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The Kinsey Report

The Kinsey Report - Smoke And Steel - 1998 - Alligator

CMJ (11/09/98, p.25) - "...Smoke and Steel is a powerful blues album from this group of contemporary masters..."

Living Blues (1-2/99, p.50) - "...the effort is largely successful....a welcome improvement..."

With a strong, rock-drenched approach to their brand of blues, the Kinsey Report comes roaring back with their third full length album for the Alligator imprint. The band has matured and, if nothing else, acquits themselves in a thoroughly professional manner like the old-school gospel/blues/R&B veterans they truly are. While the whole thing pulsates and rocks with an almost bludgeoning intensity at times, Donald's blistering guitar is equal parts roadhouse funk and rock volume blues infused with lots of Johnny Winter and Jimi Hendrix with the Kinsey family twist put to it. Brothers Kenny and Ralph hold the bass-drums groove down tight, tight, tight, while guest guitars, keyboards and Lester Davenport on harmonica show up along the way to spice things up. Highlights include the minor-key reggae groove of "This Old City," and the funk flavors on "When the Church Burned Down" and "Can't See the Hook," the soul ballad "Loved Ones," the lowdown mean country romp of John Fogerty's "Rattlesnake Highway" and "Down In the Dungeon," and the slow blues workout on "Code of the Streets." Strong, strong songwriting (Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top co-wrote one of the tunes here) and a varied approach throughout makes this a modern blues album that holds up to repeated listenings. © Cub Koda © 1996 - 2015 CD Universe http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=1011988&style=music&fulldesc=T

A very enjoyable funk, blues and rock album. Bassist Kenneth Kinsey and drummer Ralph Kinsey do a great job on John Fogerty's "Rattlesnake Highway" and on "When the Church Burned Down" the band expertly blends country rock and funk. A well above average album worth hearing. Check out the band's great "Midnight Drive" album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 137 Mb]


1. Time Is Running Out - Bruce Iglauer / Donald Kinsey / Kenneth Kinsey / Ralph Kinsey
2. Dead In Your Tracks - Donald Kinsey / Kenneth Kinsey / Ralph Kinsey
3. This Old City - Donald Kinsey / Kenneth Kinsey / Ralph Kinsey / J. White
4. Can't See The Hook - Leslie Doyle / Mike Lawley / Ross Roberts
5. Loved Ones - Donald Kinsey / Kenneth Kinsey / Ralph Kinsey
6. Must Be Love - Jerry Lynn Williams
7. When The Church Burned Down - Donald Kinsey / Kenneth Kinsey / Ralph Kinsey
8. Rattlesnake Highway - John Fogerty
9. Down In The Dungeon - Donald Kinsey / Kenneth Kinsey / Ralph Kinsey / M. Robinson
10. Fire Down Below - Bob Seger
11. Code Of The Streets - Donald Kinsey / Kenneth Kinsey / Ralph Kinsey / Kinsey Report
12. One Step Back - Billy Gibbons / Jerry Williams


Donald Kinsey - guitar, vocals
Dave Miller - rhythm guitar (1,7,8)
Will Crosby - rhythm guitar (4,5,7,9,10)
Kenneth Kinsey - bass
Roosevelt Purifoy - keyboards (2,3,6,9)
Anthony Space - keyboards (4,5,7,10,11)
Ralph Kinsey - drums, percussion and 2nd lead vocals (2)
"Mad Dog" Lester Davenport - harmonica (9)
The Kinsey Report, Nancy Shaffer, Lasandra Maloney - backing vocals


This family band consists of Donald Kinsey (vocal, guitar), Ralph "Woody" Kinsey (drums), Kenneth Kinsey (bass), and Ronald Prince (guitar). Solidly based in the blues as a result of lifelong training in the Big Daddy Kinsey household, the Kinsey scions are also versed in a broad range of music. Older brothers Donald and Ralph had an early blues-rock trio (White Lightnin') in the mid-'70s, long before they regrouped as The Kinsey Report in 1984 and began to launch new excursions into rock. Donald also recorded and toured with Albert King and with Bob Marley, and the influence of those giants (as well as that of Big Daddy Kinsey, naturally) show through in the music of The Kinsey Report. The band expertly covers all the bases from Chicago blues through reggae, rock, funk, and soul, and their recordings are also distinguished by the songwriting talents and self-contained production approach of The Kinseys. © Jim O'Neal © 2015 AllMusic, a division of All Media Network, LLC. | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/kinsey-report-mn0000100455/biography


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P/W is aoofc

J. Sterling Ellison said...
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J. Sterling Ellison said...

As great as all The Kinsey Report records are, they have not really captured the kind of fire the band regularly brought forth on the live stage. I was lucky to have seen the band twice, and the shows were revelatory and life affirming. Rock, soul, blues, reggae, the band was JUST totally plugged into the SOURCE!

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi J.S..I agree some bands are more dynamic live than on disc. TY for comment. Please stay in touch..Paul