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Jason Sadites

Jason Sadites - Orbit - 2005 - Ind.

"...if there's any justice left in the guitar world, listeners will pick up on Sadites' vibrant, pulsating guitar instrumental sound. On the surface Sadites reminds of players like Jeff Beck, Vai and Satriani although he's still fresh and doesn't play over heads...Sadites layers his multi-tracked guitar approach with an appealing sonic edge!" - Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar Magazine (Feb. '06)

"...I was blown away a few times as he likes to dig into a raunchy, gritty bend...and then follow it up with some of the most pristine sounding shred riffs I’ve heard. In my opinion Jason Sadites has taken guitar styles of the past and made them fresh again with his own flavor. I would say he’s a good candidate for Best New Guitar Player." - Jimmy Caterine, GuitarNoise.com (Feb. '06)

"Fresh, vibrant and solidly inspired...Jason Sadites has released one hell of a debut instrumental disc. Believe me when I tell you this disc is bound to bring in accolades from the serious guitar community." - John Emms, The Daily Press Rock Report (Dec. '05)

Debut, Solo Release for this Canadian Guitarist . The CD is a melodic instrumental guitar album which mixes just the right amount of melody, technique and tone. Fans of guitar music of many styles will find something enjoyable on 'Orbit'. Over the albums 9 tracks, listeners are treated to an array of catchy melodies, infectious grooves, great arrangements and at just the right time blinding lead guitar lines and harmonies that would satisfy the most demanding of guitar fans. If you are a fan of guitar music or just music in general you need to check out 'Orbit'! © 2002-2014 AbstractLogix http://www.abstractlogix.com/xcart/product.php?productid=20944

Now for something a little more conventional (as far as guitarists go, anyway.) Jason Sadites is another superb player. An interesting thing about Sadites is by the age of sixteen he was already mature enough in his playing to pass some of his knowledge on to a roster of sixty-plus students in his home town, Timmins, Ontario, Canada. After fifteen years of honing some of his other talents which include his composition skills and his audio engineering ‘mastery,’ he has now given us his first solo instrumental guitar CD, entitled Orbit. Jason knows how to dig in and at the same time he makes his strat sing with some beautifully written melodies that stick in your head for most of the day. I hear a lot of Satch and Vai mixed with Eric Johnson (remember the first G3 tour?) I kept hearing other remnants and feels that I recognized but I had trouble placing it and then it dawned on me -Jeff Beck. But at the same time, these are just influences I hear. Jason has a style that is his own. The CD opens with the title track and I must say it does give you the feeling of floating gravity-less. Like most of the tunes on this CD, The Orbit is very lyrical. I thoroughly enjoy guitar CDs like this, that have some substance rather than a million mile an hour shred fest that usually leaves me warn out or yawning by the third or fourth track. Now don’t get me wrong – I was amazed at Jason’s control- because he can shred. He just does it in a way that is subtle and meaningful to the song. In fact I was blown away a few times as he likes to dig into a raunchy, gritty bend that is synonymous of something that Keith Richards might do and then follow it up with some of the most pristine sounding shred riffs I’ve heard. Along with the melodies, grit and subtle shred, there’s a bit more to Sadites’ groove. He’s very creative with added rhythm parts. In fact there’s a funky little thing he is doing in a track called Not So Evil that just makes the song. But all in all, my favorite track is probably the simplest one on the CD. It’s a ballad called Away. Every now and then I find a song that just has the simplest melody and I can’t believe how much I am drawn to it. My wife adores the song and her taste in music is more refined than my own. It really has to be good before she will give it the time of day. Now for the best thing about Jason Sadites’ Orbit - the CD sounds incredible. It’s probably the best engineered CD I’ve heard in a few years. In fact, I am considering having Jason mix my next solo project if his rates don’t go thru the roof before I get to it. Which is saying a lot- because I live in Arizona and Jason now resides in Florida. So I would essentially be turning over the controls to the board completely. He’s that good. In my opinion Jason Sadites has taken guitar styles of the past and made them fresh again with his own flavor. I would say he’s a good candidate for Best New Guitar Player. By & © Jimmy Caterine © 2014 Guitar Noise. All Rights Reserved http://www.guitarnoise.com/reviews/jason-sadites/

An absatively essential instrumental guitar album from the great Canadian guitarist, Jason Sadites. Jason is a brilliant if somewhat underrated guitarist. His playing on this album is inspirational with amazing soloing, tight harmonies, strong melodies, and incredible grooves. The album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Read an interview with Jason @ http://www.guitar9.com/interview101.html Check out his “Weve” album on this blog. Buy his “Broken” album and support real talent and real music [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 90.9 Mb]


1. Orbit 4:24
2. Face Card 5:32
3. Not So Evil 4:00
4. I Don't Have Five Minutes 3:31
5. Sunspot 4:05
6. Dirty Little Thing 3:44
7. Away 3:19
8. Elbow Room 3:52
9. Nail Biter 3:56

All tracks composed by Jason Sadites


Jason Sadites - Guitars, Bass
Rob Knox - Bass on Tracks 6-9
Carlo Delorenzi - Synth, Organ on Track 7
Kevin McMahon - Drums


Canadian born guitarist Jason Sadites began playing guitar at the age of ten. After spending many years studying music and the art of recording and production, Jason began writing, producing and recording his own music and the music of other local bands. Utilizing his experience as a guitarist, writer, producer and engineer, Jason entered the studio in 2004 to begin working on what would become his debut CD ‘ORBIT‘, which was released in late 2005. ‘ORBIT‘ received great reviews from many sources, complementing Jason not only his abilities on the guitar, but also on his melodic approach to songwriting. In 20009 Jason released his second CD ‘WEVE‘. On the CD Jason performs with many world class musicians. Among them, world renowned drummers Kenny Aronoff, Marco Minnemann, Jerry Marotta, Gregg Bissonette and Chad Wackerman. Completing the rhythm sections with these drummers are bassists Tony Levin, Matt Bissonette and Martin Motnik. The exciting new CD is out now and can be purchased through various online retailers by clicking here. Jason’s latest project is the new CD “behind the laughter” a collaboration with Marco Minnemann. “laughter” is one of many release in Marco Minnemann’s series of Normalizer 2 CD which includes CD’s from Alex Machacek, Trey Gunn, Mike Keneally, John Czjakowski, Phi Yaan-Zek and Marco himself. More info on this exciting project can be found by clicking http://www.normalizer2.com/ © http://www.sadites.com/?page_id=59

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