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Stan Webb's Chicken Shack


Stan Webb's Chicken Shack - Poor Boy: In Concert 1973 & 1981 [LIVE] - 2000 - Indigo UK

15 excellent live tracks from the great British blues rock group. Taken from Stan Webb's personal tapes, the tracks were recorded in 1973 at Brunel University on Oct 26th and in 1981 at The Bridge House, Canning Town, London. A great testimony to this brilliant blues artist. This post is at 128 Kbps, so please make allowances. Check out the great Chicken Shack albums, “40 Blue Fingers Freshly Packed And Ready To Go” and “O.K. Ken.”


1. Everyday I Have the Blues
2. Thrill Is Gone
3. Going Down
4. You Take Me Down
5. Webb's Boogie
6. You're Mean
7. Poor Boy
8. Webb's Guitar Boogie Shuffle
9. Tuttie Fruttie
10. Tell Me
11. Why I Sing the Blues
12. Back Door Man
13. Poor Boy
14. Shake Your Moneymaker
15. Hideaway


Stan Webb Guitar, Vocals
Tony Ashton Keyboards
Paul Butler Guitar, Vocals
Rob Hull Bass
Ric Lee Drums
Alan Powell Drums
Dave Wilkinson Keyboards
Alan Scott Bass


In 1968 Chicken Shack were a major signing to MIKE VERNON’S now legendary BLUE HORIZON label. Led by the mercurial Stan Webb on guitar and vocals, Chicken Shack were a band brimming full of talent, far outweighing the bands, groups and solo performers purveying the BLUES – a musical tradition in many forms, taken from the ‘Folk Roots Of Black America’. Probably the bands most well known member was CHRISTINE PERFECT (later McVie) who went on at a later date to even greater fame and fortune with FLEETWOOD MAC. The late sixties were a prolific time for Chicken Shack with their first two albums “40 Blue Fingers Freshly Packed And Ready To Go” and “O.K. Ken” storming into the U.K. top twenty, whilst the singles “When The Train Comes Back” and “Tears In The Wind” also scored heavily in the charts. Stan’s blistering guitar style matched with a huge stage presence have made Chicken Shack a firm favourite of rock and blues fans everywhere. Since those heady days of the late sixties a further fifteen albums have been released together with numerous compilations proving that Stan, really is “The Man”.Throughout a distinguished career Stan Webb has played and recorded with the very best, including, STEVIE WONDER, HOWLING WOLF, TAJ MAHAL, PETER GREEN and CANNED HEAT, whom he joined on guitar for a U.K, tour following the departure of the bands guitarist. As the ‘60’s have given way to the ‘70’s; ‘80’s and ‘90’s, Stan Webb and Chicken Shack show no sign of slowing down, continually touring the U.K. and Europe to packed houses and rave reviews. In 1997 Stan received the BLUE HEART AWARD for services to blues in Germany, in 1996 that went to BB KING, a glowing testament to Stan Webb and his ongoing love of playing the blues. 2006 saw Stan embarked on an extension UK tour with John Mayall. “Stan The Man” shows no sign of slowing down.


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