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Maestros Of Cool (Steely Dan Related)

Maestros Of Cool - A Tribute To Steely Dan - 2006 - Esc

There have been many covers of Steely Dan songs, and very few have managed to capture the essence of The Dan’s complex jazz rock sound. Check this blog for some good examples of a few exceptions to this. “Maestros Of Cool” has received a lot of criticism for it’s interpretations of Steely Dan/Donald Fagen songs. One article described it as “a half-hearted” attempt”. I have feen following Steely Dan since 1972 and have heard many cover versions of their songs. “Maestros Of Cool” is in fact, an excellent compilation of Dan tunes. Many of the tunes are available on other albums and the musicianship is outstanding. There are many very different interpretations of the Dan’s songs by artists that include greats like Nathan Haines, David Garfield, Carl Orr, Chuck Loeb, The HR Big Band, the late Cornelius Bumpus who was a brilliant sideman for Steely Dan, and Justin Morell. There is no rubbish here with every artist making a very valid and important effort to cover some of the best jazz rock songs ever written. Three of the tracks are not Steely Dan tracks but are compositions played in a Steely Dan style and are very worthwhile. HR by A.O.O.F.C. [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: 2 x rar files: Part 1 (Disc 1) = 135 Mb, & Part 2 (Disc 2) = 161 Mb]


1. Nathan Haines - Fm (4:38)
2. Stereo - Remember (5:01)
3. Debbie Deane - Any World (4:07)
4. Raw Stylus - 37 Hours (5:23)
5. Nash Kato - Dirty Work (3:36)
6. Pam Bricker - Home At Last (4:55)
7. Tony Gallo - Black Cow (5:38)
8. Groove Thing - The Fez (5:29)
9. David Garfield - Josie (5:38)
10. Carl Orr - Tomorrow's Girls (4:19)
11. Liquid Blue - Rikki Don't Lose That Number (4:43)
12. Jango - Joyful Caravan (4:32)


1. David Garfield - Babylon Sisters (6:22)
2. Chuck Loeb - Maxine (5:25)
3. Don Braden - Kid Charlemagne (6:36)
4. HR Big Band - Pretzel Logic (5:25)
5. Justin Morell - My Rival (4:47)
6. Abebi Stafford - Green Earrings (4:08)
7. Gustavo Assis-Brasil - Aja (7:00)
8. Stolen Van - Caves of Altamira (5:38)
9. Alex Gunia & Philipp Van Endert - Third World Man (6:43)
10. Cornelius Bumpus - Chain Lightning (5:05)
11. Ben Lacy - Hey Nineteen (3:15)
12. Trinity - Steal It Again Dan (10:02)

All tracks composed by Walter Becker & Donald Fagen except "Remember" by John Beasley & Tim Mullane, "Tomorrow's Girls" and "Maxine" by Donald Fagen, "Joyful Caravan" by Steve Le Gassick & Michael Price, and "Steal It Again Dan" by Matthias Krauss, Franz Holtmann, & Stephan "Gudze" Hinz


Chuck Loeb, Michael Landau, Carl Orr, Nash Kato, George Wadenius, Justin Morell, Gustavo Assis-Brasil, Alex Gunia, Philipp Van Endert, Ben Lacy, Franz Holtmann - Guitar
John Patitucci, Lee Sklar, Gudze - Bass
David Garfield, Matthias Krauss, Rob Aries - Keyboards
John Beasley - Keyboards, Vocals
Wayne Wilentz - Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Debbie Deane - Piano, Vocals
Sean Wayland - Piano
Bill Ware - Fender Rhodes, Vibes
Abebi Stafford - Fender Rhodes
Cornelius Bumpus - Saxophone
Nathan Haines, Don Braden - Tenor Saxophone
Steve Nieves - Saxophone, Vocals
Marco Minnemann,Dave Weckl, Mauricio Zottarelli, Jim West - Drums
Klaudia Salkovic, Damon Albarn, Jules Brookes, Pam Bricker, Tony Gallo, Alex Ligertwood - Vocals


A.O.O.F.C said...


P/W is aoofc

ratso said...

Hey nice one Master Fingal. A bouquet of thanks from the ol' rat. No, I'm not ignoring you, I have been to that non-descript place 'away'and will go back there soon for that abstract amount of time 'a while'. I hope the sunburn is not too bad. Till 'whenever. Ratsorat

Yim said...

Thank you for this...you truly are a major dude. It's as hard to find as a despondent squonk chopping onions.

I can't see how anyone could bash this album too badly. OK, it's not The Dan, but it is very interesting versions of their tunes; mostly played with passion and intensity...what's not to like? I would bet that Wally and Don own a copy of this and not only like it, but are flattered by it. I bet they even through around a couple of "cools" and a few appreciative raised eyebrows when they first heard it.

Cheers, Yim :)

PS Happy Loy Kratong (Thai holiday today)

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi Yim. I hope you are well. I agree. It's in no away an album of bad covers. I enjoyed every track. TY and enjoy the hol. TC & TTU soon...Paul

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hiya Ratso. G'day to ya. It's chucking down rain where I am right now! As usual lol. I'm abstractively nondescripting a place in the sun very sun TYVM! Thanks a million! TC and TTU soon...Paul

Slidewell said...

Forgive me for looking a gift horse in the mouth, but I find the vocal covers on this collection to be too close to the originals in arrangements. Unlike the terrific reinterpretations of Isaksson & Tornquist on 'Fire In the Hole', which bring a new dimension to Becker & Fagen's songs, these versions sound like a Dan cover band. However, the instrumental disk, I love! Much more interesting arrangements and more adventurous and exciting playing. So, in the end, I'm half impressed.:) Thanks for sharing!

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi Slidewell! How are you? Thanks for comment. I agree with you that Isaksson & Tornquist's covers are the best Dan covers, and I applaud any band who try to give Steely Dan's songs a new interpretation. It certainly isn't easy! TTU soon...Paul