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Al Joseph

 Al Joseph - Out In the Open - 2013 - JTC Records

JTC Records proudly presents the debut album from the incredible Al Joseph. 9 heavy rock tracks full of drive, emotion, charisma, riffs to die for and licks that will get stuck in your head for weeks on end. This is the way to launch your record career... © 2013 JamTrackCentral Ltd https://jamtrackcentral.com/store/series/out-in-the-open-album-backings/

A very good blend of classic rock/blues, metal, and progressive compositions with a classical and modern touch. Great melodic lines throughout. Al is influenced by artists like John Petrucci and Marco Sfogli. Al has said that, "Out In The Open" is a theme built on the unknowns of life. I believe we've been given all we need to face the pirates, whirlwinds, emptiness, and rejections of life. A lot of time and heart went into this project from everyone involved. I had always dreamed the emerging of my career in so many different ways, but I'm so thankful it was through JTC. I hope OITO is an inspiration to all of you who show your support! Thank you...AJ. - Buy this album and support good modern rock. Read more @ http://network.online.berklee.edu/public_profile/Albert_Joseph and https://www.facebook.com/aljosephguitar
[All tracks @ 160 Kbps: File size = 62.4 Mb]


1. Return
2. Desperate Times
3. Sun Devils
4. Exile
5. The Missing You
6. Out in the Open
7. The Tribal Decks
8. Desperate Measures
9. The Father Land

All tracks composed by Al Joseph


Al Joseph (guitars), Juan Luqui (guitars)
Manny Tiegnon, Mauricio Morales (bass)
Abidan Perry (percussion)


Al Joseph has proven to be one of the worlds most exciting new virtuosos to hit the scene to date. Now a proud Alumni of Berklee College Of Music, Al presses on to an already promising career as both a guitar player and songwriter. Expect to see more exciting things over the coming years. You can expect to hear quite a bit of Joe Satriani's lyrical texture, John Petrucci's technical power, Vinnie Moore's stinging licks, and Andy Timmons' sense of feel and dynamic presence in Al's playing . As far as songwriting goes Al has a never-ending list of band influences in his arsenal. From Creed, Rage Against The Machine, P.O.D, to Pillar, Pantera, Sevendust, and many more. If you can dig on any or all of these artists get ready to add another new player to your list. "Out In The Open" is Al's debut solo instrumental record which was released through JTC Records in October 2013. It's a story of emotion, new beginnings, unknowns, and all the new challenges Al has faced throughout his life. Let's not forget about an hour of world class shredding as well. If you enjoy the workings of guitar legends Joe Satriani and Andy Timmons, look no further. This record has it all wrapped up in a nice basket for you with a kick of fusion as well. Out In the Open is a wild ride for sure! Check out Al's music on Jamtrackcentral.com, iTunes, Spotify, and ReverbNation. Here's what JTC Records has to say about it: There is no question of Al's ability on the guitar. Still a young player he brings some great classic ideas and makes them extremely accessible, whilst surrounding them with well produced tracks. Expect to see a lot more from Al over the coming years....he has an exciting career ahead of him. Jonny Carpenter, Jam Track Central Records © 2014 Al Joseph Official Guitar Page http://www.aljosephofficial.com/#!al-joseph-bio-page/c9nv

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