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From - "0611" Cat Quarter - 1971 - CBS

Good Hammond based Teutonic progressive jazz rock/fusion and funk from the obscure German band, From, founded in 1970. When From played at the 13th Frankfurt Jazz Festival, the band was well received by the German music media, and by a substantial fanbase. From also released the album, “Power On!” in 1972. There is no lead guitar on "0611" Cat Quarter. The music revolves heavily around the brilliant piano and Hammond work of Klaus Göbel, with Dieter Von Goetze on bass, Kurt Bong on percussion and Gustl Mayr on sax. It is very difficult to find detailed info about this band, but this album is good, with great jamming, and Miles Davis styled riffing. Any more info on From would be greatly appreciated by A.O.O.F.C [All tracks @ 192 Kbps: File size = 60.8 Mb]


A1 Lollipop Mainliner - K. Göbel 4:13
A2 Goose Pimples - G. Mayr 4:35
A3 Chicks - G. Mayr 4:19
A4 Gargoyle - K. Göbel 4:37
A5 Mood Blue - G. Mayr 5:00

Fancy Suite

B1 Cat Quarter - G. Mayr 5:40
B2 Dig It - G. Mayr 5:28
B3 Fancy Soul - G. Mayr 5:15
B4 Ruck-A-Sack - G. Mayr 4:10


Dieter Von Goetze - Bass
Klaus Göbel - Organ
Kurt Bong - Drums, Percussion
Gustl Mayr - Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone


Dieter von Goetze (born August 23, 1929 in Kiel, Germany) is a noted jazz bassist and sound engineer. In the late '50's /early '60's he played in Frankfurt, with his own jazz trio. He also worked with Fritz Hartschuh, Günter Kronberg, Kenny Clarke, Leo Wright, Dizzy Gillespie, Eric Dolphy and Don Menza. In the 1970s he was a bassist with Volker Kriegel, Rolf Lüttgens, Gustl Mayer, in the jazz rock group From, which also included the organist Klaus Göbe. In the 1990s he played with Peter Wichert Hot Jazz New Orleans Connection and Big Band Memories (Director Klaus Pehl). As an engineer, he worked on both contemporary music and jazz recordings, and worked extensively with the late Frankfurt born, modern jazz trombonist Albert Mangelsdorff. Klaus Goebel (born in 1942) in Frankfurt, Germany was playing accordion at the age of four. As a child, he taught himself to play piano. At the Helmholtz school, he became interested in jazz music. After he discovered an old Hammond organ, he began playing jazz in various bands, and during the '60's he played in famous jazz venues like Frankfurt's Rendezvous Club where he worked with artists like the great trumpeter, Carlo Bohlaender. In 1970 he joined the jazz rock group, From, with which he recorded two albums. He retired from jazz in the late '70's but after a 20 year period he founded the band Organizm in 1994 with Jürgen Schwab, Michael Ehret, and bassist Patrick Long. He also appeared with the Frankfurt Radio Big Band. His album "Finally Back Home" released in 2000 was recognized in World Week (Switzerland) as "the most beautiful organ disc in a long time". Read more about this album and Klaus @ http://www.klausgoebel.com/home/hintergrund/body_hintergrund.html

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