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Hans Platz

Hans Platz - Time Stamps - 2013 - Piazza

Timestamps is what german guitarist Hans Platz offers with his debut under his own name. He has been in bands I have never heard before so this is my first meeting with this guys and his music, he plays the guitar on this album and has guests for the other instruments. Well known guests as well. It is an instrumental rock album that comes in the colour of green, nice artwork and interesting liner notes in the booklet is a nice touch. It is eleven tracks dominated by strong guitar lines, no vocals, strong melodies and an excellent production. The sound is very exciting, it goes in green, like an interesting walk through an exciting jungle where there is a lot more to be seen than what first meets the eye. There are a lot of interesting details to be found here, but it is not overly complicated and the songs are quite short and to the point where all eleven songs plays for just over 35 minutes. I wrote no vocals but in the tenth track This is War there are some spoken words within the music just to add a bit more depth or something. I think this is a quality production and a quality album, not being a big fan of the instrumental rock music I find myself not overly excited about the music but I still enjoy listening to it. I think that the fans of the genre could be a bit blown away by this album as it is very interesting and has a lot to offer. I think Platz shows a lot of competence and he shows here that he knows how to make good music. I have enjoyed this album, even though it works best as background music for me. The album shows a lot of strength but it is best on the first half of the album, especially the second track. That track is my favourite of the album, excellent track and very amusing to listen to. You could say that the album starts out well but looses a bit towards the end, not that it ends poorly but it is noticeably less good in the end than in the start. Do you like instrumental rock music? if the answer to that question is yes, then I think you will do yourself a favour to pick it up. © Daniel Kallmalm(4/7) © http://www.hallowed.se/english/music/reviews/2014/hans_platz-timestamps.htm

The Erlanger guitarist Hans Place gathered on his album 'timestamps' world class musicians such as Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, Joe Satriani, Aristocrats), Wolfgang Haffner (Passport, Metro, Till Bronner), TM Stevens (James Brown, Joe Cocker, Steve Vai, Billy Joel, John McLaughlin) or Pete Griffin (Zappa plays Zappa) around, and conjures up out of nowhere a virtuoso instrumental album on the table that does not need to shy away from the international comparison. Mixed by Fabio Trentini (produced including the Guano Apes) the songs are presented in a glorious sound garment that expresses and still lets air to breathe. As a purely instrumental album of traditional song structures free, creativity knows no bounds, and the guitar can occupy the space that is denied in her classic bands. Especially because the musicians it is not an album become only for guitarists, bassists, drummers or just people who are interested in unusual rock music will love this album. © Hans Place © http://hansplatz.de/hp/

Excellent guitar playing from Hans Platz aided by musicians that include Mattias IA Eklundh, Marco Minnemann, and Pete Griffin. This is a good example of modern progressive metal rock with symphonic and classical leanings. Hans has created a very different sound with some very original guitar lines and good compositions. Its a very short album but full of quality. Watch out for more from this guy. Read more reviews @ http://hansplatz.de/hp/ and more about Hans @ https://www.facebook.com/hansplatzofficial?fref=photo [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 80.5 Mb]


1. Birdrange - Hans Platz, Wolfgang Haffner, Fabio Trentini
2. Spanish Race On A Devil's Highway - Hans Platz, Marco Minnemann, Fabio Trentini
3. Pull It Out - Hans Platz, Marco Minnemann, Pete Griffin
4. Father - Hans Platz, Wolfgang Haffner, Fabio Trentini
5. Red Room Nine - Hans Platz, Wolfram Kellner, Pete Griffin
6. Axetasy - Hans Platz, Wolfram Kellner, Fabio Trentini
7. Freak Sauna - Hans Platz, TM Stevens, Wolfram Kellner
8. Deadman - Hans Platz, Simon Michael, Fabio Trentini, Mattias IA Eklundh
9. Timestamps - Hans Platz, Marco Minnemann, Pete Griffin
10. This Is War - Hans Platz, Marco Minnemann, Fabio Trentini
11. Alive - Hans Platz, Wolfgang Haffner, Pete Griffin


Hans Platz - Guitars
Mattias IA Eklundh - Guest Guitar Solo on Track 8
Fabio Trentini, Pete Griffin, TM Stevens - Bass
Marco Minnemann, Wolfgang Haffner, Wolfram Kellner, Simon Michael - Drums


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