefers the minimal care of the details: all the notes are a big piece of the puzzle, which in this case is called " Interstellar Groove Machine ". The album is interesting because it is full of ideas brilliant and played flawlessly, also makes it stand out well the different facets of the style of Bullen ranging from funk to jazz and fusion, from instrumental rock ennobled by masters like Satriani and Vai: the two are clearly one of the major influences of the artist and it is the hysterical "Kick It," one of the best songs of the entire CD, strongly reminiscent of the interpretation given by Steve Vai in many of his songs. After the title track lively and triumphant, other times the most significant disk will consume between the hilarious "Siro's Garden" and "Dusty Heroes", and "Station", in which you can listen definitely the riffs darker and heavier than all the platter. The common points in each track are the joy and the fun, the harmony and the airiness blown by a breath of freshness and lightness. In all this we must not forget, however, the sumptuous technique which Bullen has acquired a workaholic work over the years. "Interstellar Groove Machine" is an instrumental album of a good standard, but it seems to be mostly appreciated by musicians, by fans of the genre and difficulty can capture the attention of everyone else, they can easily get lost and distracted among the thousands of notes produced by guitarist Chris Bullen. Review by & © Daniel Carlucci - Published on: 18/02/11 © http://www.spaziorock.it/recensione.php?&id=1694

Ever since guitar hero Steve Vai started up his Digital Nations label back in the early 2000’s, there’s been a roll back of sorts, all around, regarding releasing actual CDs, say compared to promoting music exclusively as download files. Even so, when FN releases an actual, silver disc CD, it’s usually a total winner and happily that’s the case with the 2011 CD release of Interstellar Groove Machine, from guitarist Chris Bullen. Fans of Steve Vai’s uncanny knack to bowl you over with a sonic barrage of hard rock / heavy metal instrumentals (and the occasional vocal) will totally enjoy Bullen’s CD. An all instrumental, electric guitar based tour de force, the 9 track Interstellar Groove Machine album just amazes from start to finish. Throughout, Bullen handles the writing and the guitars while receiving top drawer support from a range of gifted backing players, including bass ace Ric Fierabracci, Jim Cote (bass) and Shane Gaalaas (drums). The CD is superbly recorded and the artwork and packaging is truly mind expanding. Bullen waxes philosophically in the extensive album liner notes on an album that just sound better with each spin. Fans of Vai, Satch and the great rock metal instrumental guitarists who’ve gone before and have come since would be well severed by getting on board Chris Bullen’s Interstellar Groove Machine. www.CBullen.com/blog/ www.Digital-Nations.com © 1999-2011 MWE3.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Excellent, mostly instrumental heavy metal/hard rock from Calgary guitar virtuoso Chris Bullen. In 2009, Chris Bullen won an eBay charity auction to jam with Steve Vai. Chris has been flying under the radar since then, but he’s a phenomenal guitarist and worthy of a bigger audience. “Interstellar Groove Machine” is a great demonstration of Chris Bullen’s fretboard work. The material is not always the strongest, but the album is primarily for lovers of great guitar playing and technique. If you come across any new Chris Bullen albums, why not buy one and support real music [All tracks @ 260-284 Kbps: File size = 73.5 Mb]


1. Interstellar Groove Machine 4:07
2. Kick It 3:16
3. Station 4:03
4. Siro's Garden 3:38
5. Missing You 4:08
6. Dusty Heroes 3:21
7. Great Immovable Objects 4:30
8. Frequency 4:15
9. Innocence 3:43

All tracks composed by Chris Bullen


Chris Bullen - Guitars, Vocals
Ric Fierabracci, Jim Cote - Bass
Shane Gaalaas - Drums

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