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The Donald Fagen Band (Steely Dan Related)

The Donald Fagen Band - North Fork Theatre, Westbury, NY on March 3rd 2006

Soundboard recording. Sound is mono and above average for this type of recording. It's a large file, so unless you're a Steely Dan fan think about it!!

Review @ http://www.allaboutjazz.com/donald-fagen-band-in-westbury-ny-donald-fagen-by-mike-perciaccante.php?page=1

[TRACKS @ 320 Kbps [file size = 271 Mb]

1-01 Here At The Western World '06
1-02 The Nightfly
1-03 Green Flower Street
1-04 Teahouse On The Tracks
1-05 New Frontier
1-06 Third World Man
1-07 Home At Last
1-08 Member Intro.
1-09 Snowbound
1-10 H Gang
1-11 What I Do
1-12 Black Cow
2-01 The Goodbye Look
2-02 Tomorrow's Girls
2-03 Misery And The Blues - Charlie DeVere
2-04 Mary Shut The Garden Door
2-05 IGY
2-06 Pretzel Logic
2-07 Viva Viva Rock And Roll - Chuck Berry

Tracks composed by Becker & Fagen or Donald Fagen except where stated


@ http://www.allaboutjazz.com/donald-fagen-band-in-westbury-ny-donald-fagen-by-mike-perciaccante.php


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